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“Nothing” is “Charming” at Starbucks Japan

Light down event "Nothing" is "Charming" by Starbucks and Japan

Starbucks Coffee Japan cooperates with Kyoto Prefecture City (Saitama Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama City, Kawasaki City, Chiba City, Saitama City, Sagamihara City) on December 11, starting the Tokyo Sky Tree And a large-scale light-down event ‘ “Nothing” is “Charming” ‘ where 481 stores and starbucks lights out all at once.

This event is the first effort to collaborate with Starbucks, the three prefectures and five cities designated by government ordinance cities to create a chance to think about energy conservation and measures against global warming.

we implemented 1 hour light-down at the Starbucks store from 19 to 20 o’clock, so that visitors can refrain from using electronic equipment such as smartphone and PC, Enjoys the fact that there is no light in common, and provides an opportunity to reconsider the participant’s lifestyle.

In addition, we offer original coasters using luminescent ink that is event limited only in limited quantity. We also do workshops on origami lanterns to cover candle type LED lights.

In addition, we will hold a light-down event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol at about 120 Starbucks in Kyoto Prefecture and around the city centering on Kyoto City and Sapporo City.

At 28 Starbucks and Kyoto Tower in Kyoto City, it will be held from December 4th(Monday) to 10th (Sunday).

Other venues are 481 Starbucks in the city of Kyushu and other prefectures (Hokkaido, Akita, Miyagi, Gunma, Nagano, Ibaraki, Yamanashi, Gifu, Shizuoka, Aichi, Mie, Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo prefecture) about 120 stores. Advance reservation is unnecessary and you can participate for free.

「"Nothing" is "Charming"」by Starbucks / Light down event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol

「”Nothing” is “Charming”」by Starbucks / Light down event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol

「”Nothing” is “Charming”」by Starbucks / Light down event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Kyoto Protocol

image (c) Starbucks Japan

‘Sakura fair’ – fluffy aroma, spring in the cafe!

anniversaire cafe Omotesando

Cherry blossoms bloomed in Tokyo this week. At the Anniversal Cafe Omotesando, the New menu (4 cakes, 1 cake, 3 drinks) that tastes the spring appeared during the period from March 22 (Wed) to April 18 (Tue).
Terrace seats and interiors are decorated with cherry blossom motifs and directing the arrival of spring.
Why do not you enjoy the soft cherry fragrance menu with a sweet taste of spring at the terrace seat where the spring breeze blows through freshly !

◆ Sakura fair menu◆

Sakura cake-anniversaire cafe Omotesando

Sakura cake-“Sakura” 700 yen

Sakura smelling moose and cherry sweet and sour cake.

Beni Sakura

Beni Sakura 1,000 yen

Non alcoholic “Beni Sakura” 1,000 yen
Sakura’s hot milk using “Drinking beauty drip” and the current topic Sweet Sake.
“Amakakura” 1,000 yen

"Sakura (Kozakura)" 1,200 yen

“Sakura (Kozakura)” 1,200 yen

Cherry cocktail which used fruity and slightly sweet wine

"Beni Sakura" 1,000yen

“Beni Sakura” 1,000yen

Royal milk tea using juice concentrate domestic Sakura extract and original blend “tea”

◆ Cafe ◆

anniversaire cafe Omotesando
3-5-30 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Tel: +81-3-5411-5988
Opening hours: 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 9: 00 ~)
Closed: None

※ The term has ended.


Reservation agent plan (PR) 5000yen (USD 44.69)

Walk and Eat Tokyo / Food walking Day tour Tokyo midtown | 3 hours / 5 hours ☆


゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

New“Decaf(Caffeine-less)”by Starbucks Japan

DECAF(cafeine-less) Starbucks Japan

At Starbucks throughout Japan, “DECAF(Caffeine-less” will appear from January 11th!
“Late at night, I want to drink coffee slowly”, “I want to enjoy a delicious cup that makes me feel gentle for change”, you can enjoy it.
Starbucks caffeinesses do not use chemicals, and remove the caffeine with water and carbon dioxide alone, leaving the flavor of coffee beans intact.

DECAF(cafeine-less) Starbucks Japan

DECAF(cafeine-less) Starbucks Japan

『DECAF Starbucks Latte』
Short 380 yen Tall 420 yen Grande 460 yen VentiR 500 yen
『DECAF Drip coffee』
Short 330 yen Tall 370 yen Grande 410 yen VentiR 450 yen
『DECAF americano』
Short 350 yen Tall 390 Grande 430 yen VentiR 470 yen
『DECAF cappuccino』
Short 380 yen Tall 420 yen Grande 460 yen VentiR 500 yen
『DECAF moca』
Short 450 yen Tall 490 yen Grande 530 yen VentiR 570 yen
『DECAF caramel macchiato』
Short 430 yen Tall 470 yen Grande 510 yen VentiR 550 yen

DECAF(Cafeine-less) Starbucks Japan

『DECAF house brend』 250g 1,240 yen
※ All DECAF items can be offered with ice

◆Stores:Starbucks Japan
Starbucks Japan

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

Relaxing with flavorful Matcha & Chocolate Drink

Chocolate & Matcha Moca and Chocorista Tully's

Recommended for the holiday season, when you miss a hot drink.
New Matcha(green) tea & Chocolate drinks are appearing! Please also have a cup after treatment with an esthetic salon, spa, beauty clinic.. Please do not miss it.

◆◇ Japanese and Western cuisine “Chocolate & Matcha Moca” and Blissful “Chocolate rista(R)” ◇◆

From Tully’s Japan, two new items will be released from Friday, December 16, which will allow you to relax for a relaxing moment during year-end and new year’s busy season.

“Chocolate & Matcha Moca” (HOT/ICED)
It is a bitter & sweet cup where “Uji Matcha Latte” together with elegant flavor of Uji green tea and mellow steam milk, chocolate sauce with whipped cream and whipped cream chocolate chips blend.
Exquisite harmony interwoven with Kyoto prefecture’s umami matcha and chocolate flavored with fluffy cacao. The cobel tulle chocolate chip studded in the finish enhances the pleasant bitterness of Uji green tea.

Short:530 yen Tall:590 yen Grande:650yen Enorme:710yen

※ Enoor is only ice cream

“Chocolate rista (R)” (HOT/ICED)
You can enjoy the richness and bitterness of cocoa chocolate cocoa. More cacao flavor than last year. A rich aroma of cacao comes through the nose, of course hot, and cold ice is also recommended. Please enjoy the smooth mouthfeel of “delicious chocolate to drink”.

※ All inclusive tax
※ Some stores do not have handling

Tullys Japan

◆◇ ” Hot Chocolate counter ” Andaz Tokyo ◇◆

Hot Chocolate counter Andaz Tokyo

Hot Chocolate counter Andaz Tokyo

In the season when you miss a hot drink, a hot chocolate counter appears.
It is a hot chocolate counter that can be enjoyed with personal style, which can be chosen from 3 kinds of chocolate and 11 kinds of various spices.
You can make your own original hot chocolate. In addition, there are also four unique original hot chocolates made by pastry chef Okazaki Masaki recipe.

“Hot chocolate” L size \ 850 S size \ 450

・ White chocolate 35%
・ Milk chocolate 40%
・ Dark chocolate 70%
Spice / cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, matcha, sea salt, coffee, peppermint, praline powder yuzu, tonka bean

“Pastry Shop Original Hot Chocolate” \ 1,100

・ Winter Wonderland
Dark chocolate 70%, milk chocolate 40%, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, vanilla, saffron

・ Morning Glory
Milk chocolate 40%, coffee, caramel, sea salt

・ Winter Inn Nagano
White chocolate 35%, Green tea, Yuzu, Japanese pepper

Dark chocolate 70%, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, tonka bean

“Over-the-counter sales drinks” \ 850
・ Cafe mocha
・ Butter Scotch chocolate
・ Matcha chocolate

◇ Period: January 1, 2017 (Sunday) – February 28 (Tue) ※% notation of chocolate means cacao component

※ The term has ended.


Reservation agent plan (PR) 5000yen (USD 44.69)

Walk and Eat Tokyo / Food walking Day tour Tokyo midtown | 3 hours / 5 hours ☆

Andaz Tokyo

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

From Starbucks, 2 kinds of puddings in Japan limited edition are newly released!

Starbucks new puddings Japan limited edition items

From Starbucks, two items, “Original Milk Custard Pudding” and “Chocolate Pudding” appeared in Japan limited edition items.
It is a newly developed pud which sticks to rich taste and firm texture, smooth tongue sticking out.

Milk custard pudding

Milk custard pudding

“Milk custard pudding”
With plenty of eggs and cream, you can enjoy a rich flavor made from milk and sugar. In the bottom is a slightly bitter caramel sauce.

Chocolate pudding

Chocolate pudding

“Chocolate pudding”
A bitter texture and a bitter flavor of the original chocolate developed in consideration of coffee compatibility, chocolate sauce with different texture on the bottom,
Depth is felt in the taste.

In addition, the holiday season will appear in a special cup with “Starbucks Red Holiday Cups (☆)” design (3 types) for a limited time only. Casual gifts are also recommended as takeaway items.

Price:320 yen

Starbucks Red Holiday Cups

Starbucks Red Holiday Cups

(☆)◆ Starbucks Red Holiday Cups
Designs by customers from all over the world!

Designs drawn by customers from all over the world!
About 24,400 Starbucks in 75 countries around the world, from 10th November 2016 (Thursday), normal white cup will switch to “Starbucks Red Holiday Cups” all at once.
As the first attempt this year, 10 kinds of designs drawn by guests from various countries of the world.

◆ Starbucks Red Holiday Cups” Cup Design :
(From the top left)、Birch Forest(United States)、Graphic Swirls(Canada)、Holiday Lights(United States)、Poinsettia(United States)、Sleigh Ride(South Korea)
(From the bottom left)、Evergreen Forest(United States)、Birds & Flowers(Indonesia)、Ornaments(United Arab Emirates)、Snowflake Sweater(Russia) 、Candy Canes(United States)
※You can not hand over only the cup.

◆Period:November 2016 (Thursday)~ 
※ It will end as soon as it is lost
Starbucks Japan

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