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[PRESENT]”Leather wood honey”

Blue Hills Honey Tasmanian Leather Wood Honey TA 5 +

‘Blue Hills Honey Tasmanian Leather Wood Honey TA 5 +’ has the same antibacterial, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action as the topic Manuka Honey appears in Japan.
We obtained almost the same action as “TA 5 +” as antibacterial ingredient “MGO (methylglyoxal) 100+”. It is a premium honey that boasts a gorgeous scent and a deep flavor while it has the power of medicinal effect.
We will present this item for 3 people by lottery.
For details, click here

【PRESENT】New Arrival “Vanilla Pink Pepper Body Scrub”

body scrub "Vanilla Pink Pepper" by Laline

Hello everyone! From Beauty Booking “Eturaku”, it is a notification of “Present 2017 No. 20”.

“NY Limited Vanilla Pink Pepper by Laline” in which New York-like illustrations such as Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building were drawn, is Japan’s first landing! ! We will present this body scrub by lottery.

◆ Product Description ◆

Using a 100% salt solution of sea salt and dead sea, it removes the old horny skin, which is hard and hard to remove, and removes it to the skin.
It contains Dead Sea minerals that contain a high concentration of minerals in 30 or more concentrations to maintain health and beauty, as well as chlorinated magne- sium, which is effective for retraction and activation of the skin.
In addition, it contains all three plant-derived emollient ingredients: hydrated, oiled, grape seeded, and all-natural, all-natural skin.

Product Name: NY Limited Body Scrub “Vanilla Pink Pepper”
Country of origin: Israel
Contents: 500g / 240g
Price (by tax): JPY 3,400 / JPY 2,400
Scent: Banirapinkupepa
Release date: September 22, 2017
(Paraben) Not mixed / (SLS) Not mixed / (SLES) Not mixed

Laline JAPAN

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

● Qualifications and Application Method:

・ Eturaku Member’s
・ Those who have been registered at Eturaku and registered at the store.
Those who fall under any of the above.

● How to apply:

Send e-mail to support [at] (replace at with @)

(1) ID of registration (or registered mail address)
(2) Your name
(3) Address
(4) Telephone number

On the note,

【Eturaku Member Present (vol.20)] Hope 」
Please contact us.

◆ Submissions ◆

2017/10/15 PM18: 00.

※ The winning presentation table will be replaced with the delivery of the product.
* The personal information you submitted to us is not available for use other than this.

Smart snacks, Gluten-free, low-calorie delicious Sweets ‘Confection’


In Japan, the lingering summer is becoming severe Friday ・, How are you ?

Organic and tasty sweets are very various, and it is delicious.
Once you know it you miss it if it does not exist, and such a sweet has increased.

Today ‘s gift for next month’ Confection ‘recommended item, Baked confectionery based on domestic Okara and organic cacao “Kararythm stick”.
Apart from delivering gifts for a month after, we got it in the editorial department.

● Confection Five features ●

“Gluten Free” which is drawing attention is basic
Because we want to eat every day, “low calorie”
Considering the mechanism of the body, we value “low sugar”.
“Domestic production” “organic” carefully select “new material”
Additives such as “coloring agent”, “antioxidant” and “thickener” are not used
※ One kind of protein contained in wheat etc.

◆ Kararhythum Stick ◆

With the power of Okara(made by soy beans), arrange the rhythm of the body, beautiful ・ ・ ・
Slim cake to enjoy the taste of sweets. Based on domestic Okara and organic cacao, it realizes low calorie and gluten free.
It is rich but light baked cake. Seven unique flavors that use fresh ginger, orange, chili peppers and so on and do not get tired every day

* 7 flavors
“Cacao ”
“Cinnamon ”
“Chili pepper & black pepper”
“Ginger ”
“Almond ”
“Orange o”

* Natural rare sugar used (0 calories)









☆ Eturaku Editorial Review ☆

“There is also the fact that it is fresh and it is pretty moist. The fragrance of cacao and the ingredients in it are really deep !!
While feeling mild, there is lightness that seems to be cake, even with this slim one I am satisfied. ”

“Delicious !! The sweets definitely feel guilty but … it is a perfect defeat for this tasty!”

“As much as you think that low calorie is true, it is a rich taste.”

“It might be good for gifts such as important friends, gift-giving dates, handicrafts, etc. It is very delicious and it can be safely given to those who adhere to health and beauty, the sense of the package is also good!”

“I firmly stick to the point that you can deliver what you have after you can do it.”

The gift of next month will deliver the things I made before shipping, so please look forward to it!

Online shop and real shop “Confection Nishi Azabu Store” (LifeRox Cube building 1-5-16 Nishi-Azabu 1-5-16 Minato-ku,Tokyo JAPAN) was just opened on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.
Confection Nishi Azabu Store

Hana Marche 2017 -Only Karatsu Beauty & life style event

Hana Marche 2017

During the last weekend of Golden Week, Beauty & Marche events can be held, which only now can be experienced in Karatsu ,Saga pref Japan.

On May 6(Saturday), a flower picking event of rare oranges that bloom only a few days in a year is held.
On May 7 (Sunday), sales of cosmetics using popular brands and Karatsu materials, stage events by famous hairdressers, and workshops to make organic lotions are also held.
In addition, you can experience the lifestyle that you can enjoy “beautiful” such as local organic vegetable sales, specialty coffee, sweets sale etc.

【Hana Marche’s 4 ways to look】
・ Rare Mikan’s (Japanese Orange) flower picking event
・ Workshop on make-up water making
・ Talk stage by beautician and natural cultivation specialist
・ Marche zone sales of popular organic cosmetics and natural foods

Hana Marche 2017

Hana Marche 2017

◆ Flower picking event ◆

In the event of Karatsu ‘s nature, it is an event of picking flowers of organic – free oranges using cultivated abandoned land while being enveloped in a refreshing scent.

Date and time: May 6, 2017 (Sat)
[First time] 9: 30 ~ 11: 30 (capacity 50 people)
[2nd time] 13: 30 ~ 15: 30 (capacity 50 people)
Place: Mikan House in Okaguchi, Hamada Town, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
Participation fee: Free (There are nice gifts for participants)
* In order to participate, it is necessary to apply in advance.
Hana Marche event

◆ Marche Event ◆

・ Make-up lotion workshop
Steam distillation of orange flowers (making aromatic distilled water) and cosmetic making experience.
Actually see the process of making aromatic distilled water from the oranges flower picked at this time, and experience making cosmetics using distilled water. You can bring home the cosmetics you made.

・ Talk stage by beauticians and experts in natural cultivation

◆ Beauty Director / Makeup Artist Hayasaka Kosako
◆ Japan Elementary Child Body Care Association Representative Eri Ebihara
◆ Cynthia ・ Garden representative Emi Sugitani
◆ Aldebaran representative Dr. Tatsuo
◆ Agriculture Fukuoka Nature Farming Party National Council Representative Yasuto Saeki

・ Marche zone of organic cosmetics and natural food sales
A lot of store participants including organic vegetable sales, specialty coffee, sweets sale etc. will participate.

Date and time: May 7 th, 2017 (Sunday) 10: 00 ~ 17: 00
Place: Saga Prefecture Karatsu City Minamijochi 1-1 Major Armor Center Building 3rd Floor
Participation fee: Free (Workshop fee is also available)
Hana Marche event

‘Herb Arrange’ Beauty trends 2017 spring

'Herb Arrange' Beauty trends 2017 spring

◆About ‘Herb Arrange’◆

Beauty trend in the spring of 2017, “Herbal Arrange” refers to gourmet and drinks using herbs.
Recently the number of people with a healthy conscious mind has increased, such as super food and vegan menu gathering attention globally.
Currently, NY called ‘Adaptogens herbs’, natural tropical herbs that support immune function and enhance resistance to stress are trending.
In Japan, not only herbal tea, but also “Herb Arrange” products are thrilled in the fields of vegetable juice and alcohol.
Furthermore, the movement that specialty stores of herbs and shops developing new menus incorporating

‘Herb Arrange’ Beauty trends 2017 spring

◆ ‘Herb Arrange’ signs of trend 2017

In recent years, such as NY and LA, health trends and food trends from the United States are also spreading to Japan. In recent years, “super food” typified by Acai and Chia Seed gained popularity, and the one I would like to draw attention this year is gourmet and drink incorporating “herbs”.
From familiar herbs such as basil and lemongrass, its goodness is re-recognized, even to herbs of a type not yet well known in Japan.
Among them, the trend in NY is “Adaptogens herb”. NY style style of enjoying these herbs plus usual drinks such as juice, smoothies, tea etc easily.

◆ About “Adaptogens herb”◆

There are many types of herbs with natural herbs that are harmless and without side effects.
It has been used traditionally by thousands of years ago Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, Oriental medicine, Northern South American Indian herbal therapy.
Full-scale scientific research began in the late 1940’s.
Adaptogen herbs are natural medicines, herbal medicines, natural herbs that become all-around drugs.
It supports immune function and has a function to enhance resistance to stress.

< < Expected indications / features >>

1. Harmless to recipients
2. Increase resistance to various physical, chemical and biological stress factors
3. To normalize physiological function; Restore normal value in any direction from standard value
(1 to 3 Definitions: 1968, Israel I. Brekhman and I. V. Dardymov)

Create a defensive response to stress not limited to specific organs
Has the function of normalizing the function of the body
Regulation of Corethisol
Nourishing tonic
antioxidant effect
Maintaining hormones and immune balance, keeping the body healthy and normalizing function

◆ “Herb arrange” seems to become a trend even in Japan

Last year, a type of herb “Paxi” became a big boom in Japan. The reason why Paxi gained popularity mainly among women is not only the unique taste and flavor, but also the pleasing effect of beauty and health, and the abundance of variations that can be incorporated into various menus.
Even those who are not good at paxi, herbs such as basil, mint and lemongrass are relatively easy to challenge.

Paxi house tokyo by ayax

Paxi house tokyo by ayax

◆ How to enjoy

A classic herb tea, and others, British drinks called “Herb Cordial” which is soaked in a syrup for a person with a high aesthetic sense are popular.
Recently, in Japan, vegetable juice and liquor “Herb Arrange” products appear one after another, new products that can enjoy “herbal tea pickles” can be enjoyed a bit.

◆ Research
We conducted a survey asking 500 interesting women in their 20s and 40s to listen to interests and concerns about “herbal arrangements”.

[Survey Outline]
・ Surveyed subjects: Female employees in their 20s and 40s 500 women
・ Survey period: March 24 to March 26, 2017
・ Survey method: Internet survey

More than 70% of working women responded that “we incorporate herbs in our normal life”
More than 90% answered “I think that the popularity of herbs will increase more in the future”

Report Source: Miyuko Kudo / Trend Watcher, Trend Research Institute
Comprehensive editing: eturaku

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

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