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Harajuku Omotesando GENKI festival ‘Super Yosakoi 2017’


About Yosakoi festival

Since 2001, Super Yosakoi was sponsored by the local shopping area “shopping district promotion association Harajuku Omotesando Association”, keeping the tradition of Kochi’s Yosakoi Festival, as the Meiji Jingu dedication festival every year in August last Saturday in August in Harajuku Omotesando and Yoyogi area It is a festival being held.

◆ Last fiscal year results ◆
Team participating
96 teams (● Number of dancers: 5,331 people ● Average age: 28.9 years / ● Male / female ratio: Male 27% ・ Women 73%)
Implementation content
Show Yosakoi Naruko Odori at Stage 3 venue / Street 2 venue
Festival introduction
Approximately 100 teams from around the country gather in Omotesando every year, and we will show off a distinctly hot and warm “Yosakoi Naruko Dance”.
“Super Yosakoi” which was born in 2001 has reached the 14th time this year, and now has established itself as the largest Yosakoi festival in the metropolitan area.

Meaning that “Please come at night” by Tosa dialect.
When “Yosakoi” is made into Kanji, it will be “Night Come”, “Night Outbreak”, “Evening Together”.


The Yosakoi Festival was born in 1940 when the Kochi Prefectural Chamber of Commerce and Industry was the center of economic recovery in the postwar recession with the aim of promoting economic revival and regional development in the southern country Tosa Kochi.
The Yosakoi festival held in the first round, 21 teams and 750 participants grew into a big festival where more than 10,000 dancers participate in the 30 th round, It is also chosen as one of the ten best festivals in Japan.
And after about 50 years now, people spread by all the people fascinated by Yosakoi festival’s unique performance, and festivals of “Yosakoi style” are born one after another in the whole country, and it is said that the number is now nearly 220 It is.

“BROOK ‘SME-BYO cafe” which provides gluten free and vegan menu, offering a collaborative menu that can taste the ingredients of Kochi prefecture which is the birthplace of Yosakoi at a well-established Chinese restaurant “Nankoku Sake Company” ♪

On Sunday, August 27, “BROOK’SME-BYO Cafe × Kochi family” collaboration cafe
We are preparing various events that you can feel the charm of Kochi prefecture such as special photo spot of “Kochi family”, Kochi prefecture property exhibition, contact area with dancer, large lottery winning gorgeous BROOK’S product! !
Please try out special menu for a limited time by all means.

☆ BROOK ‘SME-BYO cafe (Shibuya-ku Jingumae 6-4-1 Harajuku octagonal building B1F ・ 1F) August 25 ~ 27

・ Tataki Burger of bonito from Kochi Prefecture (640 yen)
・ Tosa’s complete solar salt and Koshika smoothie from Kochi Prefecture (630 yen)
・ Yuzu produced in Kochi Prefecture and Udon Matcha soda (450 yen)

… Visiting benefits
“Super Yosakoi Odoriko Mr. Limited” Size up service of your favorite drink to customers who use cafe after going out costume.
When using the cafe, give one who has presented the cafe posting page in the “Super Yosakoi 2017” brochure with one drip coffee or tea bag! ! !

☆ Nankoku Sake Company (within 6-35-3 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Corp Olympia) ~ 8/27

・ Delicious items Kochi
“Lunch special course” (3,000 yen) ※ Prices are all tax and service charge

Super Yosakoi 2017

Super Yosakoi 2017

Yosakoi MAP

This year, the cultural hall stage will be gone, the Jingu Kaikan stage will be newly established.
The performance start time of Omotesando Avenue will be 30 minutes ahead of schedule and traffic will be regulated from 11: 30 minutes.

At the “Yoyogi no Mori Botouri venue” by Yoyogi Nearby Town Association
Between 12: 30 ~ 16: 30, this year’s super friendly performance time
(Bon dancing will be held from 17: 30-21: 00 on both the 8th and 26th and 27th.)

Harajuku mouth stage, Shinjuku Kaikan stage, Yoyogi park stage, NHK front street, Omotesando Avenue (27th only), Yoyogi no Morinobotori interlocking venue (26th only) in total 6 venues.
Please come and have fun!

Road to the ‘ Yudo ‘ – recommendation of Japanese culture bathing

Road to the YUDO at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

At the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi main store, we are holding an event “Road to the YUDO” that introduces “Yudo” that we propose to spread the Japanese life culture “bath” to the world.
The Lion statue of Mitsukoshi also appeared, it is putting a clothes on it’s head and enjoying a bath.

◆About ‘Yudo’

“Yu do” proposed by Koyama Kundou, a broadcast artist who focused on “bathing” which Japanese people live in modern day doubt as daily customs.
Mr. Munemasa Yamada of Kyoto Daitokuji Shinju Ann in the 27th position gave the word “Yu do warmth”, and the road was opened.
We propose the pleasure to soak in hot water, sticking to the method of making, the hot water bath, the hot water utensils.

【3 spirits of the YUDO】

Every time it is immersed in hot water, please remind you that this everyday is special and thanks for this environment.

Develop awareness

Person who is immersed in hot water, constantly becomes the mood of next person or neighbor, and cultivates a heart that is considered.

Hone your self
You should heal your heart by emptying the head with the help of hot water and emptying yourself with the self as it is.

Yudo Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi

‘O-Bath mugen’ by Hinoki Soken 
A free-shaped cypress bath that was realized by unique technology cultivated through bathtub making

Yudo , Tsujimura milk

Tusjimura Milk
Along with the playfulness of the author, you can enjoy a moment of bathing

◆Event Outline

May 10 (Wed) – 16 (Tue) Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store Main Hall 1F Floor Central Hall
May 17 (Wed) – 30 (Tue) Main Building 5th Floor Interior Promotion
◆ Talk event 【Fee free】
May 13 (Sat) 14: 00 ~ (13: 30 opening)
Talk show by craftmen who agreed with Yu way advocate Koyama Kurodo, the runner and produced the hot water utensils
Cast: Kozo Oyama
Guest:Shuji Nakagawa (Nakagawa Wood Crafts), Takashi Yamada (Tamagawa dou banto), Kai Tsujimura(Ceramist)
◆ “Limited sale of” Bathing Milk “【32 cups per cup】
May 13 (Saturday) 14th (Sunday) 11: 00 ~ 17: 00 each day
Limited sale of “Bathing Milk” produced by Patissier Tomomi Chiba.


゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

Tokyo Kimono Show2017

Tokyo Kimono Show 2017

The Tokyo Kimono show is a collaboration of “traditional culture” such as kimono, flower arrangement, tea, noh, calligraphy, Japanese paper, etc., an event that enables you to enjoy Japanese culture at the same time.
If you are interested in kimono fans and Japanese culture, why do not you come see us during the Golden Week!
Even those who think “I would like to enjoy Japanese culture” from now on, would like to visit as a place to find a Japanese culture that suits you.



Kimono Style 200 “that coordinates kimono and displays in one place, Japanese culture including” Hikari no Tea ceremony “held in the art tea room gathered.
Also Ikenobo of Flower Iyama will participate in the guests “IKENOBOYS”, a young flower arrangement male group formed in commemoration of the 555th anniversary, and Ikebana performance is also done.

In the event halls, performances such as talk shows and fashion shows are being carried out one after another. Popular performances such as IKENOBOYS and Imagine World are stuffed with a lot of people packing up.

Light Tea Party

A tea room named from the stratosphere between the universe and the earth “The frost fair”.
The owner is a tea ceremonial couple unit of Ullusuke who practices “tea ceremony is expression, tea ceremony is a story” in various places.
“Hikari no Tea ceremony” full of imagination by two people, Mr. Yoshimori Munhi and Yoshimori Munehiko, held for the first time in Mitsui Hall for two years.
It is full of topics and surprises every time, including the theme and taste that changes everyday in the dorm theater type tea room only for the duration, creative sweets only for that day.
* Every day (11:00 to 17:00, every 45 minutes) during the exhibition, thousand yen, reception on the day, limited number of people.

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

There are only three people in Japan on the wall surface paint artist Mizuki Tanaka bathing painting.

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

Showa retro doll that Ayumi Usui and Nishioka Pencil collaborated to be displayed facing the paint picture. Kimono figure of a cute face doll that can not be forgotten once you see it.

TOKYO KIMONO SHOW – Event summary
◆Date : April 29, 2017 (Saturday ・ Holiday) – May 7 (Sun)
◆Hour : 11: 00 ~ 19: 00 (The last day is until 17:00
◆Access: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall (Korudo Muromachi 1 4 floor) ,Tokyo, Japan
General 1,000 yen (free of charge for high school students or less)
URLTokyo Kimono Show

‘twilight’ Ponte Vecchio × “KIMINO NAWA (Your name is )”.

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

Jewelry brand “Pontevecio” is from Wednesday, March 8, 2017
We will release collaboration jewelry with Makoto Shinkai’s directorial work “KIMINO NAWA(Your name is)” in Matsuya Ginza store only.

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

‘twilight’ Ponte Vecchio × “KIMINO NAWA (Your name is )”. Collaboration jewelry
Diamond Sapphire Amethyst Blue Topaz Tanzanite Pink Tourmaline Citrine Necklace 74,000 yen  ※Matsuya Ginza limited edition

In the story two crowd, “Kataware time”.
A necklace expressed in a mysterious sky color of an important scene which can be called a climax, with carefully selected color stone.
The comet of destiny that flows in the color of the sky that evening and night blended together. Diamond set on a comet expresses the two who have met beyond the spacetime.
In the end part, a ribbon motif that imitates the three leaves braid is treated. It is a special necklace packed in the world of “KIMINO NAWA (Your name is)”.

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

◇ ◆ Director Shinkai Makoto “KIMINO NAWA (Your Name is)” Exhibition ◆ ◇
Dates: March 8(wednesday), – March 20 (Monday, Holiday),2017
Address: Matsuya Ginza 8th Floor Event Square (Chuo-ku Ginza 3-6-1)
Contact: +81-03-3567-1211 (Matsuya Ginza)
Opening hours: 10: 00-20: 00 (the last day is 17: 00 / closed / admission is 30 minutes before closing)

◇ ◆ Store Information ◆ ◇
Pontevechio Matsuya Ginza store
Matsuya Ginza 1F in Ginza 3-6-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +81-3-3564-8400

(C)2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会
Ponte Vecchio Hotta

‘ Wrapping and bags of Origami ‘ Present!

Wrapping and bags of Origami

It is a notification of presents to Eturaku members.
Book name: “Packaging and bag origami , letters and rewards and wrapping, convenient folding 76 method”
If you want to wrap letters, cards, accessories, gifts, a little things, use familiar origami and wrapping paper, cute packages and bags will be completed. From basic folding to applied editing, We will present this book introducing convenient origami which is happy to be folded and enjoyable for one person by lottery. By changing the pattern and colors of the paper used, 76 points of origami that can be utilized in various scenes of modern times are posted.

Wrapping and bags of Origami

Wrapping and bags of Origami

Wrapping and bags of Origami

Wrapping and bags of Origami

【Table of contents】
1. Wrapping Origami
2. Fold fold
3. Letter folding ・ Envelope folding
4. Petit Bag ・ Gold Seal ・ Stopper
5. Petty bag with knot ・ Gold seal
Introduction of paper sales outlets

【Author Profile】
Tomoko Fuse
Born in Niigata prefecture, Japan. Aim for an outstanding origami work of straight lines. She holds personal exhibitions both domestically and abroad and is active actively. Many books such as “Decorative Origami of Star and Snow”, “Ornament of Flower Decoration” (Seikondo Shinkansha) “Origami of the Box” (Nihon Vogue).
Specification: B5 size, homemade, 128 pages (all color)
Fixed price: main unit 1,800 yen + tax (1,944 yen including tax)
Issued by: Seikondo Shinkosha

Purchase the book Amazon

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