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Relaxation space SOTOKOTO CLUB & AN Spa Fukuoka (Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk) -
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Relaxation space SOTOKOTO CLUB & AN Spa Fukuoka (Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk)

Day Spa
10:00 am ~ 21:00 pm (Last reception time : 20:00)
In order for people gathered in the shade to regain the original human figure.

SOTOKOTO means “tree shade” in African language. Africa where nature and animals coexist with people is said to be the wisdom gods under the trees and it is a valuable land where we can return to nature “wild” naturally for us living in the 21st century. The Sotokoto Club is a “relaxation space” prepared with a pool, a sauna, a jacuzzi, a massage room, etc. on the floor that imaged this land of Africa.

Aroma oil which made use of the natural healing power possessed by Japanese plants is used luxuriously, it is a treatment to customize according to one person, such as physical condition, mood, purpose of the day. Leave yourself to the treatment of high quality that cherished the hospitality heart, and you can have a moment of healing to your heart’s


◆ALL-MENU with Eturaku only benefit!! ◆
Hotel pool, hot spring facilities Use ticket.
If you would like to Extension service, we could service for partial treatment of 10 minutes.

◆ Massage Relaxation Acupressure therapy ◆
It activates by pressing the surface of the body with fingers and promotes the function of natural healing power which is inherent. Its action extends over a wide range of stiff shoulder, back pain, improvement of fatigue, stress relief and so on. In a calm space of a private room, I will heal my heart and body slowly. It is treatment that does not use oil.

Massage Relaxation Acupressure therapy 30min 6000yen→ Eturaku only30%OFF!!→ 4200 yen
Massage Relaxation Acupressure therapy 60min 9000 yen→ Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 6300 yen

◆ Aromatherapy body treatment ◆
You will be healed by plenty of aroma fragrance, and you will have a moment of healing by massage.
We will unravel our mind and body slowly with customized treatments that combine scented oil that makes use of the natural healing power of Japanese plants and the treatment that arranged according to guests.

Aromatherapy body treatment [eturaku-only]60min/ 9000yen→ Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 6300yen

Aromatherapy body treatment -AKI- [eturaku-only] 90min/ 13500yen→ Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 9450yen

Aromatherapy body treatment -REN- [eturaku-only] 120min/ 18000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 12600yen

Foot Care 45min 5000yen→ Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 3500yen

Reflexology 40min 6000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 4200yen

◆VALMONT facial ◆

◆ Valmont ◆
“Varmont” which was born Switzerland by the study of the nature and cosmetic dermatology of the Alps is a skin care brand that has a reputation for aging care and is trusted by royalty and famous people from around the world.
It works firmly on the cellular level and brings out the health of your skin.
Please consult about aging troubles, sensitive skin, trouble skin people.

◆ Energy Ritual ◆
Facial cleansing, scrub, renewed pack & massage ,care & finishing

Treatment of popular No.1 Renew pack to respond to tired skin, elasticity and gloss, aging troubles!
It gives vitality to your skin and keeps it healthy.

VALMONT facial Energy complete 60min 26000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 18200yen

VALMONT facial Energy Intensive 90min 30000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 21000yen

VALMONT facial Energy Express 30 min 12000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 8400yen

◆ HYDRATION -Sourse of Bisses- ◆
Relaxing & moisturizing effect gives moisture and transparency to the skin.

VALMONT facial HYDRATION -Sourse of Bisses- Intensive 90mmin 25000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 17500yen

VALMONT facial HYDRATION -Sourse of Bisses- Complete 60min 20000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 14000yen

VALMONT facial HYDRATION -Sourse of Bisses- Express 30min 10000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 7000yen

◆ VALMONT Body Cellulite care Peaks of slimness ◆
We will work on the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous tissue and slimming the body.
60min 20000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 14000yen

◆Body Scrub ◆ 70min 8000yen → Eturaku only 30%OFF!!→ 5600yen

Fees and charges : Tax and service charge included

Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

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