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OHMI-SHIGA GREEN TEA ICE CREAM by Lake Biwa Marriotto Hotel

Hello.Thank you for using it all the time.
Beauty booking “Eturaku” Premium Members Present Planning 2018 (vol.29) announcement.

The original product “OHMI – SHIGA GREEN TEA ICE CREAM” of Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel is newly released from March 8(thu), 2018.We will present this product for drawing to 6 people by lottery.


Shiga Prefecture where the hotel is located is considered to be the birthplace of Japanese tea ceremony by Saicho who founder of Tendai Buddhism started cultivating tea at the foot of Mt. Hiei and it is also a terrain suitable for tea cultivation , A lot of high-quality green tea is produced.
The new product “OHMI-SHIGA GREEN TEA ICE CREAM” devised an original recipe where the hotel chef leads out the deliciousness of Omi tea to the utmost. Tea used for ice cream can also enjoy the taste of rich tea by a manufacturing method that does not impair umami and flavor.

Among Omi tea, use “Tsuchiyama tea” which features a lot of umami but also the sharpness of Sencha. By roasting the tea leaves thoroughly at low temperature so as not to impair the taste and flavor of the tea leaves, the elegant taste of Omi tea spreads at the moment you put it in your mouth, It finished it as an adult ice cream.
Please enjoy the charm of the new Omi tea delivered by Biwako Marriott Hotel.

Price: JPY 370 (excluding tax)
Contents amount: 100 ml
Release date: March 8(Thu), 2018
Distributor: Hotel 1F shop
※ The hotel restaurant “Grill & Dining G” also has a course which you can enjoy “OHMI-SHIGA GREEN TEA ICE CREAM” in dessert.

Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel
TEL: +81-77-585-6100 E-MAIL:

° · *: … ☆ …: * · °

● Present entrance qualification and application method:

· Eturaku premium members
· Those who have booked and visited after registering as a member.
Those who fall under any of the above.

● Application method:

Please send e-mail support [at], replacing at with @

(1) ID for registering (or registered mail address)
(2) Your name
(3) Address
(4) Telephone number

Clearly stated,

“【Pretorious Premium Members Present Plan (vol.29)】 Hope”
Please contact us.

◆ Deadline for submission ◆

April 30(Mon)2018 PM 18: 00.

※ The winning announcement will be replaced with the shipment of the item.
※ Personal information you submitted will not be diverted except for this case.

Like a Lip Gloss ! “Honey Candy” by Amya Eitaro (founded in 1818)

(c)Ameya Eitaro

Long-established Japanese sweets, Eiotaro General Honpo 2nd brand “Ameya Eitaro” 10th Anniversary 2nd “Cool Lip” is published on June 15, 2017, “Ameya Eitarou” Isetan Shinjuku Store, Ginza Mitsukoshi, Official online store It was released !!

◇for Sweet but sour taste to cool adult women

Sugar and starch syrup (boiled) are based on sake. Summer limited edition item of “Sweet Lip” which tailored “Mitsu Ame” like “Gloss lip” which was finished in a sparkling “candy” by caramelizing at high temperature. You can blend two kinds of fruits, enjoy the sweetness and acidity of each and the fragrance of the candy.
The package adopts “Shiny design” which expresses the glow of cool adults and fruits that took a strong sunshine.

(c)Ameya Eitaro

(c)Ameya Eitaro

◇3 flavor line-up

“Strawberry × Lime” is a sweet scent of strawberry at the beginning of eating, the acidity and bitterness which Lime crispy finally spread, a refreshing aftertaste.
“Blueberry × Orange” is a purple soap like blueberry, which matches the orange acidity hidden in sweetness.
“Pineapple x lychee” can enjoy exotic sweetness of ripe pine and lyche with less sour.
Each price is 702 JPY (including tax). “3 pcs.” Each containing one taste is 2646 JPY (same).

[◇ Ameya Eitaro Sweet Lip ◇]

“Ameya Eitaro Sweet Lip” is a product of “Ameya Eitaro” which is one of the brands of Eitaro General Honpo.
Around the end of Edo(edo era 1603 – 1867), an anecdote that the upper husband was enthralled as a Tokyo souvenir has been conveyed to us, “If plum blossom syrup is applied to the lips as a base of crimson when it is painted on the lips” from the familiar geiko. We finished the honorable eyedroku syrup which our company continues to pass for 160 years, in a lip gloss tube used for cosmetics, raised the anecdote of Edo with the hint of the present with the hint of modern age. Since its launch, received high evaluation from its fashion and taste, brought up as a representative product of this brand. You can enjoy it by sticking it on your lip as it is anecdotal, and it is fine even if you eat it like ice cream, yoghurt, bread, black tea, coffee and so on instead of sauce. We have deployed about 10 types of flavor and color all the time, including seasonal and store limited items etc.

Pretty colors including fruit concentrate fruit juice and rose extract were added.
Long ago, there was a story that the daughter of Edo had painted candy on her lips instead of a gloss lip, so we has long been a longing for girls.

[◇ About “Eiotaro General Honpo◇]

Hanno ‘s first Tokugawa shogun Yoshihiro Hosoda brought two grandchildren to Edo in the first year of the government (1818), raised the shop name of “Izutsuya” and began producing confectionery in Kudanzaka,Tokyo JAPAN.
Eventually, Yasubei Hosoda III (Emina, Eitaro) who is the great-grandchild of Tokubei has set up a shop in Nishikawacho at the base of Nihonbashi in the 4th year Ansei (1857). After that, we renewed the company name as ‘Yutaro’ after his younger name, and created the original ancestor of Amanatto ‘Amana natto’ and sweet sugar ‘umeboshi ame’ etc

[◇ About ‘Ameya Eitaro’ ◇]

“in love with the candy and dreaming of the candy”, Ameya Eitaro appeared in 2007 as a sub brand of Eiotaro General Honpo, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Currently, it is deployed in Shinjuku Isetan store, Ginza Mitsukoshi store, web shop. If you want to express the beauty of candy, its taste and the appearance of Tokyo now in design, pour all of the technology and know-how of candy that we has cultivated over many years, new products has been created.
From now on, we will continue to disseminate the technology and aesthetics of candy making which we care about as the flavor of the new Tokyo for the world.

◇ Latest awards
Ise-san Candy Expo 2017

(c)Ameya Eitaro

● Honorary President’s Award (Honorary President of the Congress ・ Princess Mikasa Mr. Akiko Mikasa): “Erika Gyutaro Umebokushi candy”

(c)Ameya Eitaro

(c)Ameya Eitaro

● Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize: “Sugar sugar Eucalyptus juice candy”
● Director General of Tourism Agency: “Ameya Eitaro Sweet Lip”

Ameya Eitaro

ECO EDO Nihonbashi 2017

Water cane (Japanese Sweets) 700 yen, Aquarium (jelly) 600 yen by Mandarin oriental Tokyo

“ECO EDO Nihonbashi” is held every year as a variety of events arranged wisdom and ingenuity of life that takes “cool” raised in Nihonbashi in the Edo period to modern flow.
There are 76 shops such as the commercial facilities in the Nihonbashi / Ningyo-cho area, well-established store, etc., participated in the stamp rally “Goldfish sweets & val walking” of one of the popular events among them.

Water Jelly (Japanese Sweets) 700 yen, Aquarium (jelly) 600 yen by Mandarin oriental Tokyo

Official Site

Christmas cake 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Bush Foret Blanche by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo’s exquisite high quality delicious Christmas,The executive pastry chef from France, the cake that Pascal Chardella gives with a heart is a delicate flavor that makes full use of the tradition and sensitivity of Europe.
A stylish and ingenious Christmas cake worthy of the holy night, a special moment for you.

Christmas Cakes
◆Bush Foret Blanche 4,400yen 15cm×8cm
Bush de Noel is an elegant taste woven with a rich Kirschmousse with a beautiful form reminiscent of the snowy forest and a smooth dark chocolate cream.
The fresh fruit of shrimp cherry compote and the texture of chocolate biscuit are accent. It is also compatible with champagne and directs Christmas for adults.

Bush Tropical by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Bush Tropical by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Bush Tropical 4,400yen 13cm×11cm
Fresh mango and passion fruit mousse, Earl Gray cream and coconut biscuits.
Exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness Fruity Bush de Noel harmonized with the kindness of Earl Gray can be enjoyed in a wide range of generations.

Snowflake of caramel and pear by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Snowflake of caramel and pear by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Snowflake of caramel and pear 4,200yen 15cm
It is enveloped the caramelized pear with thick caramel mousse.
White chocolate shaped like snowy crystals and Christmas cake which topped with hazelnut praline puff is the leading part of the party table.

◆◇ Holiday Selection ◇◆
We baked authentic European traditional sweets with our original recipe.

Yuzu Pan de Vergennes

Yuzu Pan de Vergennes

◆Yuzu Pan de Vergennes 3,500 yen 18cm
It is added fresh citrus to a traditional French baked sweet with plenty of almonds and finished it in a star shape.wrapping in the same star box.

Truffle tree  by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Truffle tree by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Truffle tree 4,500yen 14cm×12cm
3 kinds of truffles of raspberries, Calvados, hazelnuts chefs carefully created one by one in a chocolate box of Christmas tree type.
Also Recommended for gifts.

Gutsy chocolate

Gutsy chocolate by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Gutsy chocolate 6,500yen 10cm×21cm×0.5cm 
An artwork that welcomes you at the front door of the hotel, a “Gutzy” pattern chocolate tablet.
Nuts are spread under the fine, smooth mouthless chocolate. Please also enjoy the action to crush and eat with set hammer.

Stolen 3 species by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Stolen 3 species by Park Hyatt Tokyo

(Stolen 3 species are from the photo left)
◆ Christmas Stolen 2,800 yen 19 cm * Mini Stolen (2,000 yen) is also available.
Dried fruits and nuts are thoroughly kneaded in, and the taste of the home.

◆ Morne Stolen 3, 300 yen 19 cm
Poppy seed paste and fragrant flavor due to walnut are popular.

◆ Maron Stolen 3,000 yen 19cm
Rich flavor with large grains of astringent chestnuts and flower fruits as accent.

◆ Panetone 2,500 yen 14 cm
It’s mixed fruit of lemon and orange, raisins, honey and rum with baked essence extracted from orange flower and baked it up.

Christmas short cake by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Christmas short cake by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Christmas short cake 4,300yen 15cm
Short cake with carefully selected materials, moist and baked fine sponge, fine fresh cream fresh and gentle flavor. In the case of
Christmas cake boasting unchanging popularity since the opening of business.

Christmas 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Christmas 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Christmas Cake 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Christmas Cake 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo “Pastry Boutique” Christmas cake / Holiday selection
Reservation: November 1, 2016 (Tue) – December 21 (Wed)
Sales: December 22 (Thu) – 25 (Sun) in 2016
Holiday Selection From December 1(Thursday), to December 25(sunday) 2016
Reservation ・ Inquiries: “Pastry Boutique” +81-3-5323-3462 (11 am – 7 pm)
Park Hyatt Tokyo 2nd Floor 3-7-1-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1055 Tokyo

* All prices include tax
* We accept delivery of Christmas cake only at “Pastry Boutique” shops.
* Baked confectionery of Holiday Selection is sold on Thursday, December 1st
* Christmas cake until December 18 (Sun) Website( Park Hyatt Tokyo restaurant
Park Hyatt Tokyo

Stylish modern Japanese confectionary fair

Wagashi Fair 2016

Kansai debuts first 3 Brands [ For a limited time ]
“Suzukake” , “Sanpo” , “Ginza kuromame heshire cake”

Japanese traditional sweets and stylish Japanese sweets, 3 brands appeared for a limited time.
We will introduce a modern and stylish Japanese confectionery shop that we want to give to someone in mind unexpectedly such as strawberry Daifuku only at this time and secretaries nationwide sweet sweets.

◆Over 90 years faundation “Suzukake”
Nurtured richly in the climate of Kyushu and Hakata, the taste and skill of the technique derived only from carefully selected natural materials.

Suzukake , Ichigo Daifuku

Suzukake , Ichigo Daifuku

『Strawberry Daifuku』(1piece)324yen

It’s wrapped a fresh strawberry “Aimou” from Fukuoka prefecture with soft honing fertilizer. Peeled red bean paste enhances the taste of strawberries.
Limited time only in winter.

◆Collaboration brand of 3 popular Japanese sweets “Sanpo”
“Sanpo” first appeared in Kansai is a collaboration brand of Himeji “Kanonoya” , Toyonaka “Ogi no Mori” , Minoh “Kamuro”.

Sanpo,Ankoro Mochi

Sanpo,Ankoro Mochi

Pretty cute “Ankoro mochi” (1 piece) 162 yen

Strawberry and Yuzu’s “Berries of fruit”
Walnuts and chestnuts “The Fruit of Nuts”
Matcha or Hoji tea’s “Tea leaf”
There are 8 kinds of delicious variety, such as.

◆New classic of “Ginza souvenir” “Kuma 3”
Japanese and Western Sweets offered by “Kuma 3 (Kumasan)” which introduced Western-style ingredients for traditional Japanese cuisine.

Kuma 3, Ginza Kuromame Heshire cake

Kuma 3, Ginza Kuromame Heshire cake

“Ginza Kuromame Heshire cake”
(1 piece 350 g) 6,264 yen
Please enjoy the taste of Ginza first appearing in Kansai.

◆November 23(wed,holiday) ~29(tue)
Hanshin Umeda department store B2F

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