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Marique Salt Cleansing Spa [Present☆]

Marique Salt Cleansing Spa[Present] from

Towards the winter holiday season, Notification of present from Beauty Reservation “Eturaku”.

For beautiful hair to grow, from the beautiful scalp. Of course, as well as hair salon treatments, care at home and scalp care is actually the most important step.
November 6,2017 The newly released “Marique Salt Cleansing Spa” treats hair massage while massaging the scalp with treatment without whipping.
Relax with sweet smell of natural essential oil blend. Combining the natural French Brittany “sea salt” with high beauty effect realizes refreshing wash-up and refreshing moisturizing finish even though it does not foam.

Make this new sense of “Marique Salt Cleansing Spa” for 5 people by lottery.
Detail is,

【PRESENT】New Arrival “Vanilla Pink Pepper Body Scrub”

body scrub "Vanilla Pink Pepper" by Laline

Hello everyone! From Beauty Booking “Eturaku”, it is a notification of “Present 2017 No. 20”.

“NY Limited Vanilla Pink Pepper by Laline” in which New York-like illustrations such as Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building were drawn, is Japan’s first landing! ! We will present this body scrub by lottery.

◆ Product Description ◆

Using a 100% salt solution of sea salt and dead sea, it removes the old horny skin, which is hard and hard to remove, and removes it to the skin.
It contains Dead Sea minerals that contain a high concentration of minerals in 30 or more concentrations to maintain health and beauty, as well as chlorinated magne- sium, which is effective for retraction and activation of the skin.
In addition, it contains all three plant-derived emollient ingredients: hydrated, oiled, grape seeded, and all-natural, all-natural skin.

Product Name: NY Limited Body Scrub “Vanilla Pink Pepper”
Country of origin: Israel
Contents: 500g / 240g
Price (by tax): JPY 3,400 / JPY 2,400
Scent: Banirapinkupepa
Release date: September 22, 2017
(Paraben) Not mixed / (SLS) Not mixed / (SLES) Not mixed

Laline JAPAN

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

● Qualifications and Application Method:

・ Eturaku Member’s
・ Those who have been registered at Eturaku and registered at the store.
Those who fall under any of the above.

● How to apply:

Send e-mail to support [at] (replace at with @)

(1) ID of registration (or registered mail address)
(2) Your name
(3) Address
(4) Telephone number

On the note,

【Eturaku Member Present (vol.20)] Hope 」
Please contact us.

◆ Submissions ◆

2017/10/15 PM18: 00.

※ The winning presentation table will be replaced with the delivery of the product.
* The personal information you submitted to us is not available for use other than this.

Seasons bouncing, 2 “New habits” of the tightening body.

Weleda White Birch Beauty Program

With the theme of “Tightening” of the body, “New habit” !!
Just paint, oil and brushing, etc. Easy to keep on everyday, so you can expect effects naturally!
Towards a body of mind blowing, an ideal body.

It attracts skin with the power of Provance almonds,
“Almond refining concentrate” 200 mL / 6,800 yen
Release on a limited quantity on April 12(wed)

Loccitane Almond refining concentrate

Loccitane Almond refining concentrate

At the end of winter, almonds can be bloomed quickly in Provence.
In Greek mythology almond tree means “symbol of youth and frankness”.
Almond’s new ingredient “Almond Extract” focusing on the moisturizing and softening effect on the skin, and “Caffeine” with tightening effect expected. You can fulfill skin tension, elasticity and moisturizing just by painting.

From Weleda of organic cosmetics, aim for a clean body
“White Birch Beauty Program” started! The First

Weleda White Birch Beauty Program

Weleda White Birch Beauty Program

Weleda White Birch Beauty Program

Weleda White Birch Beauty Program

New habit of daily oil massage and dry brushing, to a clean body.
“White birch dry brush set” From 3/20 limited release
100 ml + brush set price 4,200 yen

Valentine special “Oil Beauty” for men

Valentine special "Oil Beauty" for men

Valentine’s Day tomorrow!! Winter in which skin dryness is anxious, cold north wind and dry winter air, male skin tends to become unstable. However, “Oil cosmetic method” is also recommended for many men who “do not care what kind of care” “beauty care is a littl troublesome”.One item with oil, skincare, body care and even hair care items possible.
We will send a special beauty to my valued person on Valentine’s Day.

◆Valentine special “Oil Beauty” for men◆

◆It is lively to expressions! – Facial care
Your skin with everyday “shaving”, and it gets dry and there is rough skin ・ ・ ・ Oil beauty is recommended for such skin.
After taking a bath or washing the face, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and let it fit like massaging the whole face. Of course, also aftershave care.
Moisture and sebum balance of the skin is adjusted according to the moisturizing power of the oil, and it can also prevent the anxious mind during the day. The skin is moist and glossy, giving the impression of the whole face brighter.

◆The scalp refreshed! Hair shine! – scalp care, hair care

・ Scalp care
Dirt and sebum of pores that cause hindrance to hair growth and smell, if you use oil, they will float up and it will be easy to wash away.
First of all, in front of the shampoo, take the oil as much as 10 yen coffee, and massage the scalp. Then wash the entire scalp firmly with a shampoo.
The scalp moisturizes the scalp, it becomes difficult for it to get dandruff and itch, and the hair growth environment is also set up.

・hair care
After shampooing, put a small amount of oil around the tip of the hair, and dry with a dryer.
It protects the hair from the heat of the dryer, moisturizes hair that tends to be attached with passion, keeps spreading by drying, makes it a healthy impression with gloss.

◆To a youthful impression! – body care

When the whole body is dry, not only looks but also itching and so on. Also when you are arms and legs are assembled, something unexpectedly seen by people.
Apply oil to the whole body after bathing, let it blend gently while massaging. It is effective even before wiping your body with a towel. You can add moisture to your whole body easily by bathing with oil in bathtub hot water.
There are various kinds of oils such as mineral, animal and vegetable, especially vegetable oils are excellent in cosmetic effect and high in safety.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil 50mL 3,000yen 100mL 5,100yen

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse oil 50mL 3,000yen 100mL 5,100yen

Sticky, multi-cosmetic oil to moisturize your face, body, hair with 1 piece France Sales No.1 *,
Excellent moisturizing effect of valuable plant ingredients lasts for a long time
Huile Prodigieuse oil
50 mL 3,000 yen (consumption tax not included)
100 mL 5,100 yen (consumption tax not included)

It penetrates every corner of the stratum corneum and moisturizes the skin instantaneously. Even though it’s oil, it’s smooth and light fitting, you can wear your clothes quickly.


Give your skin moisture, shine and gloss with precious six kinds of plant ingredients.
(Macadamia * 1, Hazelnut * 2, Borisa * 3, Almond * 4, Camellia * 5, Sent Jones Wort * 6)
◆ It leads to a healthy skin with natural gloss like a smooth silk.
◆ Also popular among women, a pleasant scent unique to Prodju Oil. A gentle aroma with cleanliness and warmth scents a little from the whole body.

* IMS HEALTH – Dataview MPANN – body moisturizing oils market in pharmacies and parapharmacy in France – calculated from YTD August 2015 in value
* 1 Macadamia nut oil (moisturizing ingredient) * 2 Hazelnut seed oil (moisturizing ingredient) * 3 Borhasa seed oil (moisturizing ingredient) * 4 Almond seed oil (moisturizing ingredient) * 5 Yuza seed oil (moisturizing ingredient) / Leaves / stem extract (skin texture component)

Superb tropical body care ” PINITA COLADA ” appeared!


It is perfect for Bath & Body Care Series ” PINITA COLADA” all 3 items in the summer will be the new released in limited quantities.Inspired non-alcoholic version from ” PINITA COLADA ” of Caribbean -born cocktail to make the addition of pineapple and coconut milk in rum ” pina colada “.In addition to the coconut and pineapple , plus the passion fruit and maraschino cherry , original fragrance.

Trees and sunset of golden palms swaying in the breeze spread in front of the eye , the tropical paradise image.
Wrapped in sweet flavor and juicy of moisture , such as if you escape to a tropical resort , please enjoy the body care time dancing mind.All items have been formulated in , coconut and pineapple exotic extract , and plus the fresh moisture to the body that was thirsty in the summer sun.






1.Shower gel PINITA COLADA 250m 1,200 yen
The community trade raw honey blend , we smoothly wash the skin.In Fascinated about sweet aroma , tropical mood at bath time.

Fresh Body Sorbet PINITA COLADA

Fresh Body Sorbet PINITA COLADA

2. Fresh Body Sorbet PINITA COLADA 200ml 2,000 yen

Texture , such as sherbet. Community trade raw materials Soya oil , with aloe vera blended , and finish to smooth and pleasant fresh skin.
Perfect for the whole body moisturizing care of the summer.



3.Body butter PINITA COLADA 200ml 2,300 yen
On the skin like butter smoothly melts , it moistens moist systemic. Coconut extract , pineapple extract , community trade raw materials Soya oil , with shea butter , wraps the summer skin playing on the beach with rich moisture.Recommended especially elbow anxious dry , knee , the heel of care.

In addition to celebrate the launch , towards the 10,800 yen ( including tax) or purchase , including ” PINITA COLADA ” series , your one gift the original beach bag in the first arrival.
※ You can choose any of the design.





In sweet tropical aroma of body care , right now escape to the paradise of summer ♪


゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

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