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Marique Salt Cleansing Spa [Present☆]

Marique Salt Cleansing Spa[Present] from

Towards the winter holiday season, Notification of present from Beauty Reservation “Eturaku”.

For beautiful hair to grow, from the beautiful scalp. Of course, as well as hair salon treatments, care at home and scalp care is actually the most important step.
November 6,2017 The newly released “Marique Salt Cleansing Spa” treats hair massage while massaging the scalp with treatment without whipping.
Relax with sweet smell of natural essential oil blend. Combining the natural French Brittany “sea salt” with high beauty effect realizes refreshing wash-up and refreshing moisturizing finish even though it does not foam.

Make this new sense of “Marique Salt Cleansing Spa” for 5 people by lottery.
Detail is,

【PRESENT】 Laline Larin NEW Fragrance “Violet Amber” 3 items

Laline Violet Amber Crystallized Body Mist

Hello.It is notice from Eturaku, it is the announcement of the present (the 22nd to 24th bulletin) for the winter holiday season!

Laline Larin NEW Fragrance “Violet Amber”, landed in Japan! We will present all three New items by lottery. (Detail)

Laline Violet Amber Glamorous body cream

Laline Violet Amber Glamorous body cream

“Glamorous body cream” that adds the extract of tomato, calendula, aloe vera, which is drawing attention to skin care effect, to the dead sea minerals and three kinds of vegetable oils, and leads to moist, moisturized skin.

Violet Amber Violet Amber Sparky Diffuser

Violet Amber Violet Amber Sparky Diffuser

Just by inserting the included stick into the fragrance water, you can enjoy the healing time wrapped in scent “Sparky Diffuser”

Laline Violet Amber Crystallized Body Mist

Laline Violet Amber Crystallized Body Mist

First collaboration with Swarovski! !A fine glitter with transparency leads to an elegantly shining skin Lotion for mist type body “Crystallized Body Mist”

【Present】Japan’s first landing Made in Palestine Organic soap ‘ Nablus Soap ‘

Nabulus Soap

Hello !
Notice of premium members present plan 2017 21st bulletin to everyone members from Beauty booking “Eturaku”.
Prior to the first public release of Palestinian organic soap ‘Nablus Soap’ made in the traditional recipe which has not changed since the 10th century in late autumn this year,
We will present 5 kinds of each scheduled to be sold for the first time from Eturaku for a total of 5 people.

◆ Product Outline ◆

 Nabule Soap

Nabule Soap is a whole body soap based on Virgin olive oil.
It corresponds to European standard ECOCERT, VEGAN and HALAL. With FAIR TRADE as the main axis, it is an organic soap that clears one of the world’s strictest quality standards.

Nabuls soap

Nabuls soap

Nabuls soap

Nabuls soap

■Preparation of Nabule Soap

The soap from Nables is based on a mixture of olive oil and salt and is manufactured with only a few natural ingredients.
Herbs and other ingredients are from the Medina of Nablus, all species are of Middle Eastern origin. The genuine natural ingredients bring about an aromatherapy effect.
It is the most feature that it can be used even by people with sensitive skin and trouble skin.


■History of Nabule Soap

Celebrated fame built over the centuries from the 10th century
Queen Elizabeth I of the UK also acclaimed
British Government’s Opinion

■Nablus Soap

Natural olive oil soap

Natural olive oil soap

Natural Olive oil Soap

Classic narcus soap suitable for all skin types.
Natural olive oil containing as much as 80% and rich polyphenol moisturizes your skin, cleanses the skin environment, cleanses the skin, and prepares your texture.
Olive oil of the natural ingredient prevents drying of the skin and smooth skin is contained Chlorophyll contained in oil keeps your skin healthy.

Ingredients: Organic cultivation Virgin natural olive oil ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Dead sea mud soap

Dead sea mud soap

Deas sea mud Soap

Natural soap by mud in the Dead Sea.
By injecting dead sea mud into pure olive oil, it gives moisture to the skin and maintains flexibility.
The rare salt contained in the mud of the Dead Sea, it also has a function to cleanse the skin with its unique crystal salt. Prevents spots on the skin after exposure to the UV, prevents acne and heat rash, and preserves the flexibility of the skin.
Turn over care, people who want natural transparency on your skin, recommended for those who want to tighten your skin.
Ingredients: Virgin olive oil ・ Dead sea mud ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Tyme soap

Tyme soap

Thyme Soap

Natural thyme made with 100% natural ingredients gives your skin elasticity.
Give the skin moisture and gloss by adding ingredients of thyme to natural olive oil of high purity.
It prevents acne and heat rash, it is also ideal for dark spark plugs and drying, sunburn stains.
In addition, using the body odor is worrisome refreshing fragrance of time gently wraps the smell of the body.
Ingredients: Organic cultivation Virgin natural olive oil ・ Thyme oil ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Grape soap

Grape soap

Grape Soap

Nable soap made from natural grapes.In addition to pure olive oil, a new form of soap blended with grape extract ingredients moisturizes the skin.
Please experience the treatment of grapes. Grape is a new epidemic ingredient of aging care products and exerts a high effect on skin care, and the product substance is used for aging care products.
The grapes contain antioxidants that give the skin firmness and gloss to the skin and prevent the skin from drying out.

Ingredients: Organic cultivation Virgin natural olive oil ・ Grape seed oil ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Avogado soap

Avogado soap

Avogado Soap

In addition to pure olive oil, extracts of time are added to the nurse soap which is made of extract of avocado which is a luxury raw material, giving moisture to the skin and keeping healthy skin.
Avocado is certified as “the most nutritious fruit” in Guinness, contains a lot of important nutrition to the skin, removes old horny matter, and prepares the state of the skin. It protects the skin from harmful dust and earth, contaminated air, and gives moisture to the skin after use.
The more frequently used is the characteristic that skin tones become brighter and lively arms come out.
Avocado has a function to restore cells, recommended for aging care.

Ingredients: Organic cultivation Virgin natural olive oil ・ Avocado oil ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Uses: Facial cleansing ・ body ・ shaving ・ shampoo
● 100% natural ingredients
● Organic 80%
● Soap base 100%
● Products certified as ECOCERT as natural organic cosmetics
● FAIRTRADE Certified Products
● Vegan ・ Friendly
● Eco-friendly (biodegradable)
● Animal test free (no animal experiments are done)
● Handmade recipe transmitted from 1611
● Synthetic surfactant ・ Petroleum derived raw materials not used
● Chemical synthetic preservatives ・ antioxidants ・ blowing agents ・ metal sequestering agents ・ colorants ・ artificial flavors
● Can be used for any type of skin such as sensitive skin, dry skin, greasy skin, acne skin, skin after sunburn, and age skin
● Recommended for newborn babies and infants
● Weight: Approx 100 g
● Size: about 7.0 x 4.8 x 2.5 cm

Official Site brand site:

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

● Present entrance qualification and application method

・ For Eturaku premium members
・ Those who have booked and visited after registering as a member.
Those who fall under any of the above.

● Application method

Please send e-mail support [at], replacing at with @

(1) ID for registering (or registered mail address)
(2) Your name
(3) Address
(4) Telephone number

Clearly stated,

“【Pretorious Premium Members Present Plan (vol.21)】 ”
Please contact us.

◆ Deadline for submission ◆

2017/11/11 (Sat) PM until 18: 00.

※ The winning announcement will be replaced with the shipment of the item.
※ Personal information you submitted will not be diverted except for this case.

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

#0107 PLAZA open at GINZA SIX


The imported grocery store PLAZA celebrating its 50th anniversary last year opened a new “# 0107 PLAZA (Otona Plaza)” opened at GINZA SIX. Based on the concept of “New PLAZA for adult”, classic and trend, Japanese and Western, Natural and Pop … contradictory items echoes exquisitely, It is a select store that can enjoy a comfortable shopping experience while touching selected real things.



A unique store like roadside shops in the street corner of New York.
When you step on your feet, you will find three categories of food and kitchen, fashion & stationery, health & beauty.
In the stand bar inside the store, it is relaxing with delicious coffee brewed with cold press juice of raw squeezed focusing on beauty and health, and a machine reproducing professional hand drip.

Mr. Masuda Yoichiro's Drawing Work

Mr. Masuda Yoichiro’s Drawing Work

◆Mr. Masuda Yoichiro’s Drawing Work

(C) 2017 Yoichiro Masuda
Mr. Yoichiro Masuda, an acclaimed artist. Mr. Masuda, who has provided paintings to hotels and restaurants in Japan and overseas,
It sell the original drawing which drew original works for # 0107 PLAZA.

◆ Opening campaign
Over 5,000 yen (tax included) Over 300 purchasers purchased # 0107 PLAZA (Otona Plaza) made with Lithuanian linen Get a handkerchief with printed mascot bear!

◆ PLAZA PASS book-only campaign
PLAZA PASS points doubled for the period from open to May 7 th (Sun)! In the case of

Store Information ” # 0107 PLAZA ”
GINZA SIX 4F Ginza 6-10 Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
TEL +81-03-5537-5617
Business hours 10: 30-20: 30
Sales floor area about 71 tsubo
Treatment Category Food & confectionery, household goods, stationery, clothing (women’s) ・ clothing accessories, cosmetics ・ cosmetic goods ??
About 5,000 items to be handled

Dior New look Summer 2017 “CARE&DARE “

Dior New look Summer 2017 CARE&DARE

From Dior, New Look Summer 2017 “CARE & DARE” release to enjoy the color exquisitely under the sparkling sun while caring for the skin.
Brilliant and bold shade together with skin care, familiar to sunburned skin, vivid color collection that shines in the sunshine of summer.

Dior new look summer 2017

Dior new look summer 2017

Dior skin nude air powder compact

Dior skin nude air powder compact

Face Makeup Product
Dior skin nude air powder compact limited item 2 colors 7,000 yen (tax not included)
Dior skin nude air luminaire limited item 2 colors 6,300 yen (excluding tax)

Dior newlook summer2017

Dior newlook summer2017

Rich colors evolve vividly while permeating plenty of care ingredients.
The lip center contains lip-care oil and vitamin E with antioxidant and sedative action.

Dior newlook summer2017 Lip

Dior newlook summer2017 Lip

Lip Makeup Product
Dior Addict Lipstick Limited 6 colors 3,900 yen (excluding tax)
Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Limited 1 color 3,600 yen (excluding tax)

Dior newlook summer2017

Dior newlook summer2017

Nail product
Dior Verni New color 1 color · limited 2 colors 3,000 yen (excluding tax)

New Look Summer 2017 “CARE & DARE”
April 21, 2017 (Fri) Limited · New release

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