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OHMI-SHIGA GREEN TEA ICE CREAM by Lake Biwa Marriotto Hotel

Hello.Thank you for using it all the time.
Beauty booking “Eturaku” Premium Members Present Planning 2018 (vol.29) announcement.

The original product “OHMI – SHIGA GREEN TEA ICE CREAM” of Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel is newly released from March 8(thu), 2018.We will present this product for drawing to 6 people by lottery.


Shiga Prefecture where the hotel is located is considered to be the birthplace of Japanese tea ceremony by Saicho who founder of Tendai Buddhism started cultivating tea at the foot of Mt. Hiei and it is also a terrain suitable for tea cultivation , A lot of high-quality green tea is produced.
The new product “OHMI-SHIGA GREEN TEA ICE CREAM” devised an original recipe where the hotel chef leads out the deliciousness of Omi tea to the utmost. Tea used for ice cream can also enjoy the taste of rich tea by a manufacturing method that does not impair umami and flavor.

Among Omi tea, use “Tsuchiyama tea” which features a lot of umami but also the sharpness of Sencha. By roasting the tea leaves thoroughly at low temperature so as not to impair the taste and flavor of the tea leaves, the elegant taste of Omi tea spreads at the moment you put it in your mouth, It finished it as an adult ice cream.
Please enjoy the charm of the new Omi tea delivered by Biwako Marriott Hotel.

Price: JPY 370 (excluding tax)
Contents amount: 100 ml
Release date: March 8(Thu), 2018
Distributor: Hotel 1F shop
※ The hotel restaurant “Grill & Dining G” also has a course which you can enjoy “OHMI-SHIGA GREEN TEA ICE CREAM” in dessert.

Lake Biwa Marriott Hotel
TEL: +81-77-585-6100 E-MAIL:

° · *: … ☆ …: * · °

● Present entrance qualification and application method:

· Eturaku premium members
· Those who have booked and visited after registering as a member.
Those who fall under any of the above.

● Application method:

Please send e-mail support [at], replacing at with @

(1) ID for registering (or registered mail address)
(2) Your name
(3) Address
(4) Telephone number

Clearly stated,

“【Pretorious Premium Members Present Plan (vol.29)】 Hope”
Please contact us.

◆ Deadline for submission ◆

April 30(Mon)2018 PM 18: 00.

※ The winning announcement will be replaced with the shipment of the item.
※ Personal information you submitted will not be diverted except for this case.

One grain of diamonds, spa treatment appeared ! by Ritz Carlton Kyoto


In the Ritz-Carlton Kyoto, a luxurious spa plan with diamonds by the spa brand “Gemology” from France,
We will start offering “POUR BRILLER TEL UN DIAMANT” from December 1, 2017.

FROM FRANCE Paris ‘Gemorology’ focuses on the fact that trace elements necessary for keeping the skin beautiful and healthy are contained in jewelry, trace elements extracted from 20 types of precious stones and precious stones for the first time in the world Element) is taken in all lines,
It is a luxury Spa brand offering treatments that treat heart and skin.

This plan can be experienced only in The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto. We have attached 0.7 carat diamond that we can process according to your request.

This gorgeous facial with diamond powder and rare mineral extracted from jewelry combines blissful body treatments using Japan’s first landing diamond oil to bring out the utmost utility of the product and “The Gemology” technique and We will treat with the highest technology of The Ritz Carlton Kyoto.
Diamonds can also be processed into rings and necklaces, if you like.

The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto’s spa plan “POUR BRILLER TEL UN DIAMANT” that you can get a permanently shiny diamond and a beautiful body will produce the best moment of your proposal and surprise.





Description: Facial & Body Treatment, Diamond (0.7 carat)
Duration: 150 minutes
Opening Hours: 8: 00 A.M. – 10: 00 P.M.
Place: The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto The Ritz-Carlton Spa

Ritz Carlton Kyoto

Harajuku Omotesando GENKI festival ‘Super Yosakoi 2017’


About Yosakoi festival

Since 2001, Super Yosakoi was sponsored by the local shopping area “shopping district promotion association Harajuku Omotesando Association”, keeping the tradition of Kochi’s Yosakoi Festival, as the Meiji Jingu dedication festival every year in August last Saturday in August in Harajuku Omotesando and Yoyogi area It is a festival being held.

◆ Last fiscal year results ◆
Team participating
96 teams (● Number of dancers: 5,331 people ● Average age: 28.9 years / ● Male / female ratio: Male 27% ・ Women 73%)
Implementation content
Show Yosakoi Naruko Odori at Stage 3 venue / Street 2 venue
Festival introduction
Approximately 100 teams from around the country gather in Omotesando every year, and we will show off a distinctly hot and warm “Yosakoi Naruko Dance”.
“Super Yosakoi” which was born in 2001 has reached the 14th time this year, and now has established itself as the largest Yosakoi festival in the metropolitan area.

Meaning that “Please come at night” by Tosa dialect.
When “Yosakoi” is made into Kanji, it will be “Night Come”, “Night Outbreak”, “Evening Together”.


The Yosakoi Festival was born in 1940 when the Kochi Prefectural Chamber of Commerce and Industry was the center of economic recovery in the postwar recession with the aim of promoting economic revival and regional development in the southern country Tosa Kochi.
The Yosakoi festival held in the first round, 21 teams and 750 participants grew into a big festival where more than 10,000 dancers participate in the 30 th round, It is also chosen as one of the ten best festivals in Japan.
And after about 50 years now, people spread by all the people fascinated by Yosakoi festival’s unique performance, and festivals of “Yosakoi style” are born one after another in the whole country, and it is said that the number is now nearly 220 It is.

“BROOK ‘SME-BYO cafe” which provides gluten free and vegan menu, offering a collaborative menu that can taste the ingredients of Kochi prefecture which is the birthplace of Yosakoi at a well-established Chinese restaurant “Nankoku Sake Company” ♪

On Sunday, August 27, “BROOK’SME-BYO Cafe × Kochi family” collaboration cafe
We are preparing various events that you can feel the charm of Kochi prefecture such as special photo spot of “Kochi family”, Kochi prefecture property exhibition, contact area with dancer, large lottery winning gorgeous BROOK’S product! !
Please try out special menu for a limited time by all means.

☆ BROOK ‘SME-BYO cafe (Shibuya-ku Jingumae 6-4-1 Harajuku octagonal building B1F ・ 1F) August 25 ~ 27

・ Tataki Burger of bonito from Kochi Prefecture (640 yen)
・ Tosa’s complete solar salt and Koshika smoothie from Kochi Prefecture (630 yen)
・ Yuzu produced in Kochi Prefecture and Udon Matcha soda (450 yen)

… Visiting benefits
“Super Yosakoi Odoriko Mr. Limited” Size up service of your favorite drink to customers who use cafe after going out costume.
When using the cafe, give one who has presented the cafe posting page in the “Super Yosakoi 2017” brochure with one drip coffee or tea bag! ! !

☆ Nankoku Sake Company (within 6-35-3 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Corp Olympia) ~ 8/27

・ Delicious items Kochi
“Lunch special course” (3,000 yen) ※ Prices are all tax and service charge

Super Yosakoi 2017

Super Yosakoi 2017

Yosakoi MAP

This year, the cultural hall stage will be gone, the Jingu Kaikan stage will be newly established.
The performance start time of Omotesando Avenue will be 30 minutes ahead of schedule and traffic will be regulated from 11: 30 minutes.

At the “Yoyogi no Mori Botouri venue” by Yoyogi Nearby Town Association
Between 12: 30 ~ 16: 30, this year’s super friendly performance time
(Bon dancing will be held from 17: 30-21: 00 on both the 8th and 26th and 27th.)

Harajuku mouth stage, Shinjuku Kaikan stage, Yoyogi park stage, NHK front street, Omotesando Avenue (27th only), Yoyogi no Morinobotori interlocking venue (26th only) in total 6 venues.
Please come and have fun!

Organic LifeStyle EXPO2017

Organic Life Style EXPO 2017 (c)

Organic lifestyle expo was held this weekend! For women, there are areas such as organic cosmetics, super food, cafe of gluten-free food, sweets, chocolate, organic food for pets etc. Organic farming vegetables and rice were also wonderful! Thank you very much for seeing you!

‘Kyoto Granbell Hotel’ experience report – New Hybrid Japonesque style Designers Hotel

Hi.This time, we report the exhibition of ‘Kyoto GranBell Hotel’ in front of the grand opening on 14th July 2017 at Gion where we feel the most Kyoto culture in Kyoto.
It is a new designer hotel that fuses contemporary art and Japanese, to make “Fun to STAY” the current Gion.

・ A designers’ hotel that combines the sum of modern art and the traditions of Gion.
・ Japanese-style room The Japanese-style tatami room and the bed are arranged, and the airy space.
・ In Kyoto, there is also a large public bath, and you can relax while watching the small garden.
– It is a 2 minute walk from Gion Shijo Station, 7 minutes walk from Kawaramachi Station with one of the best shopping streets in Kyoto, and 7 minutes walk to Yasaka Shrine.
・ In the underground rooms, there are also some underground rooms where the quietness of the sound is far away from the noise of the Gion.
・ The half – ground space is a space where the front, the lane, the bar, and the restraint are connected

● 3 design theme
1 “Traditinal” awareness
2 “Craftmanship” uses material made up
3 “Glamorous” airy feeling is expressed by the shine of Kyoto Gion.
With these three themes as the axis, you will be able to enjoy new Japanese interpretation, Japanese space, and Japanese world view.
It incorporates and reorganizes the world ‘s aquarium, and combines it with Japanese culture and Japanese DNA to create a unique Japanese original design,
This is a place where you can experience the new Japanese space while exploiting Japan’s tradition and Japanese traditional culture, materials and concepts.

Read More Article Report vol.1
Report vol.2

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