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At The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Fitness at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, "STAY PINK FOREVER"

At The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Fitness at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, “STAY PINK FOREVER” was launched as a spring limited treatment menu.
Pink is a color hit by light in red, it is a color of a very gentle impression, but in reality it is said to be a color with strong energy.
That color symbolizes unconditional love and femininity. It is a special color for such a woman, the pink which is said to be spring color is deeply related to beauty, it is said to help the secretion of female hormones.
Also, it is said that natural natural pink minerals and plants contain moisturizing effect, anti-aging effect, many ingredients that make the skin smoother, STAY PINK FOREVER is a pink coloring ESPA product This season’s recommended treatments took in.

The 120 minute menu is a combination of body and facial care. In body care, we perform whole body massage with fragrant essential oil blended with Palmarosa, Geranium Rose, Sweet Orange, which is said to produce happiness. And massage the arm, elbow, hands gently stroked with a scrub containing the apricot kernel and spearmint, and remove the old keratin. To finish, ESPA Pink Mad’s Treatment Pack gives your skin a sense of transparency.

In the facial that follows, treatment is done using nutritious ESPA nourishing cleansing balm made from ingredients such as geranium which is effective for skin troubles and drying by hormonal balance, so as to encourage lift up of your face, rich in minerals we will perform scalp massage using ESPA Pink Hair & Scalp Mud containing. Finally, tighten the pores, incorporate rose ingredients effective in improving moisturizing effect and fine lines, ESPA Hydrating Floral Spa Fresh skin preparation, ESPA pink pomelo lip balm plumps the lips pliantly and softly .

After treatment, we offer pomegranate which is said to have effect such as beautiful skin effect and fatigue recovery, and several kinds of berries which rich in polyphenols and vitamins are smoothly delivered.

At The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Fitness at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, "STAY PINK FOREVER"

At The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Fitness at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, “STAY PINK FOREVER”

At The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Fitness at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, "STAY PINK FOREVER"

At The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Fitness at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, “STAY PINK FOREVER”

◆ Treatmet Name: STAY PINK FOREVER
(Body & Facial Treatment 120 minutes)
◆ Sales period: March 1(Thu) – June 30(Sat) 2018
◆ Price: 50,000 yen

* Smoothie after treatment is included in the price.
※ The above is by tax and service charge.
※ We are appointed nominating therapist. (Nomination charge 2,000 yen (tax included) will be added.)

The Ritz Carlton Tokyo

Japanese tea specialty stand bar “Hachiya” opens!

Hachiya Cafe

A Japanese green tea specialty store “Hachiya” will opens!
With the concept of “rebuilding Japanese tea as a new culture to the present age”, popular fashion designers produced the shops comprehensively.
“Hachiya” Mainly focusing on the original Sencha · Hojicha · Brown Rice tea, Matcha Latte made with Cha Shui ※ 1, Japanese sweets suitable for tea,it is stuck with the taste of the natural in natural.
The name of the shop is that “Hachiju hachiya” which is a Japanese articulation * 2 is taken as the day of tea picking, that tea picked on this day has been regarded as a lucky new tea from ancient times,
Also, “8” comes from the fact that it is regarded as a number of good fortune as “widen toward the end”.

We hope that luck comes visiting “Hachiya” and people who enjoy Japanese tea, “Hachiya” will be a catalyst for contemporary people’s interest in Japanese culture including Japanese tea .

◆ Tea latte

Using tea leaves, mix tea powder and milk powder to make tea latte so that it matches green tea.
Normally, by pointing Latte with tea ceremony which is used when turning green tea and showing off the state in front of customers, we can propose the appearance of new Japanese tea culture and enjoy not only taste but also appearance we are doing it.

◆ Sencha Latte
Original “Sencha Soda” to handmade at the shop. While making full use of the taste of Sencha, we will propose how to enjoy tea which we have never seen with a refreshing drinking mouth.
“Sencha with soup with fruit” has become a sweet sense tea that can enjoy taste and texture, with juice of sencha and seasonal fruits entering.

◆ Restricted menu that can enjoy the changes of spring, summer, autumn and winter according to the four seasons and calendar in Japan

◆ Drink

● Sencha · Ganmai tea · Brown rice tea · Seasonal tea (ice, hot) ※ Seasonal tea changes according to the season.
● Sencha Latte · Houjicha Latte · Matcha Latte (Ice, Hot)
● Sencha Soda with Fruits · Sencha Soda (Ice) ※ Fruits change depending on the season. ● Black sesame paste · honey ginger latte (ice, hot)

◆ Sweets
● Anmitsu
● Soft Cream
● Daifuku

◆ About “Hachiya”
Sendagaya store
Open date: December 1(Friday), 2017
Address: 4-1-8 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Business hours: 9: 00-19: 00
Closed holiday: Saturday · Sunday · Holidays · New Year’s holidays

Daikanyama store
Open day: December 5(Tuesday), 2017
Address: 1-16-9 Ebisuzan western Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 9: 00-19: 00
Closed holiday: None (except year end and new year)

FULL MOON SPA DELIGHTS [limited time spa treatment] by Ritz Carlton Tokyo

FULL MOON SPA DELIGHTS by Ritz Carlton Tokyo

The Ritz-Carlton, The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Fitness in Tokyo offers a limited-time treatment menu until 17th December,

◆Treatment details ◆
From the ancient times in Egypt and other parts of the world around the world, the full moon light has a healing effect, it has been told that it leads to affection and full feelings, creative and positive energy.
“FULL MOON SPA DELIGHTS” is a hot stone purified with the light of this full moon and 120 minutes to heal fatigue using the English brand “ESPA” made from plant extracts and marine active etc. It is a treatment.

FULL MOON SPA DELIGHTS by Ritz Carlton Tokyo

FULL MOON SPA DELIGHTS by Ritz Carlton Tokyo

“FULL MOON SPA DELIGHTS”, the therapist selects the product according to your individual worry, and first relaxes the whole body with a body massage that takes 60 minutes to spend over the first 60 minutes.
After that, we invite you to a deeper sleep with a 60-minute facial treatment to heal tired eyes with a hot stone.
After waking up with the comfortable sound of Tin Shabel, please enjoy the sensation filled in the body with Honey rooibos ginger soy latte prepared by The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Fitness.
Also, in order to improve the refresh effect more, we prepare a 180 minute course with personal yoga class before treatment as a set.

※ Honey rooibos ginger soy latte is included in the price.
※ The above is by tax and service charge.
※ On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, Weekend Charge 2,000 yen (including tax) will be added to the treatment fee.
※ We are appointed nominating therapist. (Nomination charge 2,000 yen (tax included) will be added.)

◆Hotel Information◆
The Ritz Carlton Tokyo

“Häagen Dazs Summer Resort” happy cafe Open♪

Häagen Dazs Summer Resort

In “Häagen-Dazs SUMMER RESORT”, 9 kinds of original summer sweets which used Haagen Dazs ice cream and fruits co-developed with chef of “Sign gaienmae” on the theme of “fruit” appeared!
You can enjoy summer sweets such as new sensation shaved ice, parfait, float, original shake etc, which Haagen Dazs ice cream was frozen to minus 30 degrees and shaved.

Normally the wall of the green is a stylish cafe that is impressive, but during the period it is a big transformation. In the space which imaged the resort of Provence, feeling resort in the Tokyo metropolitan!

Häagen Dazs Summer Resort (c) HaagenDazs

Häagen Dazs Summer Resort (c) HaagenDazs

July 26(wed) – August 15(tue), 2017
【Open hours】
11: 00 ~ 23: 00 (L.O.22: 00)
Yamazaki Building 1F, 2-7-18 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
“Sign gaienmae” (sign at the front of the Gaienmae)

【How to provide】
The first floor is the take-out space and the second floor is the eat-in space.
Eat-in (seated) will be a one-hour time system by distributing numbered tickets.
· We will distribute numbered tickets at the store from 10 am every day.
Distribution of numbered tickets will end as soon as the planned number of minutes for the day is reached, please note in advance.
· The numbered ticket will be in 1 hour increments from 11 o’clock to 22 o’clock.
· The numbered ticket will be handed up to 4 persons per person for the maximum.
· For take-out, you can use it even without a numbered ticket.

Offcial site URL:

Enjoy Summer – ‘ Ginbura( Ginza walking ) with Yukata 2017 ‘

GInbura Yukata 2017 (c)Tokyo colender, Goo-blog

“Ginbura( Ginza walking ) with Yukata” is an annual event of Ginza with a 10-year history.
By using pedestrian heaven from Ginza street 1 chome to 8 th chome, we provide various ‘Japanese hospitality’ to people coming to Ginza by Yukata or Kimono, cool down in the hot summer and have fun It is an event that we are going to do.

In this “Ginbura( Ginza walking ) with Yukata”, “Yukata Free Dressing place” is opened. Ginza’s Kimono and Kimono clerk clerks will dress hardly to fall down easily, only to those who brought Yukata (kimono, belt, waist strap, etc., necessary for dressing) and geta(sandales)..Since it is said that men can also correspond, how about changing clothes to a yukata with a couple or family and participating in the event?

August 5(sat),2017 Ginza Tokyo Japan

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