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‘Sakura fair’ – fluffy aroma, spring in the cafe!

anniversaire cafe Omotesando

Cherry blossoms bloomed in Tokyo this week. At the Anniversal Cafe Omotesando, the New menu (4 cakes, 1 cake, 3 drinks) that tastes the spring appeared during the period from March 22 (Wed) to April 18 (Tue).
Terrace seats and interiors are decorated with cherry blossom motifs and directing the arrival of spring.
Why do not you enjoy the soft cherry fragrance menu with a sweet taste of spring at the terrace seat where the spring breeze blows through freshly !

◆ Sakura fair menu◆

Sakura cake-anniversaire cafe Omotesando

Sakura cake-“Sakura” 700 yen

Sakura smelling moose and cherry sweet and sour cake.

Beni Sakura

Beni Sakura 1,000 yen

Non alcoholic “Beni Sakura” 1,000 yen
Sakura’s hot milk using “Drinking beauty drip” and the current topic Sweet Sake.
“Amakakura” 1,000 yen

"Sakura (Kozakura)" 1,200 yen

“Sakura (Kozakura)” 1,200 yen

Cherry cocktail which used fruity and slightly sweet wine

"Beni Sakura" 1,000yen

“Beni Sakura” 1,000yen

Royal milk tea using juice concentrate domestic Sakura extract and original blend “tea”

◆ Cafe ◆

anniversaire cafe Omotesando
3-5-30 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Tel: +81-3-5411-5988
Opening hours: 11: 00 ~ 22: 00 (Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 9: 00 ~)
Closed: None


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Kyoto Miss Kimono 2017

Miss Kimono2017(c)kyoto-np-jp

“Kyoto Miss Kimono 2017” was decided on March 20th “Traditional Industry Day” set by Kyoto City.
There were final selections and presentations at the Kyoto Concert Hall in Sakyo Ward and four others were chosen.
Miss Kimono are being solicited by the Kyoto Textile Wholesale Commercial Association (Shimo Ku) etc. Organizing committee for unmarried women in Kyoto prefecture and neighboring 18 to 30 years old.
There were 138 entries this year. Twenty people who passed the first selection came to final selection.
We will advertise sightseeing and kimonos in Kyoto at events throughout the country from April. On this day, there was also “Kimono × Kyo Irodori” concert held.

‘Cle de peau beaute Ginza Maronie Gate2’ New Open!!

Cle de peau beaute Ginza Maronie Gate2

First appearance of “Base makeup stand” which allows you to freely experiment with all products of base makeup!

The Shiseido Group’s high prestige brand ‘Cle de peau beaute ‘ will open for the first time at “Maronie Gate Ginza 2” opened on March 15, 2017 (Wednesday).
In this new store, we will set up the tester base “base make-up stand” for free testing all of the base make-up products.
For those of you who have not yet experienced Cle de peau beaute, please have a light encounter with a luxury base make-up.

◆ What you can experience ◆

◆ Wearing exquisite skin like choosing a fine dress
⇒ You can find your own foundation according to your favorite texture and finish, mood and situation.

◆ Making professional techniques yourself just by plus
⇒ Partial Foundation ・ Face finish can be realized with face powder.

◆ Finishing to a superior skin with fine one step
⇒ You can encounter high quality graded skin with one point by makeup foundation, brush technique.

In addition, personal beauty specialists will guide you through product selection and professional techniques to realize the skin you want to become.

Cle de peau beaute

Cle de peau beaute

Tan fluid Eclat liquid type SFP 25 ・ PA + + All 8 colors 12,000 yen (excluding tax)
Directing the beauty wearing the sparkle like full of fresh luster.

Tan Claim Eclat Cream Type SPF 25 ・ PA ++ All 8 colors 12,000 yen (excluding tax)
Directing the beauty of a smooth gloss like satin to perfection.

Tampoodle Eclat powder type SPF 22 ・ PA ++
Refill all 8 colors 9,000 yen (excluding tax) Case 2,500 yen (excluding tax)
Directing the beauty wearing the brilliance full of transparency like attracting eyes.

◆◇Store Infomation◇◆

‘Cle de peau beaute Ginza Maronie Gate 2’
3-2-1 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
・ Transportation JR Yamanote Line “Yurakucho” station 4 minutes on foot from the central entrance
・ Tokyo metro Yurakucho line “Ginza 1 chome” station 4 minutes walk from exit 4
・ Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line ・ Ginza Line ・ Hibiya Line “Ginza” Station 2 minutes on foot from C8 Exit
Open Time 11: 00 ~ 21: 00 (※ March 15, 2017 ~)

Free Dial +81-120-81-4710」
Cle de peau beaute

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“Travel to HAPPY SALON” London bus experience event

Fuwamaki Curled Water (Kanebo Cosmetics)

Spring growing desire to transform ! Let’s start natural curl hair with “SALA”

Kanebo cosmetics are newly released on March 1 (Wednesday, 2017) from “SALA” series, “Fuwamaki Curled Water”.
It is a sticky mist which reacts to heat, it can make soft natural curl hair without solidification.
Hair damage repair SP ingredient * is also compounded. Scent of clean SALA is clean.

In commemoration of the launch of this product, we will hold a hands-on pop-up event in Seven cities nationwide, where the London bus of “SALA” runs from Fukuoka to Sendai.
You can experience the fluffy 4 style advised by Makeup Artist / Igarishinob in the London bus.
This spring, along with the arrival of the HAPPY front line, “SALA” will make everyone ‘s wish to become “SALA”.

“Travel to HAPPY SLAON” London bus experience event,Kanebo SALA

◆ Event place & Date ◆

Fukuoka March 5 (Sun) Im Square
Hiroshima March 12 (Sun) Pacela
Osaka March 18 (Sat) Grand Front
Nagoya March 20 (Monday, congratulation) Aeon Mall Atsuta
Tokyo Saturday, March 25 (Sat) Venus Fort (Odaiba)
Saitama March 26 (Sun) Aeon Lake Town
Sendai April 1 (Sat) SELVA
※ 11: 00-19: 00 each day
Event Detail Kanebo SALA

◆ Event Contents ◆

1. While waiting for reception, select the style to experience from among 4
2. Styling Bus Inside the car, introduce the product briefly, styling experience, point of styling commentary
3. Photo space After taking the treatment, it is possible to take a picture on the rear face of the bus. Please feel fluffy with the world view

“Travel to HAPPY SLAON” London bus experience event,Kanebo SALA

"Travel to HAPPY SLAON" London bus experience event,Kanebo SALA

“Travel to HAPPY SLAON” London bus experience event,Kanebo SALA

"Travel to HAPPY SLAON" London bus experience event,Kanebo SALA

“Travel to HAPPY SLAON” London bus experience event,Kanebo SALA

“Travel to HAPPY SLAON” London bus experience event,Kanebo SALA

Product name: Fuwamaki Curled Water (Kanebo Cosmetics)
Kanebo cosmetics
1-14-10 Kayabacho Nihonbashi Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-8210
TEL (toll-free) +81-0120-518-520 

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‘twilight’ Ponte Vecchio × “KIMINO NAWA (Your name is )”.

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

Jewelry brand “Pontevecio” is from Wednesday, March 8, 2017
We will release collaboration jewelry with Makoto Shinkai’s directorial work “KIMINO NAWA(Your name is)” in Matsuya Ginza store only.

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

‘twilight’ Ponte Vecchio × “KIMINO NAWA (Your name is )”. Collaboration jewelry
Diamond Sapphire Amethyst Blue Topaz Tanzanite Pink Tourmaline Citrine Necklace 74,000 yen  ※Matsuya Ginza limited edition

In the story two crowd, “Kataware time”.
A necklace expressed in a mysterious sky color of an important scene which can be called a climax, with carefully selected color stone.
The comet of destiny that flows in the color of the sky that evening and night blended together. Diamond set on a comet expresses the two who have met beyond the spacetime.
In the end part, a ribbon motif that imitates the three leaves braid is treated. It is a special necklace packed in the world of “KIMINO NAWA (Your name is)”.

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

©2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会

◇ ◆ Director Shinkai Makoto “KIMINO NAWA (Your Name is)” Exhibition ◆ ◇
Dates: March 8(wednesday), – March 20 (Monday, Holiday),2017
Address: Matsuya Ginza 8th Floor Event Square (Chuo-ku Ginza 3-6-1)
Contact: +81-03-3567-1211 (Matsuya Ginza)
Opening hours: 10: 00-20: 00 (the last day is 17: 00 / closed / admission is 30 minutes before closing)

◇ ◆ Store Information ◆ ◇
Pontevechio Matsuya Ginza store
Matsuya Ginza 1F in Ginza 3-6-1, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +81-3-3564-8400

(C)2016「君の名は。 」製作委員会
Ponte Vecchio Hotta

Lavender aroma hand massage, “Brain rejuvenation” effect!


We examined the influence of lavender hand massage on the health of the brain for women raising children while working.
As a result, the quality of brain nerve fibers was improved, suggesting the possibility of brain rejuvenation effect.

In the “BHQ Challenge” of Innovative R & D Promotion Program (ImPACT) led by the Cabinet Office’s General Science and Technology and Innovation Conference (CSTI) “Realization of a Vibrant Life through Visualization and Control of Brain Information”, the results are presented as “Lavender Hand massage “research plan was selected and carried out research.

● Demonstration trial result summary ●

【Experiment Outline】
Target audience: 30 women aged 26 to 46 who worked for 6 hours or more a day and have preschool children
METHOD: Lavender hand massage between husband and wife at least three times a week for one month
Measurement items: Brain health index BHQ * before and after implementation evaluated by MRI analysis
* BHQ … multilateral evaluation index by visualization of brain information. There are GM – BHQ (amount of cerebral neocortex) and FA – BHQ (nerve fiber quality).

Lavender aroma massage Experiment Results

【Experiment Results】
After implementation of lavender hand massage, the FA – BHQ value increased significantly.

lavender aromatherrapy hand massage

lavender aromatherrapy hand massage

lavender aromatherapy

lavender aromatherapy

Japan Aroma Environment Association(AEAJ)

The Premium Friday begins!

Premium Friday

Friday at the end of the month will change to a more rich day.
On premium Friday (※), go out to beauty clinic, spa, spa, Why do not you try rewarding the experiences you have not known yet, or the beauty that you are interested in?

※ In Japan, Premium Friday began on Friday, February 24, 2017.”Premium Friday” is an effort to finish work early on the end of the month on the end of the month, to enjoy going out with important people, traveling, enjoying experiences and spending a rich weekend.

On, we started a Premium Friday campaign!

Good Sleep Night YOGA ~ Enchanting Locabo dinner included

Good Sleep Night YOGA

With the huge popularity, holding the second time!
It is a remarkable event of “Good Sleep Night YOGA”, a very important event for you to shine more than today tomorrow!
With luxurious yoga that overlooks the night view of Tokyo Bay, relaxing body and mind are relaxed, and “You” is released from daily stress.
After yoga, you can enjoy a gentle carbohydrate restriction menu “Roka body dinner” (supervised by Mr. Satoru Yamada, director of the Diabetes Center at the Kitasato Institute Hospital).
Please spend an elegant after – six with your friends and loved ones, as well as one person.

◆Event Outline

【Date】 February 28, 2017 (Tue)
【Place / Time】 First Hotel Seafort
Night Yoga: 28th Floor Top of the Bay / 18: 45 pm -19: 45 pm
Rokabod dinner: 1st floor Gran Cafe / 20: 00 pm ~ 21: 30 pm

【Locabo Dinner(Locabo 25.7g of carbohydrate carbohydrate)】
Salami balsamico dressing with raw ham and olive 3 cheeses, “Locabo” clam chowder with spinach and mushrooms, enchanting roast beef with 2 Loca bread rolls

※ About ‘Locabo’
It is low sugar pasta admitted by Michelin which is adopted in over 400 domestic and over 400 famous restaurants.
General pasta contains about 70 g of saccharide among 100 g, but this pasta succeeded in cutting carbohydrates per 100 g by more than 60% and keeping it to 25.7 g.

【Fee】5,000 yen
* Includes consumption tax, service charge, night yoga, rental yoga mat, mineral water, Locabo dinner (beverages will be charged separately)
※ Checkout, lending of yoga mats etc at the second floor lobby “Night Yoga Special Counter”
* We are preparing change rooms (women 28th floor, men 3rd floor). No change of clothes is available

【Reservation / Inquiries】 First-come, first-served basis, reservation system
TEL 03-5460-4408 (Sales reservation reception 10: 00 ~ 19: 00)

Tokyo Monorail “Tennozu Isle Station” Directly Connected Rinkai Line “Tennozu Isle Station” 4 minutes on

“Yoga Lecturer Profile”
CHIAKI (Chiaki Shiraishi)
・ IHTA Certified Yoga Instructor
・ BodyART Training instructor
・ DeepWORK Instructor

Daiichi Hotel Seafort

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Pop Art Japanese sweets are born!

Pop Art Japanese sweets are born! Isetan Shinjuku × LINDA Igarashi Wataru

Isetan Shinjuku × LINDA Igarashi Wataru
Artist ‘Igarashi LINDA Wataru’ produced Japanese sweets with Isetan, sweet taste Japanese confection shop “Mikasayama”, “Japanese tea cereal SANOAH”.
We will sell for a limited time from March 1, 2017 (Wednesday) through March 14 (Tue).

Dolor firing that coated YOKAN and finished colorful, further decorated with dried fruits and nuts. It finished it with plenty of charm.At the shop front, we set up Dora yaki tower which made this product an object.

Dorayaki Ajisai 3colors ( Red bean, White azuki bean, Strawberry ) Price : 1 box 3 pieces 1080 yen

Dorayaki Ajisai 3colors ( Red bean, White azuki bean, Strawberry ) Price : 1 box 3 pieces 1080 yen ©ESSPRIDE

* There is no sale of ※ 3/5 (Sunday), 6 (Monday), 12 (Sunday), 13 (Monday).

◆Japanese tea cereal SANOAH
Sweet roasted tea wrapped in vanilla ice cream with thick-fertilized fertilizer, lavender is faintly creamy cream and colorful topping for sweets

Mochi Mochi Spring Price: 1 piece 648 yen

Mochi Mochi Spring Price: 1 piece 648 yen ©ESSPRIDE

Period: March 1, 2017 (Wednesday) – March 14 (Tue)

Igarashi LINDA Wataru (belonging to ESSPRIDE) Profile
Born in 1981, he is from Yokohama. Fashion designer, stylist, Propps artist.

●Store Information
Isetan Shinjuku, Sweets , Wagashi B1 floor(English)


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