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Venus Baby silky smooth skin Halloween Shibuya photo booth

Venus Baby silky smooth skin Halloween Shibuya photo booth

In the Halloween period Shibuya, which is said to gather more than 2 million people per year, it is a photo booth to be held at the Shibuhallo special venue, especially in the busy center area.
This venue is a major spot where people gather and crowd in parallel with food and drink booths.

◆Hash tag campaign commemorating this Halloween event * 1
(* If you post SNS by specified conditions, round trip tickets to Hawaii will be hit.
In addition, if you posted on the spot together with the photo taken with the photo booth on the day of the event “Gillette Venus” product gift *)

“Venus Baby silky smooth skin Halloween Shibuya photo booth” @ Shibuhallo 2017
[Date and time] October 28(Sat), 2017 16:00 – October 29 (Sun) 3: 00
[Place] Sibuhallo special venue (36-14 U-Flat Community Park Utsagawa cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo JAPAN)
[Remarks] Entry, Photo booth shooting free / Anyone can join

Venus Baby silky smooth skin Halloween Shibuya photo booth

Venus Baby silky smooth skin Halloween Shibuya photo booth

【Present】Japan’s first landing Made in Palestine Organic soap ‘ Nablus Soap ‘

Nabulus Soap

Hello !
Notice of premium members present plan 2017 21st bulletin to everyone members from Beauty booking “Eturaku”.
Prior to the first public release of Palestinian organic soap ‘Nablus Soap’ made in the traditional recipe which has not changed since the 10th century in late autumn this year,
We will present 5 kinds of each scheduled to be sold for the first time from Eturaku for a total of 5 people.

◆ Product Outline ◆

 Nabule Soap

Nabule Soap is a whole body soap based on Virgin olive oil.
It corresponds to European standard ECOCERT, VEGAN and HALAL. With FAIR TRADE as the main axis, it is an organic soap that clears one of the world’s strictest quality standards.

Nabuls soap

Nabuls soap

Nabuls soap

Nabuls soap

■Preparation of Nabule Soap

The soap from Nables is based on a mixture of olive oil and salt and is manufactured with only a few natural ingredients.
Herbs and other ingredients are from the Medina of Nablus, all species are of Middle Eastern origin. The genuine natural ingredients bring about an aromatherapy effect.
It is the most feature that it can be used even by people with sensitive skin and trouble skin.


■History of Nabule Soap

Celebrated fame built over the centuries from the 10th century
Queen Elizabeth I of the UK also acclaimed
British Government’s Opinion

■Nablus Soap

Natural olive oil soap

Natural olive oil soap

Natural Olive oil Soap

Classic narcus soap suitable for all skin types.
Natural olive oil containing as much as 80% and rich polyphenol moisturizes your skin, cleanses the skin environment, cleanses the skin, and prepares your texture.
Olive oil of the natural ingredient prevents drying of the skin and smooth skin is contained Chlorophyll contained in oil keeps your skin healthy.

Ingredients: Organic cultivation Virgin natural olive oil ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Dead sea mud soap

Dead sea mud soap

Deas sea mud Soap

Natural soap by mud in the Dead Sea.
By injecting dead sea mud into pure olive oil, it gives moisture to the skin and maintains flexibility.
The rare salt contained in the mud of the Dead Sea, it also has a function to cleanse the skin with its unique crystal salt. Prevents spots on the skin after exposure to the UV, prevents acne and heat rash, and preserves the flexibility of the skin.
Turn over care, people who want natural transparency on your skin, recommended for those who want to tighten your skin.
Ingredients: Virgin olive oil ・ Dead sea mud ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Tyme soap

Tyme soap

Thyme Soap

Natural thyme made with 100% natural ingredients gives your skin elasticity.
Give the skin moisture and gloss by adding ingredients of thyme to natural olive oil of high purity.
It prevents acne and heat rash, it is also ideal for dark spark plugs and drying, sunburn stains.
In addition, using the body odor is worrisome refreshing fragrance of time gently wraps the smell of the body.
Ingredients: Organic cultivation Virgin natural olive oil ・ Thyme oil ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Grape soap

Grape soap

Grape Soap

Nable soap made from natural grapes.In addition to pure olive oil, a new form of soap blended with grape extract ingredients moisturizes the skin.
Please experience the treatment of grapes. Grape is a new epidemic ingredient of aging care products and exerts a high effect on skin care, and the product substance is used for aging care products.
The grapes contain antioxidants that give the skin firmness and gloss to the skin and prevent the skin from drying out.

Ingredients: Organic cultivation Virgin natural olive oil ・ Grape seed oil ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Avogado soap

Avogado soap

Avogado Soap

In addition to pure olive oil, extracts of time are added to the nurse soap which is made of extract of avocado which is a luxury raw material, giving moisture to the skin and keeping healthy skin.
Avocado is certified as “the most nutritious fruit” in Guinness, contains a lot of important nutrition to the skin, removes old horny matter, and prepares the state of the skin. It protects the skin from harmful dust and earth, contaminated air, and gives moisture to the skin after use.
The more frequently used is the characteristic that skin tones become brighter and lively arms come out.
Avocado has a function to restore cells, recommended for aging care.

Ingredients: Organic cultivation Virgin natural olive oil ・ Avocado oil ・ Organic vegetable glycerin ・ Organic olive fatty acid

Uses: Facial cleansing ・ body ・ shaving ・ shampoo
● 100% natural ingredients
● Organic 80%
● Soap base 100%
● Products certified as ECOCERT as natural organic cosmetics
● FAIRTRADE Certified Products
● Vegan ・ Friendly
● Eco-friendly (biodegradable)
● Animal test free (no animal experiments are done)
● Handmade recipe transmitted from 1611
● Synthetic surfactant ・ Petroleum derived raw materials not used
● Chemical synthetic preservatives ・ antioxidants ・ blowing agents ・ metal sequestering agents ・ colorants ・ artificial flavors
● Can be used for any type of skin such as sensitive skin, dry skin, greasy skin, acne skin, skin after sunburn, and age skin
● Recommended for newborn babies and infants
● Weight: Approx 100 g
● Size: about 7.0 x 4.8 x 2.5 cm

Official Site brand site:

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

● Present entrance qualification and application method

・ For Eturaku premium members
・ Those who have booked and visited after registering as a member.
Those who fall under any of the above.

● Application method

Please send e-mail support [at], replacing at with @

(1) ID for registering (or registered mail address)
(2) Your name
(3) Address
(4) Telephone number

Clearly stated,

“【Pretorious Premium Members Present Plan (vol.21)】 ”
Please contact us.

◆ Deadline for submission ◆

2017/11/11 (Sat) PM until 18: 00.

※ The winning announcement will be replaced with the shipment of the item.
※ Personal information you submitted will not be diverted except for this case.

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

Harajuku Omotesando GENKI festival ‘Super Yosakoi 2017’


About Yosakoi festival

Since 2001, Super Yosakoi was sponsored by the local shopping area “shopping district promotion association Harajuku Omotesando Association”, keeping the tradition of Kochi’s Yosakoi Festival, as the Meiji Jingu dedication festival every year in August last Saturday in August in Harajuku Omotesando and Yoyogi area It is a festival being held.

◆ Last fiscal year results ◆
Team participating
96 teams (● Number of dancers: 5,331 people ● Average age: 28.9 years / ● Male / female ratio: Male 27% ・ Women 73%)
Implementation content
Show Yosakoi Naruko Odori at Stage 3 venue / Street 2 venue
Festival introduction
Approximately 100 teams from around the country gather in Omotesando every year, and we will show off a distinctly hot and warm “Yosakoi Naruko Dance”.
“Super Yosakoi” which was born in 2001 has reached the 14th time this year, and now has established itself as the largest Yosakoi festival in the metropolitan area.

Meaning that “Please come at night” by Tosa dialect.
When “Yosakoi” is made into Kanji, it will be “Night Come”, “Night Outbreak”, “Evening Together”.


The Yosakoi Festival was born in 1940 when the Kochi Prefectural Chamber of Commerce and Industry was the center of economic recovery in the postwar recession with the aim of promoting economic revival and regional development in the southern country Tosa Kochi.
The Yosakoi festival held in the first round, 21 teams and 750 participants grew into a big festival where more than 10,000 dancers participate in the 30 th round, It is also chosen as one of the ten best festivals in Japan.
And after about 50 years now, people spread by all the people fascinated by Yosakoi festival’s unique performance, and festivals of “Yosakoi style” are born one after another in the whole country, and it is said that the number is now nearly 220 It is.

“BROOK ‘SME-BYO cafe” which provides gluten free and vegan menu, offering a collaborative menu that can taste the ingredients of Kochi prefecture which is the birthplace of Yosakoi at a well-established Chinese restaurant “Nankoku Sake Company” ♪

On Sunday, August 27, “BROOK’SME-BYO Cafe × Kochi family” collaboration cafe
We are preparing various events that you can feel the charm of Kochi prefecture such as special photo spot of “Kochi family”, Kochi prefecture property exhibition, contact area with dancer, large lottery winning gorgeous BROOK’S product! !
Please try out special menu for a limited time by all means.

☆ BROOK ‘SME-BYO cafe (Shibuya-ku Jingumae 6-4-1 Harajuku octagonal building B1F ・ 1F) August 25 ~ 27

・ Tataki Burger of bonito from Kochi Prefecture (640 yen)
・ Tosa’s complete solar salt and Koshika smoothie from Kochi Prefecture (630 yen)
・ Yuzu produced in Kochi Prefecture and Udon Matcha soda (450 yen)

… Visiting benefits
“Super Yosakoi Odoriko Mr. Limited” Size up service of your favorite drink to customers who use cafe after going out costume.
When using the cafe, give one who has presented the cafe posting page in the “Super Yosakoi 2017” brochure with one drip coffee or tea bag! ! !

☆ Nankoku Sake Company (within 6-35-3 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Corp Olympia) ~ 8/27

・ Delicious items Kochi
“Lunch special course” (3,000 yen) ※ Prices are all tax and service charge

Super Yosakoi 2017

Super Yosakoi 2017

Yosakoi MAP

This year, the cultural hall stage will be gone, the Jingu Kaikan stage will be newly established.
The performance start time of Omotesando Avenue will be 30 minutes ahead of schedule and traffic will be regulated from 11: 30 minutes.

At the “Yoyogi no Mori Botouri venue” by Yoyogi Nearby Town Association
Between 12: 30 ~ 16: 30, this year’s super friendly performance time
(Bon dancing will be held from 17: 30-21: 00 on both the 8th and 26th and 27th.)

Harajuku mouth stage, Shinjuku Kaikan stage, Yoyogi park stage, NHK front street, Omotesando Avenue (27th only), Yoyogi no Morinobotori interlocking venue (26th only) in total 6 venues.
Please come and have fun!

Summer hair arragement by Kaijirushi (heart) event


C Channel This is the first event to be held at Yellow Studio, a free arrangement of hair arrangement using Kaijirushi beauty tool.
It will propose a hair arrangement that fits the perfect yukata for the Meiji Jingu Fireworks festival to be held on the same day.

A hair arrangement that you can experience on the day will be introduced by Hiyon, the official clipper of C CHANNEL, with a video (scheduled for delivery from July 30th (Sun)).
Those who wish to make a reservation in advance will arrange an adult-style arrangement and a garly-like arrangement of hair arrangement menu scheduled to be released on July 28(fri) at Kai BEUTY WEB magazine “KAI BEAUTY PRESS” ( You can also select one point make-up of Produce Yui Kanno, a popular model as a special make-up, for free. Also, a present campaign linked with SNS’s hashtag posting will be held at the same time.

Advance reservation starts from July 25 (Tue) from the special page in Kaijirushi HP
Let’s enjoy this fireworks display with the hair arrangement / make-up that you take for this opportunity!

[ Event overview ]
■ Date and time: Sunday, August 20th (Sunday) 13: 00-19: 00
13: 00 ~ 15: 00 (advance reservation)
15: 00 ~ 19: 00 (reception on the day)
※ 18: 00 reception closed
■ Location: C Channel Yellow Studio
Shibuya-ku Jingumae 3-28-9 Tokyo Japan
■ Summary: Hair arrangements using the Kai shelve beauty tool for one day only Events that can be experienced for free.
■ Advance reservation: from July 25(tue) Special page
* Clothes can also be experienced. * Junior high school students and above are eligible.

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