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3 reasons to be Beautiful just by wearing a kimono


Even if you do not mind being young, when you start thinking about beauty seriously, there are times when you tell the body that you can not become a beauty without health. Beauty and health can not be separated.
According to Mrs. Maki Noda who is a trainer who started approaching to beauty from the standpoint of a professional health, “Japanese beauty is followed by kimono”.

A popular trainer with a 21-year history such as accompanying as a sports trainer to the golf prize money tour, recently devised a “ninja pilates” method and asked Mr. Noda who is taking private lessons.
“Ninja Pilates” is named for “not to act ninja, but to make the image of Japanese women’s beauty and” harmony “clearly understood.”
“I think that a solid Pilates is effective for a beautiful body, but as a trainer, there is a way to train even in daily life, that is to wear a kimono.”

Yukata (c) yamato

Yukata (c) yamato

there are 3 reasons.

【1】The hump is cured at the belt

“When you tighten the belt, your waist will settle much more, so the nature and the spine will extend upwards, and the posture of a Japanese who tends to be a backstroke will also be corrected naturally because it will make it easier to open your chest when your waist settles.” (Professor Noda, the same below)

【2】 Pelvic muscle UP

“In addition, because the footwear of the kimono is tight, the feet will always be in a state of close feeling.When the legs are closed, the forces enter the inside of the knees and thighs, so the muscles around the pelvis naturally train And if the muscles around the pelvis are strong, the axis of the body will be steady and trunk will be trained, ancient Japanese women control menstrual blood and discharge only during the toilet etc. It is enough to be done. ”

【3】 On the ankle with Tabi(socks for kimono) and kicks

“I noticed that while I was in the lesson, I feel that the ladies of recent days have many ankles with hard ankles because the ankles are hard, calves are not used well, swelling is easy, swelling and pulls legs and feet It becomes a way of walking, resulting in a thick foot, but it can be easily solved if you wear socks.
Since the tabi(socks for kimono) covers firmly to the ankle, it becomes a load, and the ankle is used naturally and it softens. In other words, the life in which you wear socks is effective for your legs. ”

I see…. Closing my feet is important for making a trunk.Kimono has a possibility to become beautiful not only from fashion but also from the inside of the body.
First of all, it might be recommended to experience from the summer Yukata.
– Professor Noda

“Summer hair workshop” to get a beautiful hair arrangement with Yukata

summer hair workshop(c)asunara

The summer season of Yukata will arrives. An event with summer hair arranging lessons and hair accessories gifts will be held.

◆ Private Lesson by Hair Dresser
It is difficult to up, as Bob can not arrange so much, according to your hair and your worries, advice

◆ Present a cool Nara color nokkonico hair accessory

Everything was carefully made one and only.If you master a hair arrangement using that accessory, you are sure to be active in the summer.

■ Date and time
・ Saturday, June 17, 2017 (Sunday)

A place
・ Machiya Cafe Kanna

A charge
・ 3000 JPY (excluding tax)

■ Time required
・ Hair arranging lesson 1 hour

■ Capacity
・ Up to 4 groups per group

■ What is included in the plan
・ Hair arranger private lessons by hairdresser
・ Nokkonico’s hair accessories
・ 1 cup of sake drink

・ Kimono dressing lesson (1 hour / 2000 yen)

Learn the hair arrangement and learn how to wear Yukata together as well.
From simple knotting tips, to a different tie knot from the usual.
※ we will lend a set of Yukata for lessons.

Play Kimono 2017 Summer

Play Kimono 2017 Summer
The event “#playkimono” for casually wearing and enjoying freely is being held in Hankyu Umeda.
It is an event for you to enjoy kimono easily so that you can eliminate the fixed idea of ​​”It is difficult to wear kimono” and “I can not wear it yourself.”
■ Ambassador proposes a new style of dressing!
Ambassadors will introduce how to dress up kimonos, as well as how to dress up a new sense that is not confined to a fixed concept, and how to enjoy kimono freely. In addition, you can learn kimono classroom for beginners, learn how to tie a belt, and wear kimono and experience tea ceremony.

Tokyo Kimono Show2017

Tokyo Kimono Show 2017

The Tokyo Kimono show is a collaboration of “traditional culture” such as kimono, flower arrangement, tea, noh, calligraphy, Japanese paper, etc., an event that enables you to enjoy Japanese culture at the same time.
If you are interested in kimono fans and Japanese culture, why do not you come see us during the Golden Week!
Even those who think “I would like to enjoy Japanese culture” from now on, would like to visit as a place to find a Japanese culture that suits you.



Kimono Style 200 “that coordinates kimono and displays in one place, Japanese culture including” Hikari no Tea ceremony “held in the art tea room gathered.
Also Ikenobo of Flower Iyama will participate in the guests “IKENOBOYS”, a young flower arrangement male group formed in commemoration of the 555th anniversary, and Ikebana performance is also done.

In the event halls, performances such as talk shows and fashion shows are being carried out one after another. Popular performances such as IKENOBOYS and Imagine World are stuffed with a lot of people packing up.

Light Tea Party

A tea room named from the stratosphere between the universe and the earth “The frost fair”.
The owner is a tea ceremonial couple unit of Ullusuke who practices “tea ceremony is expression, tea ceremony is a story” in various places.
“Hikari no Tea ceremony” full of imagination by two people, Mr. Yoshimori Munhi and Yoshimori Munehiko, held for the first time in Mitsui Hall for two years.
It is full of topics and surprises every time, including the theme and taste that changes everyday in the dorm theater type tea room only for the duration, creative sweets only for that day.
* Every day (11:00 to 17:00, every 45 minutes) during the exhibition, thousand yen, reception on the day, limited number of people.

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

There are only three people in Japan on the wall surface paint artist Mizuki Tanaka bathing painting.

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

© 伊藤竜太写真事務所

Showa retro doll that Ayumi Usui and Nishioka Pencil collaborated to be displayed facing the paint picture. Kimono figure of a cute face doll that can not be forgotten once you see it.

TOKYO KIMONO SHOW – Event summary
◆Date : April 29, 2017 (Saturday ・ Holiday) – May 7 (Sun)
◆Hour : 11: 00 ~ 19: 00 (The last day is until 17:00
◆Access: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall (Korudo Muromachi 1 4 floor) ,Tokyo, Japan
General 1,000 yen (free of charge for high school students or less)
URLTokyo Kimono Show

Keyword is ” Retro “! YUKATA beauty trend 2016

YUKATA beauty trend 2016

Yukata as kimono of summer , which is free to wear , young women , as well as popular with foreign tourists to increase year by year.
In recent years , in addition to go out wearing such a staple of fireworks and Bon festival dance , such as the benefits are provided to the yukata wearer such as amusement facilities and beer garden , has been widespread tendency to enjoy the yukata in the summer months. There while also established as a special fashionable clothes with a seasonal feeling.So , we introduce yukata hair and makeup to match this year’s trend.

Trends and dress yukata by Yoko Akimoto , kimono stylist

Trends and dress yukata

Trends and dress yukata

Recommended in the classic pattern , since it is possible to wear the fresh image if modern color scheme.
TIn addition to well fit with color use of make , but please enjoy the dressing of yukata.

◇◆” 2. yukata hair & make 2016″ ◆◇

(1)The trend of the blue ” Retro pop ”
Cool Blue Eyes

Retro pop

Retro pop

The blue and green eye shadow , put one point in the eye line style of chubby , and plus the accent on the yukata fashion.
[1]Take the eye shadow of the Blue in thin chip , depicted as pulled straight from the place of the eyelid 1/3 corner of the eye to the point.
[2]Put lightly the gold eye shadow to the root of the original lower eyelashes , put the mascara on the lighter.It brings out the eye color of blue.
This eye-make is recommended airy Rouge adapt to the color of the skin. We put a gloss only in the central portion. Cheek , when placed in a higher position of the cheek in the Red , it will look was lively.

(2) ” Retro Romance ”
Soft red lip

Retro Romance

Retro Romance

It recommended a red Rouge trend this year. Special feeling easier to challenge at the time of the kimono with , increases much mood.

[1]You put the Rouge directly to the whole from the center of the lips.
[2]Blurs Trace the outline with a lip brush that is not anything put.
[3]Place your again lipstick in the central portion of the lips , will be airy finish having a three-dimensional appearance with soft and contour.

The pink cream eye shadow will gently bright impression and spread to the entire eyelid to the original eye.
Highlights the lashes in the volume type of mascara , and finish an impressive eye origin.
Cheek , soft and put to enhance the pink toward the cheekbone from the center of the cheek , and then a romantic impression.

【◆Base make a point of◆ 】

While taking advantage of the beauty of the skin , and then to light finish a sense of transparency.
Makeup base , after wearing a liquid foundation , will cover the dullness in the liquid type of concealer.
In addition , the ” Retro romantic ” is , finally, lightly overlaid soft and finishing loose powder -based makeup.

Point of collectively hair silhouette production ! Balance is important ! ~

Yukata Hair make

Yukata Hair make

Yukata Hair make

Yukata Hair make

[ Making hair downy over scan ]
Hair tied with a rubber divided into three bundles , and then twist , respectively. Only the middle of the bunch , and then twist and further divided into two. While twist , by pulling out the hair bundle little by little , will produce the volume and lightness. The left and right of the twist so as to cross , pinned.

★ Easy Hair Arrange ★

Neckline Point

Neckline Point

Mature , romantic impression. In bangs the center part ( middle division ) , curled short bangs , and then produce a retro feeling in the atmosphere , such as the 60s.

Top Point

Top Point

≪ Top Point ≫
Fresh impression is more healthy. Neat also face line , also looks high back.Hair ornaments be changed , you can produce a unique yukata beauty.

Fire Works

Fire Works


゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

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