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“Roses bubble FLOWER MARCHE” at Osaka【Event】

Evita Beauty whip soap FLOWER MARCHE ,at Osaka Nanba city

An experiential event of the popular dense rose foam cleansing “Beauty whip soap” of the aging care brand “Evita” will be held in Osaka. You can also experience corners where you can actually experience rose bubbles and hand spas (*) by estheticians using rosy foam. (In order of arrival)

Everyone experienced at the event gets a sample of Evita’s lotion lotion, milky lotion, cream (one dose).
When posting pictures taken at the venue to SNS, we present novelty of rose towel (* 3).
Please experience the dense bubbles in the shape of a rose made with one push and the fragrance of gently and gorgeous roses.

Date and time of venue
· Date: 2017/2/25 (Saturday) 12: 00 ~ 20: 00, 2/26 (Sunday) 11: 00 ~ 19: 00
· Venue: Namba CITY underground floor Galleria court
(Namba Station on the Nankai Electric Railway “Namba Station”, Subway Midosuji Line “Namba Station”, Subway Sennichimae Line)

Evita Beauty whip soap

◆Evita Beauty whip soap◆
VOCE Best Cosme Petit Plus Skin Care 1st place in the second half of 2016

A facial cleanser that cleanses moist while protecting moisture with a rich bubble.
With one push, dense and elastic bubbles, you can gently wash your face without rubbing your skin easily.
The fragrance and bubbles of ornate roses make a daily cleansing facial happily.

· Royal Jelly Extract
· Collagen * 1
· W hyaluronic acid α * 2
· Rice fermented extract
· Rose water ※ 3
※ 1 Water-soluble collagen
* 2 Hyaluronic acid Na, hyaluronic acid dimethylsilanol
※ 3 Damask rose flower water

TEL(Free dial)+81-0120-518-520
カネボウ化粧品 Kanebo evita

New 8 UV Cream 2017 (vol.1)- ALL made in Japan

New 8 UV Cream 2017 (vol.1)- ALL made in Japan

Even with cold air, when I came to feel the arrival of spring in the aroma of plum blossoms and bright sunshine.
For cosmetic reasons, measures against ultraviolet rays that require care every day of the year. In Japan , New UV care will appear one after another! It is gentle on your skin, only highly attractive items with high functionality, get lost…
This selection is All, “Made in Japan” brands!

◆Cle de Peau Beaute ‘Sun Skincare’
New idea to aging the skin with the sun on your side

“Cle de Peau Beaute” Luxury Day UV series 【All 5 items 8 items 6,000 ~ 9,000 yen】 will be released on February 21, 2017 (Tues). New products are released in department stores and cosmetics specialty shops throughout Japan, as well as in 12 countries and regions (China, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Russia)

Cle de Peau Beaute 'Sun Skincare'

Cle de Peau Beaute ‘Sun Skincare’

While wearing the sun on the ally and aging care of the skin, it prevents damage by ultraviolet rays firmly.
Comfortable feeling without stickiness or sebum film feeling. Excellent skin care effect, gentle to the skin, keep skin supple and stiff all day.
○ Refreshing and gorgeous fragrance which smelled natural rose and rare runs etc
○ Non-comedogenic allergy tested

Cle de Peau Beaute Cream UV 50g 9000yen

Cle de peau beaute

◆Sun killer perfect water essenceN ‘Little Twin Stars’ collaboration limited package
SPF50+ PA++++ 50g 972yen Feb 8,2017(wed) release

Sun killer perfect water essenceN ‘Little Twin Stars’ 50g 972yen

Japan’s highest UV cut index + alcohol * 0% moisture retention, sticking to gentleness to the skin San Killer popular No. 1 water feeling UV gel.
Smell of faint fragrance citrus, unsynthetic pigment

◆To kids and mom, to prevent the day of easy use everyday [Dariya Hiyocort UV milk gel]
Feb 13(mon) renewal

Dariya Hiyocort UV milk gel

Dariya Hiyocort UV milk gel

No addition ・ Paraben free ・ Ethanol free ・ Coloring free ・ Synthetic perfume free ・ Mineral oil free
Hypoallergenic ・ Allergy tested (* 1) ・ Skin irritation tested (* 1)
(* 1 Not all people will not have skin irritation or allergies.)

● Stretch and stretchy milk gel type
● Anti-UV protection effect with SPF 35 ・ PA +++
● Easy to drop with soap!
● Natural Herbal Aroma Oil (Moisturizing Component) …Hakka / Eucalyptus / Rosemary
● Moisturizing ingredients of natural origin keeping moisture of the skin which tends to be dry… Shea butter / jojoba oil


◆Coyori ’Beauty Skin UV base’
17 Role In multifunctional, UV and cover stains / pores naturally!

May 2(tue) renewal/ 30mL 2,725yen

Coyori ’Beauty Skin UV base’

Function: SPF37 PA +++, can be dropped with washing face
Naturally derived ingredients About 98%
Seven kinds of Japanese and plant extracts will fulfill the aging care effect.
Three fine particle mineral powders (talc, iron oxide, mica) cover your skin, to a glossy skin with transparency!

11 kinds of non-added * 1
※ 1 Paraben ・ petroleum type mineral oil ・ petroleum type surfactant ・ silicon ・ synthetic perfume ・ tar type pigment ・ ultraviolet absorber ・ fungicide ・ synthetic antioxidant ・ old labeling ingredient ・ animal origin material not

◆Japan Organic brand Sinn Purete ‘Perfect UV Milk protection’
Feb 16(thu) release 30mL 3800 yen

Sinn Purete ‘Perfect UV Milk protection’

SPF 50 + PA ++++, UV milk obtained Ecocert certification. While it is 100% naturally derived, it protects the skin firmly for a long time from strong ultraviolet rays.
W / O (Water in Oil) prescription, strong against sweat and water, also ideal for long-term outing in summer. Recommended for not only face but also decollete and body.

Aging Care * Combines cosmetic ingredients such as Argania Spinosa Nuclear Oil (Argan Oil) that is excellent in effect, cranberry seed oil with high cosmetic effect, European raspberry seed oil, licorice root extract, Scutellaria root extract and luxurious ingredients.
Fresh scent of herbal lemon grass.

◆Japan Organic brand Sinn Purete ‘Perfect UV Cream N’

Sinn Purete 'Perfect UV Cream N'

Sinn Purete ‘Perfect UV Cream N’

New formulation of Argania spinosa Nuclear Oil (Argan Oil) and Jojoba seed oil demonstrate Skin Care Effects with Edelweiss Extract and Baobab Seed Oil.
It protects the skin from drying by ultraviolet rays, it does not give a sense of pressure to the skin with a fresh and light feeling.
Also improves skin color correction effect, it covers dullness, color unevenness, pores without floating white. Semi-mat to prepare high-quality skin.
Beeswax and lauroyl lysine also guard against sebum breakage. Recommended as makeup base.
Fresh scent of herbal lemon grass.

◆ High-humidity day sunburn preventive” “Niveasun cream care UV cream” (SPF 50 + / PA ++++)
New release on Feb 18, 2017

Niveasun cream care UV cream

It protects the skin from drying firmly with moisturizing ingredients (jojoba oil, squalane) and high water retention type hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) that are also formulated in Nivea cream.
Moist moisture for long lasting, yet it is comfortable to use without stickiness.
With SPF 50 + / PA ++++, the UV – A wave that causes elasticity and elasticity reduction also prevents UV – B wave which mainly causes spots.
Light diffusing powder formulation smooth pores and skin irregularities. ○ Fragrance nature ・ No coloring

◆Kose “Sports Beauty (R)” renewal

Sports Beauty (R)

Sports Beauty (R)

It further strengthens the durability against perspiration, water, sebum, vigorous body movement, and adds new functions and power up.


PINK! PINK! PINK! fulfill “Spring” Fragrance trend 2017

Pink fragrance spring trend 2017

According to Feng Shui, one of the lucky colors of this year is “pink.” Spring coming soon, let’s raise the appeal by dragging a new fragrance into the image you want to realize.
In spring this year, not only cute, a fragrance of pink color with contemporary sensuality added plus one after another. Light and fresh, sometimes bold, sensual and elegant, directs a woman who is drifting in color as well.

◆To urban, stylish, active impression women

Coach eau de toilette 90mL 12,600yen

Fragrance inspired by New York’s energy and chic and stylish downtown style. Fresh pair and white albose, timeless elegant floral green scent with sensual cedar wood accompanied by nuance.

◆In a romantic grace, to a woman who has both modern sophistication

Gucci bamboo limited edition eau de parfume 50mL 10,800yen ※Limited edition

Gucci ‘s iconic motif, a fragrance inspired by a bamboo. Exotic Casablanca Lilly, soft vanilla and sandalwood add warmth to the woody floral scent. It will produce an elegant and modern woman that is feminine yet strong but refined.

◆Elegance and a woman full of sensual charm that attracts everyone

Chloe love story new eau sensuelle eau de parfum 50mL 11,500yen  ※February 15(wed) release

Sweet as the heart stands out, Sometimes inspired fragrance in the evening in Paris. A sweet heliotrope like Orange Blossom like vanilla is added, and a romantic scent that sandalwood complements sweetness.

◆To a passionate woman with charm like a small devil

Narciso Rodriguez Faurher Fleur Musk Eau De Parfum 50mL 12,100yen  ※March 1(wed) release

Narciso Rodriguez Faurher Fleur Musk Eau De Parfum 50mL 12,100yen  ※March 1(wed) release

Brilliant pink floral bouquet with an accent of pink pepper envelops rare musk. Ultimately sensual fragrance that makes you surround the surroundings with its unattractive appeal.

◆To a modern woman with sensuality and cuteness

Jimmy Choo Low Eau De Toilette 90mL 13,300yen ※April 5(wed)release

Although it is challenging but delicate, bold it is a fragrance that expresses the duality of Jimmy Choo women who is elegant. Fragrant and feminine scent, which gives the sweetest last note an euphoria to delicate, pure hibiscus flower and fragrance of vivid fruit.

Cafe de Parfums

Enjoy the rich spring! Heartful 2 aroma gifts

Vecua Honey spring aroma gift

a gift that conveys feelings. VECUA Honey

When you feel the bud of fruit in the freshness of the forest, a juicy heart like fruit of fresh fruit is produced in the bee’s forest.
It is a heartful gift that conveys feelings to the waiting season.

2 Aromas
【Aroma that enjoys rich spring like homemade fruit liquor made by immersing the bountiful fruit in the forest】- All limited edition –

“Juicy Rosso”
Rich fruity aroma like fruit wine made from black, grapes, berries, citruses.
“Sweet Rose”
Floral fruity aroma combined sweet pea, lilac, bergamot and green.

◆ Items ◆

Vecua Honey Wander Honey Hand cream

◆Vecua Honey Wander Honey Hand cream/ 2types 50g 800yen

The cream containing honey becomes a gentle moisturizing veil, wrapping the hands and protecting it from drying. Because it isn’t sticky, it works well even on the way out.

Vecua Honey ◆Wander Honey Oil-in smoth drop (selum, gel cream)110g /1,600 yen

The jelly tailored to the feel of soft confining moisturizing oil in the gel.
It is all-in-one gel for whole body which can be used not only for the whole face as skin care but also for intensive care of parts where dryness is concerned, toes, toes, and passa.

◆Wander Honey Lip essence of moist tap(lip selum) /2colors /11g/1,200 yen

Lip essence that you can enjoy lip care and spring make-up with moisture of honey and plant-derived ingredients. It is a slightly colored finish with a sense of transparency, making it a pure impression.

◆Wander Honey Aroma essence shower <Body,Hair flesh colon >/2types /100ml/1,200 yen

◆Wander Honey Aroma essence shower <Body,Hair flesh colon >/2types /100ml/1,200 yen

Just shuffling one’s body makes your body and hair fresh and moisturized and refreshing aroma.
Recommended for when you want to wear fluffy scents, such as before going out or between jobs.

◆Wander Honey Softly Cream Bath Juicy Rosso<Bath powder>/30g/¥180

◆Wander Honey Softly Cream Bath Juicy Rosso<Bath powder>/30g/¥180

When placed in hot water, fine carbonic acid carbonate generates soft fluffy cream, carbonate bus powder. Juicy Rosso’s fruity aroma warm and moisturize your body.

◆Wander Honey Heartful Cream soap gift box 40g×3pieces /1,500 yen

Easy soap which can be used for the whole body of face / body finished with a particular manufacturing method.With a dusty creamy foam, wash gently and gently. A special box set of three mini soaps that can enjoy.

◆ Stores Information ◆
Vecua Honey / Stores

Hair care of 4 kinds of cherry extract extract “Rin Ren Sakura”

Linnen Sakura

We love the beautiful cherry blossom season in Japan.
We prepared 8 kinds of domestic plant derived ingredients including 4 kinds of cherry extract to prepare the scalp environment and repair the cuticle.

Scalp conditioning component

◆Domestically produced Somei Yoshino(sakura) leaf extract

The rare polyphenol contained in the leaves is called “cherry polyphenols” to prevent and improve high moisturizing power and rough skin of the scalp, leading to a better scalp environment.

Sato Sakura flower extract from Kanagawa prefecture.

Sato Sakura flower extract from Kanagawa prefecture

Extracts extracted from petals prevent saccharification, the cause of aging. It is a precious ingredient that can extract only a very small amount from many petals.

Sunshine cherry extract from Ehime Prefecture

The extract extracted from the cherry blossoms protects the scalp and the hair, and it can expect the effect of moisturizing.

Yaezakura flower yeast extract from Iwate Prefecture

Yaezakura flower yeast extract from Iwate Prefecture

It is a complex extract of sake cake made by fermentation with cherry yeast. A scalp that tends to be disturbed due to aging or ultraviolet ray damage
We will prepare soil that is healthy, soft, beautiful hair grows.

Cuticle repair ingredients
Camellia oil from Izu Islands / Camellia flower extract from Goto Islands in Nagasaki prefecture / Susabi laver extract from Seto Inland Sea / Sweet red pepper extract from Kumamoto Prefecture

◆◇Sakura Aroma ◇◆

It imagined the cherry blossoms blooming in the light of spring, a sweet and pretty fragrance.
Using the same fragrance ingredients as cherry blossoms, 100% naturally scented, pretty sweetness that imaged cherry blossoms blooming in the light of spring.
We will reset damage repair of hair by drying in winter and reset scalp fluctuation which is likely to occur in spring.
It is a pretty package depicting four types of cherry blossoms, and we will deliver a beautiful Japanese spring to the bathroom.

Rin Ren Remedial Shampoo

Rin Ren Remedial Treatment

○ Nonuse component
× Mineral oil × Silicon × Paraben × Petroleum type surfactant × Synthetic perfume × Synthetic coloring agent × Animal raw material
Rin Ren Remedial Shampoo, Treatment Sakura 500 ml Set Price 3,300 yen / Single Item Price 1,850 yen


Sakura snow skin natural 3D Face mask [Sakura Items 2017 vol.3]

Sakura snow skin natural 3D Face mask

Sakura snow skin natural 3D Face mask -Omotenashi(hospitality) Selection 2017 prize!!

To the modern women, the nature of Japan is fragrant, an important skin hospitality.
Because it is directly touching the sensitive skin of a woman, they think that it must be able to use from the bottom of their heart with ease, raw material is only 100% pure oil without pesticide. Synthetic flavors, synthetic additives, etc. without any additives.
Furthermore, 100% cotton sheet made in Japan is adopted as the material that touches the skin.

Sakura snow skin natural 3D Face mask

Sakura snow skin natural 3D Face mask

Sakura snow skin natural 3D Face mask

Face Mask (28ML×4 piece)1,800 yen

Shizendo Japan

” Cherry Pastel ” L’Occitane – Sweet happiness, Dreamy scent [limited]

Cherry Pastel

The scent of sweet fresh cherry blossoms like a blooming dream come true, the 10th anniversary commemorative series of L’Occitane “Cherry Blossom” is released limitedly from Wednesday, February 1, 2017.
A moment like a miracle that various colors residing in the Provence of spring are stained in pastel color reflecting in the cherry blossom petals.A scent of pastel floral feeling a slightly sweetness in freshness like a dream blossoming when you met such “dream color cherry”. All 5 items. This spring wears the sweet scent of “Cherry Pastel”, fulfilling a longing dream.

Cherry Pastel [All 5 items]

◆Cherry Pastel Eau de toilette 50mL 5,600yen

◆Cherry Pastel Eau de toilette 50mL 5,600yen

◆Cherry Pastel Shower gel 250mL 2,900yen

◆Cherry Pastel Shower gel 250mL 2,900yen

Shower gel change bus time to dream color

◆Cherry Pastel Body milk 250mL 3,600yen

Body milk and Hand cream lead to moist and smooth body and hand while being enveloped in scent

◆Cherry Pastel Hand cream 30mL 1,400 yen

◆Cherry Pastel Hand cream 30mL 1,400 yen

◆Cherry Pastel jelly fragrance 14mL 3,200yen

L’OCCITANE en provence

SAKURA New Items – SAKURA scent of spring!

SAKURA New Items

The winter cold still continues. In the mid-winter when you can not wait for the coming of spring, let ‘s feel like spring for the first time ahead!
Items that imaged soft fluffy pink color, cherry aroma and cherry blossoms appear in the mid-awaited long-awaited visit of spring. Take in your favorite springiness with your room or cosmetics and enjoy the feeling of spring from now on.

◆◇ Sakura New Items ◇◆

ettusais , Gel colour coat PK1 Sakura / Quick care coat Sakura / each 950 yen

ettusais , Gel colour coat PK1 Sakura / Quick care coat Sakura / each 950 yen

FIANCEE ,Hand cream Sakura 500 yen

FIANCEE ,Hand cream Sakura 500 yen

Sakura fragrant gorgeous and neat scent. Hand cream that guides moistly to soft hand skin with three types of ceramide and shea butter.

JOUL’S VERNI , UV cut Hand cream 800 yen / Hair colon shainist 1300 yen

JOUL’S VERNI , UV cut Hand cream 800 yen / Hair colon shainist 1300 yen

Sakura fragrance fablic spray 900 yen

Sakura fragrance fablic spray 900 yen

Just spray to softly give the fabric products a gentle fragrance.

◆ Stores ◆
PLAZA, MINiPLA are located in easy-to-access places such as Narita airport, Haneda Airport (Terminal 1, Terminal 2), the airport of Kansai Airport, central Tokyo fashion building, Tokyo Metro and JR station building, large shopping mall It is an American style dragstore.
PLAZA Store list

“Salvador Legend Collection” New Miniature 5 Item Set [Limited Item]

Salvador Legend Collection

Unique bottle design full of art sense. Valuable collection items set with 2 fragrances not released in Japan will be released on December 1st.
The Dali exhibition being held at the National Art Center is popular enough to break through 300 thousand visitors on November 25 (Fri) on the 63 th opening day.
In commemoration of this dali exhibition, it is a new lineup of fragrance sets that respond to the needs of many fans.

The genius artist Salvador Dali’s talent does not know where to stay, it is widely known that he has worked on perfume production.
Box entrance as if to display art works.

Legend Collection ¥5,400(税込)
◆ It’s Dream Eau De Toilette 5ml For Women / Woody Fruity Floral
Exquisite balance of flowers and fruit is popular. A gentle and feminine scent. Hyacinth and magnolia smell impressively.
◆ Dalilight Eau De Toilette 5ml For Women & Men / Fruity Floral
Bottle inspired from Dali’s masterpiece “Christmas”. Cool and fresh fruity notes.
◆ Le Louis Soleil Parfund Toilet 5ml For women / Fruity ・ Oriental
It was inspired by Dali’s masterpiece “Sun King”. Rose, jasmine, papaya’s harmony is elegant.
◆ Dali Pour Homme Eau De Toilette 8ml For Men / Woody Shipley ★ Not Available in Japan
◆ Daly Fund Toilet 5ml For Women / Floral Shipley ★ Japan Not Available

Dali Pour Homme Eau De Toilette

Dali Pour Homme Eau De Toilette

◆ Dali Pour Homme Eau De Toilette 8ml For Men / Woody Shipley ★ Not Available in Japan
A bottle born from the motif of Dali’s painting ‘Aphrodite of Cnidus’. Fragrance for men. Elegant and chic fragrance.

Dali Parfums de Toilette

Dali Parfums de Toilette

◆ Dali Parfums de Toilette 5ml For Women / Floral Shipley ★ Japan Not Available
A bottle born from the motif of Dali’s painting ‘Aphrodite of Cnidus’. The scent that Dali himself created for Gara.
Gala’s most favorite Jasmine and rose are abundantly used. Individual, luxurious fragrance.

【Sales】 National Art Center(Japan), Dali exhibition special shop , PAM International EC site
Parfums salvador Dali

Nuxe Pop-up shop stocked with special items “limited time”

Nuxe Pop-up shop Shinjuku

We meet in such coffret toward France limited bottles and the holiday season can not buy only here.
November 2 (the water) to 8 (Tuesday), the pop-up shop of Nyx will be held in Isetan Shinjuku.

◆ limited release
Huile Prodigieuse, Gold Edition coffret 5,100 yen
Huile Prodigieuse, Pink edition coffret 5,100 yen
Huile Prodigieuse , Holiday oil coffret 7,500 yen
Huile Prodigieuse , holiday fragrance coffret 8,500 yen
* IMS HEALTH-Dataview MPANN-body moisturizing oils market in pharmacies and parapharmacy in France-YTD August 2015 in value

◆ Period : November 2 (Wed) to 8 (Tue), 2016
◆ Access: Isetan Shinjuku Store, underground second floor (Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-14-1)
◆ Open: 10:00 30 minutes to 20

◆◇ Huile Prodigieuse ◇◆
France sales No.1 * of multi beauty oil that can be used on the face, body, hair with a single.
Blending carefully selected six of plant components Nyx in their own golden ratio. In light attaching feeling and kidnapping while oil permeates every corner of the stratum corneum moisturizes the skin, leading to a shiny skin like satin.
** Borage oil (borage seed oil / moisturizing ingredient), Makademiaoiru (macadamia nut oil / moisturizing ingredient), camellia oil (Yucha seed oil / moisturizing ingredient), hazelnut oil (hazelnut seed oil / moisturizing ingredient), St. John’s Wort extract (western Hypericum flower / leaf / stem extract / skin conditioning component), almond oil (almond seed oil / moisturizing)


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