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About Eturaku

To shine like you true beauty, is the beauty reservation site, “Eturaku (pleasure)”.
Let’s enjoy Spa, Beauty , Anti-aging also. 美容水療中心預訂。

You could easily find beauty trend and japanese culture , booking your luxury beauty spa & beauty clinic destination in Japan.

Eturaku means “pleasure, sweet,comfort” ,”美滋滋,喜悦,高興,樂趣” ,”乐趣” ,”rejouissance, joie, plaisir” ,“freude,vergnugen” , “prazer” , “낙” , “piacere” , “Placer” , “Hân hạnh” , “удовольствие” , “ευχαρίστηση” , “ความสุข” , “zevk” , “kesenangan” , “radost” , “खुशी” , in Japanese.

Esthetic salon , Day spa , Beauty clinic , Aromatherapy salon , Ayurveda , Relaxation massage salon , Nail salon ,
It is a ” Best ” reservation site that select the “high quality “.Our Japanese -specific delicate mind , treatment and technology resulting from manual dexterity , hospitality with jealousy ,Superior esthetic and beauty world-class , pleasant relaxation , there are high-quality services here.
And , the ” Beauty “, ” high-quality life style “, ” anti-aging ” for the Spa Lover theme , beauty trend news , most seasonal lifestyle information and Tips also has products and services. We will continue to aim to lifestyle media love the ” beauty ( health and beauty ) ,” to be with all the happiness of the base.

◇◆ Our mission ◆◇
We love “Beauty” & “Comfortable”,
& create a life worth living.


“Eturaku” ‘s ideal is “we want to offer a platform that can use the beauty and peace of mind.” By selecting the information, so you can happily sincerely. We ask the member customers (subscription free) is, this site wisely as you will find in full, is happy if you enjoy the premium Eturaku members-only plan.
Once we forever patronage the “Eturaku”, it will delight the staff very encouraging.Thank you in advance.

Eturaku team


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