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One grain of diamonds, spa treatment appeared ! by Ritz Carlton Kyoto


In the Ritz-Carlton Kyoto, a luxurious spa plan with diamonds by the spa brand “Gemology” from France,
We will start offering “POUR BRILLER TEL UN DIAMANT” from December 1, 2017.

FROM FRANCE Paris ‘Gemorology’ focuses on the fact that trace elements necessary for keeping the skin beautiful and healthy are contained in jewelry, trace elements extracted from 20 types of precious stones and precious stones for the first time in the world Element) is taken in all lines,
It is a luxury Spa brand offering treatments that treat heart and skin.

This plan can be experienced only in The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto. We have attached 0.7 carat diamond that we can process according to your request.

This gorgeous facial with diamond powder and rare mineral extracted from jewelry combines blissful body treatments using Japan’s first landing diamond oil to bring out the utmost utility of the product and “The Gemology” technique and We will treat with the highest technology of The Ritz Carlton Kyoto.
Diamonds can also be processed into rings and necklaces, if you like.

The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto’s spa plan “POUR BRILLER TEL UN DIAMANT” that you can get a permanently shiny diamond and a beautiful body will produce the best moment of your proposal and surprise.





Description: Facial & Body Treatment, Diamond (0.7 carat)
Duration: 150 minutes
Opening Hours: 8: 00 A.M. – 10: 00 P.M.
Place: The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto The Ritz-Carlton Spa

Ritz Carlton Kyoto

‘Kyoto Granbell Hotel’ experience report – New Hybrid Japonesque style Designers Hotel

Hi.This time, we report the exhibition of ‘Kyoto GranBell Hotel’ in front of the grand opening on 14th July 2017 at Gion where we feel the most Kyoto culture in Kyoto.
It is a new designer hotel that fuses contemporary art and Japanese, to make “Fun to STAY” the current Gion.

・ A designers’ hotel that combines the sum of modern art and the traditions of Gion.
・ Japanese-style room The Japanese-style tatami room and the bed are arranged, and the airy space.
・ In Kyoto, there is also a large public bath, and you can relax while watching the small garden.
– It is a 2 minute walk from Gion Shijo Station, 7 minutes walk from Kawaramachi Station with one of the best shopping streets in Kyoto, and 7 minutes walk to Yasaka Shrine.
・ In the underground rooms, there are also some underground rooms where the quietness of the sound is far away from the noise of the Gion.
・ The half – ground space is a space where the front, the lane, the bar, and the restraint are connected

● 3 design theme
1 “Traditinal” awareness
2 “Craftmanship” uses material made up
3 “Glamorous” airy feeling is expressed by the shine of Kyoto Gion.
With these three themes as the axis, you will be able to enjoy new Japanese interpretation, Japanese space, and Japanese world view.
It incorporates and reorganizes the world ‘s aquarium, and combines it with Japanese culture and Japanese DNA to create a unique Japanese original design,
This is a place where you can experience the new Japanese space while exploiting Japan’s tradition and Japanese traditional culture, materials and concepts.

Read More Article Report vol.1
Report vol.2

” Walking town Kyoto rail ticket”(1Day・2Day)

Walking town Kyoto rail ticket

“Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket” will be on sale that will allow you to enjoy Kyoto sightseeing comfortably.
The main railway line in Kyoto city is free to ride, and furthermore it is a very convenient ticket with preferential privilege of each facility.

Kyoto sightseeing by car is time consuming to find traffic jams around the tourist area and parking lot.
For public transportation, travel time can be shortened, which leads to reduction of CO2, making environment friendly tourism possible.
Please take advantage of it and enjoy Kyoto in winter, full of highlights such as “Kyoto ・ Hanauro Road” and “Kyoto no Winter Journey” campaign.

(Left)” Walking town Kyoto rail ticket”(1Day version) Adult 1,300yen(Right)” Walking town Kyoto rail ticket”(2Day version) Adult 2,000yen

◆ Available transportation
Kyoto Municipal Transport Bureau (* 1), JR West Japan (* 2), Keihan Train, Keifuku Dentetsu, Hankyu Electric Railway
(* 1) Limited to the ride of the Kyoto municipal subway, the city bus can not be used.
(* 2) JR West is limited to use of regular seats of regular trains (including new rapids and expressways).

◆ Release period
(1) “Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (1 day version)”
Friday, December 9, 28 – March 20 (Heisei, congratulation) Heisei 20
※ JR West Release Sold will be released one month before the day on the day of use within the above release period.

(2) “Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (2 day version)”
Thursday, December 8, 2008 – Sunday, March 19,
* It is released on the day before the start date of use or on that day.

◆Validity period
December 9, 2016(Fri) ~ March 20, 2016 (Mon,Holiday)
※ The 2nd edition is valid for 2 consecutive days within the validity period.

◆Release place
(1)”Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (1 day version)”
Kyoto Municipal Transport Bureau: city bus, subway information office and commuter ticket release place
Keihan Train: Sanjo Station Info Station, Hamadatsu Station
Keihoku Electric Railway: Shijo Omiya Station, Kanoko Nozji Station, Kitano Shiramicho Station, Arashi Electric Arashiyama Station Information
Hankyu Electric Railway: Kawaramachi Station Okayama counter, Katsura station A cheap counter
JR West: Window of Midori at Kyoto Station
Kyoto General Tourist Information Office “Kyo Navi”
Kyoto City Kawaramachi Sanjo Tourist Information Corner

(2)”Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (2 day version)”
1: Optional release of “Express product”
JR Tokyu’s Kyoto Station Midori Window, JR Tokai’s Kyoto Station Midori Window, JR Tokai Tours Kyoto Branch and Kyoto Station Shinkansen Central Shuchi Branch
2: Option release of “e5489”
Kyoto Station of Midori JR West’s JR West

※【please note】
“Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (2 day version)” has the following release conditions.
We will only sell it to customers who got on “Express train” or “e 5489” to the Kyoto station by Shinkansen or Conventional Line Limited express train.
“Express product” is an IC ride service or “e express train” etc. that can be booked and purchased with member reservation service “Express reservation” of Tokaido ・ Sanyo Shinkansen, member-based net reservation service of Tokaido Shinkansen “Plus EX” It is a ticket item of.
“E 5489” is an online reservation service of JR West which you can use the Sanyo ・ Kyushu Shinkansen, Hokuriku Shinkansen, JR West, JR Shikoku, JR Kyushu express trains etc.

1. Customers who used “express products”
(1) Customers using the IC boarding service will use the IC voucher (seat guidance) outputted from the bullet train automatic ticket gate at the time of entry, using the ticket products such as “e express train tickets” Customer should present “Use Tickets” issued at the time of receipt at the window of green or ticket vending machines of Midori at the release place.
※ Only limited to those issued on or before the day of use start date of “Walking Town / Kyoto Rail Ticket (2day virsion)”.
(2) We will release it only once per “IC voucher (seat information)” or “voucher”. If you use it for more than one person, we will release tickets up to the number of people mentioned in “Use Ticket”.

2. Customers who used “e5489”
(1) Present either “Settlement Completion Mail”, “Reservation Completion Screen” or “Reservation Detailed Screen” at the time of the ticket reservation at the release place.
※ Limited to those that were taken on the day of use start date of “Walking Town / Kyoto Rail Ticket (2day virsion)” or the previous day.
(2) When using multiple people, we will release tickets only once, up to the number of people who used it.

◆Bonus content
You can receive benefits by presenting the date and time of use of the back of the ticket at the following cultural and tourist facilities.

Culture / Tourist Facilities: Benefits Details

Kyoto Railway Museum: 10% discount for entrance fee
Former Nikko Nijo castle: General charge 600 yen → 500 yen
Murin-an: General charge 410 yen → 310 yen
Lake Biwa Canal Memorial Hall: Presentation of original goods for water supply and sewerage department
Kyoto Municipal Art Museum: 100 yen discount from general / high school fee (day exhibition only)
Kyoto International Manga Museum: 20% discount on entrance fee (however, special exhibition fee is not applicable)
Kyoto kaleidoscope museum’s Anekoji-kan: post card or seal presented
Kyoto Municipal School History Museum: Admission Free
Kyoto Ecology Center (Kyoto City Environmental Protection Activity Center): Special Goods Collected
Kyoto Municipal Youth Science Center: Admission fee ・ Planetarium viewing fee for adults 250 yen for small and medium and high school students
Kyoto City Zoo: General charge 600 yen → 500 yen

Walking town  Kyoto rail ticket

Walking town Kyoto rail ticket

Kyoto City

Events of one night only ,”Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan × Sparkling wine of the world ”

Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan × Sparkling wine of the world

TAKAMI BRIDAL Kyoto Kitayama Wedding Street on August 16 2016 , will be held the event as long as good people who can charm you with the ceremonial bonfire of summer tradition – Gozan.
Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan special dinner of popular every year , and sparkling wine and collaboration this year.After your meal , offer a special seat that can be viewed up close the ceremonial bonfire of Gozan
Kyoto summer of hospitality , guests experience the moments where you can enjoy also the tongue is also in the eye.

Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan × Sparkling wine of the world

Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan × Sparkling wine of the world

◇◆ ” Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan X Sparkling wine of the world ” Outline◆◇

◇◆ EVENT DATE:August 16 (tue),2016 17:00~22:00pm
◇◆ EVENT PLACE :Kyoto Kitayama Wedding street
◇◆ EVENT Outline :
1.Sparkling Garden & Terrace
Kitayama Le Angers church courtyard , Kitayama Garden , Kyoto Northern Church Kitayama church courtyard , Spanish Bar LA PAELLA Terrace
Admission free . Food is also available , such as tapas at Bar style.

2.Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan Special Dinner+ Grandstand
By appointment only. Course Dinner

Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan X Sparkling wine of the world

Ceremonial bonfire of Gozan X Sparkling wine of the world


What’s “Gozan no okuribi” ?
Bonfire carried out in NyoikeTake ( Daimonjiyama ) that on August 16 every year in Kyoto.

Swords Exhibition . at Kyoto Kitano Tenmangu

Swords Exhibition
Swords Exhibition

Swords Exhibition

In the treasure house of Kitano Shrine , it has special public ” Sacred sword exhibition of academic God – surprise ” from 23 January 2006 was held.
Hit of training simulation game ” sword boisterous dance ” , recently , increased interest in the Japanese sword in the heart of the girl , from the fact that were received many inquiries to the Kitano Tenmangu to holdings a ” beard Off” is a character alone , it has led to the holding of the special exhibition.

Keifuku Railway stamp (the storm electricity ) Toeiuzumasaeigamura the main venue rally is being held at the same time.
” Yearning seen up close swords of the real thing ,” said avid fan ” swords girl ” we packed , Treasury has daily bustling.

Propeller plant that Kitano is in this special exhibition Shrine to collections , has published all at once half of the approximately 80 vibration .
The most is unveiled , the first attempt there is a special exhibition of the only swords and armor.

” Beard Off” ” Ogre Slayer ” with the alias of ” Tsuneji ” , ” Mamoru assistant ” , ” mentor light” , ” Kunihiro ,” such as , but about 40 vibration including the important cultural assets 5 vibration , like lined Zurarito on site It is a masterpiece.
In addition to the blade and the sheath , wooden box Sanctifiers of inscribed and ornate also served , has also become a content that is spectacular also as works of art as a historical document.

Beard Off

Beard Off

” Beard Off”. Popular shooting point .

Ogre Slayer

Ogre Slayer

Tachi ” Ogre Slayer ” . ” Beard Off” aliases when beheaded sinners , is said to have attached from the sharpness of the sharpness that cut off to beard.

These swords are those who pray for the fortune of war Nagahisa the Warring States era , called the Uncariae is in addition to those to pray for progress of the technique , there is also your deity Sugawara miracle magic swords and housed trying Fujiyo forces in Demon Blade public , the priest is ” academic image of God is strong Kitano shrine is , that houses 80 also vibration of swords is not well known , than many people that are surprising to think of.
Kitano shrine history and profound charm a good opportunity to know. .



Wakizashi ” Nekomaru ” transmitted and Mamorigatana of Sugawara public.
Leaning against was hit cats to this sword , that it was cut off to the true two.

master light

master light

Sugawara sword of all excited faith the dedication than Kaga clan Maeda house the public as ancestor ” master light”.



Katanamon and chipping also vivid .

sacred sword Exhibition

sacred sword Exhibition

” Ogre Slayer ( beard off) ,” ” sacred sword Exhibition” commemorative red seal book branding iron has entered the (1500 yen) is also very popular.



Also open seam is plum early in the precincts , the public of half a month earlier than usual Umezono began.
50 species , 1500 of red plum , want to enjoy also to explore the white plum bloom in the garden.

◆◇ ” Sacred sword exhibition of academic God – surprise ” ◇◆

– March 13, 2016 up to ( sun ). Period during the seven days a week .

●Open:AM 9:00~PM16:00

Admission fee : Umezono – Treasury common discount adults 950 JPY
junior and senior high school students 900 JPY
elementary school students below 450 JPY

北野天満宮 Kitano Tenmangu

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

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