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Spa Rinn & Mens Sauna (ANA Crown Plaza Okinawa Harborview) -
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Spa Rinn & Mens Sauna (ANA Crown Plaza Okinawa Harborview)

Day Spa
12:00 ~ 23:00 pm ( Last reception time : SpaRinn《Woman 》21:00 Men's Sauna《Men》22:00)
Moment of healing and bliss of the forest. Mind and body relaxation.

It is a modern space that imaged the inside of the forest, a blissful moment that is relaxed slowly with both mind and body.
Treatments using spa brands beloved around the world, “Pevonia · Botanica” and “VALMONT” approach the skin and body firmly with the natural healing power of plants. You can enjoy high quality technology and healing beauty.
The relaxing space is equipped with a reclining chair with reading light. Please do not hesitate to use such as returning to work or returning to the gym.

Once you step on foot, the space of overwhelming beautiful Japanese. Completely Japanese hospitality with luxuriously studied Japanese traditional crafts in a quiet indoor image of the mountain house.

1. Imaji Towel (highest grade)
2. Shigaraki yaki
It is one of Japan ‘s six old kilns and a representative of Kinki region.
3. Nadeshiko (Wagashi, Japanese Sweets)
A long-established store of Kyoto cuisine , the greatest gem of Sweets. Miyako’s commitment to cherish the tradition.
4. Haruka (green tea brand)
Aroma beautiful and deep taste. Rare high-grade tea leaves which are picked only once a year. No additives or preservatives were added.

5. Cosmetics
1. Mikimoto Cosmetics (Made in Japan)
Gives rare beauty like pearls, youthful five senses.
2. Shiseido (Made in Japan)
It combines Western science and comfort of Eastern massage.
Please enjoy the exquisite time you can enjoy only here.


◆VALMONT facial ◆

◆ Valmont ◆
“Varmont” which was born Switzerland by the study of the nature and cosmetic dermatology of the Alps is a skin care brand that has a reputation for aging care and is trusted by royalty and famous people from around the world.
It works firmly on the cellular level and brings out the health of your skin.
Please consult about aging troubles, sensitive skin, trouble skin people.

◆ Energy Ritual ◆
Facial cleansing, scrub, renewed pack & massage ,care & finishing

Treatment of popular No.1 Renew pack to respond to tired skin, elasticity and gloss, aging troubles!
It gives vitality to your skin and keeps it healthy.

VALMONT facial Energy basic 60min 14000 yen

VALMONT facial Energy Intensive 90min 28000 yen

VALMONT facial Energy Express 120 min 33000 yen

◆ VALMONT facial Brightness of Ice ◆
Cleansing · Face wash · Enzyme pack · Care & finishing

To bare skin with glossy and transparent feeling. Luxury prescription developed with full use of state-of-the-art technology, we work directly on your skin.

VALMONT facial -Brightness of ice-basic 60mmin 15000 yen

VALMONT facial -Brightness of ice- 90mmin 35000 yen

VALMONT facial -Brightness of ice- 120mmin 43000 yen

◆ Spa Rinn Aromatherapy body treatment ◆

Refreshing while being healed by the scent of herbs!

You will be healed by plenty of aroma fragrance, and you will have a moment of healing by massage.
Once you step on foot, the space of overwhelming beautiful Japanese. Completely Japanese hospitality with luxuriously.

◆ Pebonia Botanica ◆
It is a natural Spa brand that was born in the USA in 1991.
Item development is carried out jointly with research institutions in Switzerland, made from ingredients derived from plants or marine, and items that cover both facial and body are available in a wide range.
Currently it is introduced in more than 330 places in over 100 countries and 5-star hotels and luxury spas.

Spa Rinn Aromatherapy body treatment 90min 14000 yen
Spa Rinn Aromatherapy body treatment 120min 18000 yen
Spa Rinn Aromatherapy body treatment 40min 6800 yen

◆ Tropical Foot (foot care) ◆
* It’s a treatment under the knee with a foot bath.
The tropical fruit’s natural sweet scent and the power of the plant keep the smooth body skin.

Tropical Foot (foot care) 60min 12000yen
Tropical Body (body care) 90min 18000yen
* Because men can not use shower facilities, it will guide you only for 60 min foot.

◆Ruma Farm ◆ 120 min 23000 yen

Lift up beauty essence · Lift up massage · Body pack · Body cream finish

Luxurious treatments incorporating facial skin care ideas into the body.
Three major active ingredients such as sorghum, combusa, diacetylborzine
Approach the body’s slack and aging sign! Lusty body skin,
To those who want to aim for an elegant body line.

◆VALMONT Mens facial energy ◆
Impression UP! It is popular with businessmen who often go to public! Give your skin vitality, a clean face. Tired head and eyes are also refreshing with head massage.

VALMONT Mens facial energy 60min 14000 yen
VALMONT Mens facial bright 60min 15000 yen

◆ Massage Relaxation Acupressure therapy ◆
It activates by pressing the surface of the body with fingers and promotes the function of natural healing power which is inherent. Its action extends over a wide range of stiff shoulder, back pain, improvement of fatigue, stress relief and so on. In a calm space of a private room, I will heal my heart and body slowly. It is treatment that does not use oil.

Massage Relaxation Acupressure therapy Dry 40min 4000 yen
Massage Relaxation Acupressure therapy Dry 60min 6000 yen
Massage Relaxation Acupressure therapy Dry 90min 8500 yen
Massage Relaxation Acupressure therapy Oil massage 60min 6500 yen
Massage Relaxation Acupressure therapy Oil massage 90min 9500 yen

Fees and charges : Tax included

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