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10th Anniversary ‘Spa Renaissance’ Mandarin Oriental Prague

10th Anniversary 'Spa Renaissance' Mandarin Oriental Prague

Experience a Bohemian reneissance for body, mind and soul
at Mandarin Oriental Prague

A taste of spa package and a guide to traditional Czech remedies to reach a natural state of equilibrium.

Mandarin Oriental, Prague invites guests to revel in a sense of harmony with its new Spa Renaissance package. Ideal for those looking to add a holistic element to their visit to Prague the package offers a taste of the hotel’s unique spa, set within a former 14th century Renaissance chapel. Guests are treated to a morning yoga session followed by a 30-minute Signature Quintessence steam treatment and are given a specially created guide of ten traditional Czech rituals designed to bring a state of equilibrium. All of the ten rituals, from specially created treatments using products derived from the Linden tree; the national tree of the Czech Republic, to winter swimming in the Vltava River can be arranged by the hotel.

Mandarin Oriental, Prague offers a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Located in the peaceful Lesser Quarter and in the inspiring space of a former monastery, the hotel makes for a perfect wellness getaway. The Spa Renaissance package is valid year-round and includes:

MOPRG Spa Suite

MOPRG Spa Suite

MOPRG Spa lobby

MOPRG Spa lobby

MOPRG Spa vitality suite (2)

MOPRG Spa vitality suite (2)

MOPRG Spa Foot massage room

MOPRG Spa Foot massage room

Spa Vitality Suite

1. Yoga Lesson
First of all, after waking, Yoga · Lesson at the hotel’s spa, which was renovated in the 14th century Renaissance chapel

2. Steam Treatment
Enjoy 30 minutes of “Signature Quintessence” steam treatment.

3. Czech traditional health method
After steam treatment, we will teach 10 kinds of traditional Czech health methods aimed at balancing mind and body.
It is unique and variety that you can feel Czech culture and history such as treatments using ingredients taken from the national trees Linden of the Czech Republic (Western Bodhi) and swimming at the Vltava.

Bohemian Meadow Treatment inspired from 9 flowers(1)

Bohemian Meadow Treatment inspired from 9 flowers(1)

Bohemian Meadow Treatment inspired from 9 flowers(1)

Bohemian Meadow Treatment inspired from 9 flowers(1)

◆Experience the wellness tailored to your purpose◆

Mandarin Oriental, Prague’s Spa Testimony
The team at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Prague presents 10 signature or traditional Czech remedies for ultimate well-being.

To Revive
Swimming in the Vltava River, especially in the winter months, was traditionally considered an essential part of physical conditioning. Revive yourself in the comfort of our Vitality pool or Vltava treatment room with one of our signature treatments.

To Relax
Escape the city buzz and reconnect with nature. Czechs trust old traditions and the relaxing effects of specific herbs. Sit in a meadow and weave a floral chaplet, or experience the Bohemian Meadow treatment inspired by the tradition of nine flowers.

For a perfect sleep
Czechs practise a number of relaxing sleep rituals including drinking calming Melissa tea or placing a lavender pad under the pillow. Come and enjoy the Deep Sleep treatment at our spa, designed to induce a deep sense of tranquillity and good night’s sleep.

To Rejuvenate
On the first of May, Czech women get kissed under a blooming cherry tree. This ancient tradition promises annual rejuvenation. Prepare your lips for this rejuvenating spring ritual and smooth them with our natural honey lip balm.

To Relieve Stress
The Czech people have long placed great value on the linden tree, the national tree of the Czech Republic, owing to its intoxicating scent and poetic charm. Soothe your nervous system with Saint John´s wort tea, followed by a Linden Embrace treatment to restore harmonious balance to body, mind and soul.

To Warm Up
Nothing beats sipping a cup of hot coffee on a rainy day. Pamper yourself from head to toe with a ritual designed to rejuvenate dry and dull skin ? our Coffee Indulgence treatment.

To Recharge
Proper functioning of the kidneys is essential as these are our life batteries. Czech grandmothers knew this and had a habit of placing a heating pad filled with wheat on the lower back just before bedtime. We will do this for you too!

To Unwind
Czechs are very musical, and music is one form of relaxation for them. Unwind with classical music by Bed ich Smetana during the two-hour Time Ritual for a complete state of wellness.

To Improve Concentration
Go back in time to our monastery era with the scent of frankincense, proven effective over the centuries. Frankincense helps in self-reflection and staying focused. We would be delighted to prepare a private aromatherapy session in the comfort of your room.

To Cheer Up
A glass of Pilsner Urquell beer always cheers one up! Czechs like to socialise, and we encourage you to book our Renaissance Escape, a holistic and signature treatment designed for two.

◆ About Mandarin Oriental, Prague ◆

Mandarin Oriental, Prague is an intimate hotel located in a former Dominican monastery set amidst the palaces and gardens of Prague’s historic Mala Strana. With a former Renaissance chapel housing the award-winning Spa, the newly opened Spices Restaurant and Bar offering authentic Asian fares and original cocktails, and understated contemporary design blending local history with modern luxury, the hotel is a private oasis of sophistication and style in the very heart of Central Europe’s most beautiful city.

◆ “Spa Renaissance” accommodation package (reservations are accepted from 2 consecutive nights)
Period: 2017 full year
Price: 1 night / 395 euro (approx. 50,000 yen) ~

· Accommodation in our hotel, luxurious rooms
· Buffet style breakfast at “Spices Restaurant & Bar”
· Yoga · Lessons at museum spa facilities (morning)
· Free access to the fitness center and sauna in the hotel
· 30 minutes at the in-house spa facility “Signature · Quintessence” Steam Treatment “Quintessence · Body Scrub”
· Aromatherapy · Associates brand body · lotion

◆ Reservation
Telephone: +420 233 088 888
※ For details of spa treatments, please contact the spa concierge by e-mail

Mandarin Oriental Prague

“Foot care day”2017

Foot care Day 2017

“Foot care day” on February 10 (Fri).
Presentation results on the actual condition of foot and nail care!

February 10 (Friday) is “Foot Care Day” in Japan. In order to explore the consciousness and actual condition concerning bare feet and toenails, we conducted a survey on those who have trouble with 500 nymphs / toes in their 50s in their 20s throughout the country.
This survey revealed that about 80% of the women are suffering about “appearance” of the toenails.

【Survey result summary】
Women have no confidence in barefoot!? One in two people is ashamed to see barefoot by others.
Approximately 80% of women have troubled about “appearance” of toenails.
“Foot nail care refugees” occurring? Only one in 10 women careing on a daily basis.
68.1% of people suffering “do not know what to do”.

Foot Care Day Survey result 1

Foot Care Day Survey result 1

Foot Care Day Survey result 2

Foot Care Day Survey result 3

Foot Care Day Survey result 3

Foot Care Day Survey result 4

Foot Care Day Survey result 5

Foot Care Day Survey result 5

Let’s start with “Foot and Nail Care” that can be started soon!
Regarding the results of this survey, Mr. Kaoru Takayama, a representative of the Association for Asthma Studies, who works for the purpose of creating a society where you can walk with your own feet until your age of 100 “, a doctor of medicine, a dermatologist specialist, a counselor of the Foot Care Society.

【Survey summary】
◆ Number of samples: 500 in total (400 female, 100 male)
◆ Survey target: people with partners (boyfriend, spouse) who have trouble with toenails ・ male and female in their 20s to 50s who have the experience
◆ Survey period: January 20 to 22, 2017
◆ Research method: Internet research

About ‘Foot care day’
Japan Foot Care Society (President, Yoshitaka Kumada), Japan Leg Extraction and Podiatry Association (President Takehiko Ohoura), Japan Medtronic prevention of foot lesions by diabetes, peripheral artery disease (PAD) ・ obstructive arteriosclerosis (ASO) ・ Established for the purpose of enlightenment of early detection and early treatment.

◆Easy Care of toenails “Zanmira Nail”◆

Zanmira Nail

It is the first “penetration repair liquid for toenail” in Japan. Main components are urea, lactic acid, propylene glycol.

1. Quickly penetrate into horny matter.
2. Horny flexible action removes damaged tissue on the surface layer and smoothly adjusts the surface of the nail.
3. Maintain moisture, keep the color, shape and texture of the toenails healthy.
The capacity of 1 case is applied to 10 claws for about 3 months when applied to 3 nails, about 1 month is a usage standard. Of course, it can also be used for the nails of hands.
To thickened claws, hardened nails, discolored foot nails. It prepares to smooth and healthy nails with moisture.

Zanmira Nail

◆Reccomended Foot care salon◆

Foot care & Nail salon CARECHE

Foot care & Nail salon CARECHE

Foot care & Nail salon CARECHE

Foot care & Nail salon CARECHE

Foot care & Nail salon CARECHE

Foot care & Nail salon CARECHE(*only Japanese language)
Salon Detail

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

Sparkling, nice Holiday Season. Christmas tree 2016 in Japan

Christmas tree of Dolce & Gabbana design The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

It remains a little this year. Today, pre Christmas, which ends the end of 2016, at the end of the holiday season,
We will collect ” Christmas trees ” that can be enjoyed at popular spots in Japan and shine brightly.

◇◆ Christmas tree of Dolce & Gabbana design
The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo ◆◇

Hotel 45 floor ・ Lobby Christmas tree 6 meters high in the center of the lounge.

◇◆ Hideyoshi’s Christmas tree
Hotel New Otani Osaka opening 30th anniversary ◆◇

Indoors is a genuine Christmas tree with a height of 11 m, the largest in Kansai.

Hideyoshi's Christmas tree Hotel New Otani Osaka

Hideyoshi’s Christmas tree
Hotel New Otani Osaka

◇◆ 「The Candle Night Xmas 2016」
Hotel Kawahisa ◆◇

Golden dome ceiling by French gold leaf craftsman Robert Gore. Gilt of 5 cm square is pasted one by one by hand.
Illuminated Christmas illuminated by candle flames lined up along the Roman mosaic laid on the floor.

The Candle Night Xmas 2016 by Hotel Kawahisa

The Candle Night Xmas 2016 by Hotel Kawahisa

◇◆ ICHOZAKA Christmas Garden
Shinagawa Prince hotel ◆◇

Christmas tree of genuine Momi ‘s raw tree arrived from Tsumagoi village in Gumma Prefecture.
From the evening of 12/23 (Friday) – 12/25 (Sun), a candle event was also held.

ICHOZAKA Christmas Garden , Shinagawa Prince hotel

◇◆ Christmas decoration The theme of this year is “Love (Amore)”
Hotel Okura Kobe◆◇

A Christmas tree with a height of 5 meters in the lobby facing the Japanese garden.

Christmas decoration The theme of this year is “Love (Amore)”
Hotel Okura Kobe

◇◆ Harmony Land Illuminations 2016-17 3rd Season ◆◇

Illumination event full of sparkle and happy such as cute heart illumination and light parade of Sanrio character of Christmas costumes!

Harmony Land Illuminations 2016-17 3rd Season

◇◆ Christmas decoration 2016
Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel ◆◇

With the concept of “blessing and light” in 2016, an angel appears in various parts of the hotel, blessing with a glowing tree and lease.
All Christmas trees can feel raw fir tree, fragrance and warmth that natural tree gives off.

Christmas decoration 2016 Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

Christmas decoration 2016
Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

◇◆ A New York City Christmas
Tokyo Mariott Hotel ◆◇

Christmas tree decorated with gold & black

A New York City Christmas Tokyo Mariott Hotel

◇◆ Earth friendly light Christmas tree
Hotel New Otani ◆◇

Three Christmas trees, three fir trees growing naturally in front of the main entrance, 33 other Christmas trees in the hotel.
The stone lantern baskets and trees of the Edo period remain, and the Japanese garden of Hotel New Otani, which is regarded as one of the Tokyo national parks, the numerous illuminations waving on the green that continues from the red bridge to the back of the red drum bridge give a glow, and Christmas Enrich the atmosphere.
Part of the electric power used for illumination (3,000 kWh) is the use of natural power such as sunlight, wind power and the like to produce earth-friendly light.

Earth friendly light Christmas tree Hotel New Otani 

Earth friendly light Christmas tree
Hotel New Otani

◇◆ ~A heartwarming Christmas~ 
The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan ◆ ◇

“Big Christmas tree” and “Gorgeous chair of light” of about 5 m in height in the lobby, “huge pocket watch” of about 2.6 m in height.
From adults to children, you can enjoy it like an attraction.

~A heartwarming Christmas~  The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

~A heartwarming Christmas~ 
The Park Front Hotel at Universal Studios Japan

◇◆ Brilliant and classical Christmas reminiscent of European castle
Ritz-Carlton Osaka ◆◇

In the dignified lobby, a gorgeous Christmas tree with a height of about 3.5 m is decorated and warm lights of fireplaces made of Italian marble welcome everyone.

Brilliant and classical Christmas reminiscent of European castle Ritz-Carlton Osaka

Brilliant and classical Christmas reminiscent of European castle
Ritz-Carlton Osaka

◇◆ White Christmas
Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka ◆ ◇

A tree with the theme “White Christmas” in the 6th floor reception lobby.
It is decorated with white and silver ornaments, and directs a fantastic atmosphere with lighting simulating snow.
The entrance lobby is the same bamboo tree as Kansai International Airport.

White Christmas Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka

White Christmas
Swiss Hotel Nankai Osaka

◇◆ Yomiuri land “Jewel Minnation” 2016-2017 ◆◇

Boasting the largest scale in the metropolitan area, “Jewel Minnation” colored with 5 million ball gem color illuminations

◇◆ Tokyo MIDTOWN CHRISTMAS 2016  ◆◇

A fantastic atmosphere like blue and white illumination that imaged the universe, a carpet of light, in a lawn square that boasts about 2,000 square meters of area.

◇◆ Odaiba Illumination ”YAKEI” ◆◇

It is the largest Christmas tree in the metropolitan area that was given to raw trees of about 20 m in height.

Yomiuri land "Jewel Minnation" 2016-2017

Yomiuri land “Jewel Minnation” 2016-2017

Hachiko-mae ◆◇

In front of Hachiko Shibuya, we set up a Christmas tree about 8 meters. With about 40 thousand bulbs of green LED light bulb, light up trees and surrounding trees.



◇◆ Meet Santa Claus in KARUIZAWA
Kyu Karuizawa Hotel ◆◇

Santa Claus hosts a Santa Claus welcome ceremony from Santa Claus village, Finland.
It is “Karuizawa” which was opened by Christian missionaries about 130 years ago.

Meet Santa Claus in KARUIZAWA
Kyu Karuizawa Hotel

◇◆ Chirstmas Illumination
Ginza Mitsukoshi ◆◇

First floor Harumi Dori mouth “Christmas illumination”, 8 meters wide, 5.5 meters in height, 3.5 meters in depth, 20 thousand LED bulbs shine!

Chirstmas Illumination
Ginza Mitsukoshi

Perfect for party season!” Holiday hair arrangement ” @AVEDA

Holiday hair arrangement

Why not experience the hairstyle that you can spend a pleasant holiday season in December when the last gorgeous season of the year, a lot of events and parties?
Organic brand for professional AVEDA store carries a “holiday hair arrangement” that you can take a free trial at a retail shop until the end of December.
Up style, half up style, bangs arranged, for shorts etc. We are preparing in various versions.
We advise you how to arrange hair so that you can reproduce yourself even at home while using advice that matches your hair quality and concerns or using Aveda’s styling.

Half up style

Impressions more gorgeous than usual though easy.

2. Royal style elegant style braided hair

Half Up

Half Up

3. Just by adding one work, “Half Up” in the cozy mode

◆◇ Salon Information ◇◆ 
(※)Implementation stores are the following four directly managed stores

AVEDA lifestyle salon & spa Minamiaoyama ,Tokyo
Openhour : Weekday,Saturday 10:00~21:00 Sunday, Holiday 10:00~20:00

AVEDA shop Shinjuku miroad mosaic street ,Tokyo

AVEDA shop esora Ikebukuro ,Tokyo

Hankyu Umeda 3F AVEDA , Osaka

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

A woman’s Kanji 2016

A woman's Kanji 2016

We conducted a survey on “1000 Kanji of this year, one character of next year” for 1,000 women over 20 in Japan by marketing company Her Story Inc.
The first place “Shaku” has been cited as reasons for selection, such as the earthquake in Kumamoto and Tottori, the entertainment world swaying with dissolution and insulting fuss, and the change of the Governor.

◆ Selection reason (1st to 5th)

TOP 揺 (Shake )23.7%
[meaning] Shake , loose, swing, move,

・ Politics began to move Generation turnover between the clear and the Showa era, disasters, filling problems, Olympic Games
・ There were many scenes where earthquakes occurred in various places, the weather was unstable, or governments swayed as political changes were overturned as the Governor changed.
・ Because the world was upset about emperor’s remarks
・ Because the shaking of the Kumamoto earthquake, there was also a shake in the entertainment world.

2th 災 (Disaster) 15.2%
[meaning] Things that happen naturally. Great fire, large water, dandelion, etc. Woe to you. To be disgusted

· Because of heavy rains and earthquakes in various places
· Because there were many natural disasters and accidents often
· Because it was a year with many disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons

3位 倫 ( Squeal ) 15.2%
[meaning] The way people should be treated and protected. Squeal.
Besides. An opponent who becomes a companion. Friend.

・ Because there were many things ethical thought made, such as celebrity’s affair affair successively, politician’s disrespectful response, incomprehensible murder case etc.
・ Because there was a lot of lack of ethics, such as infidelity, drugs, illegal investigation expenses.

4位 変(Change) 12.5%
[meaning] Changing one after another. To move on. Change.
The event that suddenly changed from what has happened so far will occur. Misfortune of time.

・ The weather was not good this year, it was somewhat strange.
・ Because there was a change that values or the like so far collapsed in a good sense or a bad meaning
・ Extreme change is severe including extreme weather.

5位 動 ( Move ) 10.5%
[meaning] not kept still. Change the position / attitude. It moves.
People’s behavior

・ The Olympics and the situation moved
・ Many things such as the Olympic honors, the Tokyo Governor’s past reworking, the local earthquakes and many others moved in politics, sports and nature.

A woman's Kanji 2016

Summary of Survey
【Survey period】 November 9 – November 15, 2016
【Survey method】 Internet survey
【Survey target】 1000 women over 20 nationwide
Her story

Great teddy bear from the UK at GLION MUSEUM – Christmas2016

GLION MUSEUM teddy bear Christmas 2016

It is the second Christmas special event that GLION MUSEUM welcomes.
A large teddy bear customized to British royal purveyor brand DAKS to UK’s largest teddy bear maker MERRY THOUGHT is included in the limited time period from December 7 th – 28 th.
His name is “ALEC” (Alec), sitting height, how about 155 cm!! It is placed on a 20 cm pedestal and it is cute although it is cute.
We will welcome you with the hanging pupils wearing a hat of a house check and a cloak coat.

GLION MUSEUM teddy bear Christmas 2016

GLION MUSEUM teddy bear Christmas 2016

Photo shooting free (※ Flash prohibited). A friend photography society holding ALEC and matching hat and DAKS vintage clothes is also held.
Calendar processing of photograph of the day and photo making with mount are also available (charged).

Established in 1930. “The wishes of” Bringing good luck to all the owners “are put in the meaning of the bird’s breastbone which brings good luck (attention is paid to the motif like” Y “in ALEC’s right foot!)”.
Teddy bear, named after queen Queen Elizabeth murmuring as “Cheeky”, is a signature product of MERRY THOUGHT.





Renovated the red brick warehouse built in 1923, opened on 13th June 2015.
150 classic cars gathered from all over the world are exhibited at all times.
Address: 6-39-2 Kaigandori, Minato-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka pref
TEL: +81-6-6573-3006
Opening hours: 10: 00 am -22: 00 pm
Closed: Monday (next weekday in case of holiday)
※ December 29 ,2016(Thu) ~ January 4, 2017 (Wed) Closed on New Year’s Holiday
Admission: Adult 1500 yen Child 500 yen

Christmas cake 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Bush Foret Blanche by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo’s exquisite high quality delicious Christmas,The executive pastry chef from France, the cake that Pascal Chardella gives with a heart is a delicate flavor that makes full use of the tradition and sensitivity of Europe.
A stylish and ingenious Christmas cake worthy of the holy night, a special moment for you.

Christmas Cakes
◆Bush Foret Blanche 4,400yen 15cm×8cm
Bush de Noel is an elegant taste woven with a rich Kirschmousse with a beautiful form reminiscent of the snowy forest and a smooth dark chocolate cream.
The fresh fruit of shrimp cherry compote and the texture of chocolate biscuit are accent. It is also compatible with champagne and directs Christmas for adults.

Bush Tropical by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Bush Tropical by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Bush Tropical 4,400yen 13cm×11cm
Fresh mango and passion fruit mousse, Earl Gray cream and coconut biscuits.
Exquisite balance of sweetness and sourness Fruity Bush de Noel harmonized with the kindness of Earl Gray can be enjoyed in a wide range of generations.

Snowflake of caramel and pear by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Snowflake of caramel and pear by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Snowflake of caramel and pear 4,200yen 15cm
It is enveloped the caramelized pear with thick caramel mousse.
White chocolate shaped like snowy crystals and Christmas cake which topped with hazelnut praline puff is the leading part of the party table.

◆◇ Holiday Selection ◇◆
We baked authentic European traditional sweets with our original recipe.

Yuzu Pan de Vergennes

Yuzu Pan de Vergennes

◆Yuzu Pan de Vergennes 3,500 yen 18cm
It is added fresh citrus to a traditional French baked sweet with plenty of almonds and finished it in a star shape.wrapping in the same star box.

Truffle tree  by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Truffle tree by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Truffle tree 4,500yen 14cm×12cm
3 kinds of truffles of raspberries, Calvados, hazelnuts chefs carefully created one by one in a chocolate box of Christmas tree type.
Also Recommended for gifts.

Gutsy chocolate

Gutsy chocolate by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Gutsy chocolate 6,500yen 10cm×21cm×0.5cm 
An artwork that welcomes you at the front door of the hotel, a “Gutzy” pattern chocolate tablet.
Nuts are spread under the fine, smooth mouthless chocolate. Please also enjoy the action to crush and eat with set hammer.

Stolen 3 species by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Stolen 3 species by Park Hyatt Tokyo

(Stolen 3 species are from the photo left)
◆ Christmas Stolen 2,800 yen 19 cm * Mini Stolen (2,000 yen) is also available.
Dried fruits and nuts are thoroughly kneaded in, and the taste of the home.

◆ Morne Stolen 3, 300 yen 19 cm
Poppy seed paste and fragrant flavor due to walnut are popular.

◆ Maron Stolen 3,000 yen 19cm
Rich flavor with large grains of astringent chestnuts and flower fruits as accent.

◆ Panetone 2,500 yen 14 cm
It’s mixed fruit of lemon and orange, raisins, honey and rum with baked essence extracted from orange flower and baked it up.

Christmas short cake by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Christmas short cake by Park Hyatt Tokyo

◆Christmas short cake 4,300yen 15cm
Short cake with carefully selected materials, moist and baked fine sponge, fine fresh cream fresh and gentle flavor. In the case of
Christmas cake boasting unchanging popularity since the opening of business.

Christmas 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Christmas 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Christmas Cake 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Christmas Cake 2016 by Park Hyatt Tokyo

Park Hyatt Tokyo “Pastry Boutique” Christmas cake / Holiday selection
Reservation: November 1, 2016 (Tue) – December 21 (Wed)
Sales: December 22 (Thu) – 25 (Sun) in 2016
Holiday Selection From December 1(Thursday), to December 25(sunday) 2016
Reservation ・ Inquiries: “Pastry Boutique” +81-3-5323-3462 (11 am – 7 pm)
Park Hyatt Tokyo 2nd Floor 3-7-1-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1055 Tokyo

* All prices include tax
* We accept delivery of Christmas cake only at “Pastry Boutique” shops.
* Baked confectionery of Holiday Selection is sold on Thursday, December 1st
* Christmas cake until December 18 (Sun) Website( Park Hyatt Tokyo restaurant
Park Hyatt Tokyo

Matomage,Romantic Christmas hair arrangement movie release!

Matomage Christmas hair arrange

From the hair styling brand Utena, the latest video of a hair arrangement perfect for Christmas is released.
Nina Endo of a popular model is easy but lectures on how to make hair pretty.

Matomage Christmas hair arrange

Matomage Christmas hair arrange

Wrap the whole hair lightly with a trowel. Dampene the bangs with ‘Upstyle Hair Arrangement Water’.

Take a big forelock, weave up to the temple and pin it. Keep the valetta for decoration from above.

Matomage Christmas hair arrange

Matomage Christmas hair arrange

Put the grated hair to the knitting side, pinch the back of the ears with the ‘Up style hair stick’ together along the hair flow on the other side.

Matomage Christmas hair arrange

Matomage Christmas hair arrange

Coat the braided forelock with “Up style hair sticks” and hold down the hair.

Romantic hair arrange

Romantic hair arrange

Pull out the knitted part by hand, and after setting up the balance, “Romantic hair arrange” is completed!



Matomage up style stick regular / superhold  13g/550 yen



Matomage up style arrange water 100mL/700 yen



◆◇ Movie ◇◆
Matomege “Nina’s MatomeTV” Romantic hair arrange

” Walking town Kyoto rail ticket”(1Day・2Day)

Walking town Kyoto rail ticket

“Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket” will be on sale that will allow you to enjoy Kyoto sightseeing comfortably.
The main railway line in Kyoto city is free to ride, and furthermore it is a very convenient ticket with preferential privilege of each facility.

Kyoto sightseeing by car is time consuming to find traffic jams around the tourist area and parking lot.
For public transportation, travel time can be shortened, which leads to reduction of CO2, making environment friendly tourism possible.
Please take advantage of it and enjoy Kyoto in winter, full of highlights such as “Kyoto ・ Hanauro Road” and “Kyoto no Winter Journey” campaign.

(Left)” Walking town Kyoto rail ticket”(1Day version) Adult 1,300yen(Right)” Walking town Kyoto rail ticket”(2Day version) Adult 2,000yen

◆ Available transportation
Kyoto Municipal Transport Bureau (* 1), JR West Japan (* 2), Keihan Train, Keifuku Dentetsu, Hankyu Electric Railway
(* 1) Limited to the ride of the Kyoto municipal subway, the city bus can not be used.
(* 2) JR West is limited to use of regular seats of regular trains (including new rapids and expressways).

◆ Release period
(1) “Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (1 day version)”
Friday, December 9, 28 – March 20 (Heisei, congratulation) Heisei 20
※ JR West Release Sold will be released one month before the day on the day of use within the above release period.

(2) “Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (2 day version)”
Thursday, December 8, 2008 – Sunday, March 19,
* It is released on the day before the start date of use or on that day.

◆Validity period
December 9, 2016(Fri) ~ March 20, 2016 (Mon,Holiday)
※ The 2nd edition is valid for 2 consecutive days within the validity period.

◆Release place
(1)”Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (1 day version)”
Kyoto Municipal Transport Bureau: city bus, subway information office and commuter ticket release place
Keihan Train: Sanjo Station Info Station, Hamadatsu Station
Keihoku Electric Railway: Shijo Omiya Station, Kanoko Nozji Station, Kitano Shiramicho Station, Arashi Electric Arashiyama Station Information
Hankyu Electric Railway: Kawaramachi Station Okayama counter, Katsura station A cheap counter
JR West: Window of Midori at Kyoto Station
Kyoto General Tourist Information Office “Kyo Navi”
Kyoto City Kawaramachi Sanjo Tourist Information Corner

(2)”Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (2 day version)”
1: Optional release of “Express product”
JR Tokyu’s Kyoto Station Midori Window, JR Tokai’s Kyoto Station Midori Window, JR Tokai Tours Kyoto Branch and Kyoto Station Shinkansen Central Shuchi Branch
2: Option release of “e5489”
Kyoto Station of Midori JR West’s JR West

※【please note】
“Walking town / Kyoto rail ticket (2 day version)” has the following release conditions.
We will only sell it to customers who got on “Express train” or “e 5489” to the Kyoto station by Shinkansen or Conventional Line Limited express train.
“Express product” is an IC ride service or “e express train” etc. that can be booked and purchased with member reservation service “Express reservation” of Tokaido ・ Sanyo Shinkansen, member-based net reservation service of Tokaido Shinkansen “Plus EX” It is a ticket item of.
“E 5489” is an online reservation service of JR West which you can use the Sanyo ・ Kyushu Shinkansen, Hokuriku Shinkansen, JR West, JR Shikoku, JR Kyushu express trains etc.

1. Customers who used “express products”
(1) Customers using the IC boarding service will use the IC voucher (seat guidance) outputted from the bullet train automatic ticket gate at the time of entry, using the ticket products such as “e express train tickets” Customer should present “Use Tickets” issued at the time of receipt at the window of green or ticket vending machines of Midori at the release place.
※ Only limited to those issued on or before the day of use start date of “Walking Town / Kyoto Rail Ticket (2day virsion)”.
(2) We will release it only once per “IC voucher (seat information)” or “voucher”. If you use it for more than one person, we will release tickets up to the number of people mentioned in “Use Ticket”.

2. Customers who used “e5489”
(1) Present either “Settlement Completion Mail”, “Reservation Completion Screen” or “Reservation Detailed Screen” at the time of the ticket reservation at the release place.
※ Limited to those that were taken on the day of use start date of “Walking Town / Kyoto Rail Ticket (2day virsion)” or the previous day.
(2) When using multiple people, we will release tickets only once, up to the number of people who used it.

◆Bonus content
You can receive benefits by presenting the date and time of use of the back of the ticket at the following cultural and tourist facilities.

Culture / Tourist Facilities: Benefits Details

Kyoto Railway Museum: 10% discount for entrance fee
Former Nikko Nijo castle: General charge 600 yen → 500 yen
Murin-an: General charge 410 yen → 310 yen
Lake Biwa Canal Memorial Hall: Presentation of original goods for water supply and sewerage department
Kyoto Municipal Art Museum: 100 yen discount from general / high school fee (day exhibition only)
Kyoto International Manga Museum: 20% discount on entrance fee (however, special exhibition fee is not applicable)
Kyoto kaleidoscope museum’s Anekoji-kan: post card or seal presented
Kyoto Municipal School History Museum: Admission Free
Kyoto Ecology Center (Kyoto City Environmental Protection Activity Center): Special Goods Collected
Kyoto Municipal Youth Science Center: Admission fee ・ Planetarium viewing fee for adults 250 yen for small and medium and high school students
Kyoto City Zoo: General charge 600 yen → 500 yen

Walking town  Kyoto rail ticket

Walking town Kyoto rail ticket

Kyoto City

Christmas – holiday show window by Tiffany

Tiffany Ginza Christmas tree 2016

Tiffany ‘s legendary show window depicting New York’ s Christmas. – Tiffany will decorate the beginning of the gift season with the release of this window.

Christmas - holiday show window by Tiffany

Christmas – holiday show window by Tiffany

Christmas - holiday show window by Tiffany

Christmas – holiday show window by Tiffany

Christmas - holiday show window by Tiffany

Christmas – holiday show window by Tiffany

Scenes depicting the Rockefeller Center with a spectacular Christmas tree, angel and the golden Prometheus statue, as well as the luxurious picnic at Central Park with champagne and cake, Christmas crackers packed with jewels, a Manhattan floating along the Hudson River Featuring a skyline silhouette of ‘Tiffany T Square Bracelet’.
“The landscape of the iconic New York landmarks associated with Tiffany’s Heritage and the ornate display that stands out with the Christmas tree decorated with jewels express Tiffany’s ultimate holiday season.”
At the entrance of the Tiffany Ginza main store, Christmas trees of about 6 m in height appeared. A huge tree colored with Tiffany’s unique decorations will produce a unique and unique time unique to this period.

Tiffany & Co.

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