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Enjoy Summer – ‘ Ginbura( Ginza walking ) with Yukata 2017 ‘

GInbura Yukata 2017 (c)Tokyo colender, Goo-blog

“Ginbura( Ginza walking ) with Yukata” is an annual event of Ginza with a 10-year history.
By using pedestrian heaven from Ginza street 1 chome to 8 th chome, we provide various ‘Japanese hospitality’ to people coming to Ginza by Yukata or Kimono, cool down in the hot summer and have fun It is an event that we are going to do.

In this “Ginbura( Ginza walking ) with Yukata”, “Yukata Free Dressing place” is opened. Ginza’s Kimono and Kimono clerk clerks will dress hardly to fall down easily, only to those who brought Yukata (kimono, belt, waist strap, etc., necessary for dressing) and geta(sandales)..Since it is said that men can also correspond, how about changing clothes to a yukata with a couple or family and participating in the event?

August 5(sat),2017 Ginza Tokyo Japan

New Open !! Starbucks coffee JR Akihabara station Lachi shop

Starbucks coffee JR Akihabara station Lachi shop

“Starbucks coffee JR Akihabara station rachi in shop” is located in JR Akihabara station Sobu line transfer passages and is a highly convenient take-out specialty store that makes it easy to drop in without having to make a ticket gate.
On the wall of the store, when opening in Meiji 45, we got inspiration from the Manyoubashi station where red brick building was characteristic and used red brick. Business hours are from 7 am to 10:30 pm.

◆About ‘Manyoubashi Station’
Between JR Kanda station and Ochanomizu station, the station which had been open from Meiji 45(1912) to Showa 18(1943). The first station building was characterized by a red brick building station building.

Lavender blooming up to 50,000 shares in paradice [Nature of Japan]


At the Tanbara Lavender Park (Numata City, Gunma Prefecture) planting up to 50,000 shares of lavender in the Eastern Japan, the best time to see the lavender “Koumurasaki (about 20,000 shares)” and the lavender living in the middle “Nanana Lisa (about 5 thousand shares)” We celebrated.
Also, a fragrant lavender “Oka Murasaki (about 7 thousand shares)” will start to color and it is expected that it will reach the heyday from this week to next week.



July18 2017

◆ Facility overview ◆

1. Name : Tanbara Lavender Park
2. Located : Numata City, Gumma Prefecture Tamahara Takahara TEL: 0278-23-9311 (Representative)
3. Traffic (By car) About 140 km from Nerima I. C of Kanegoshi Expressway approximately 2 hours
※ Kanetsu Expressway Numata I.C. via the Route 266 Approx. 19 km Approximately 30 minutes
(By train) Taxi from Joetsu Shinkansen line on Joetsu Shinkansen line Approx. 30 km Approximately 50 minutes
※ JR Joetsu Line From Numata Station Limited direct bus approximately 26 km Approximately 50 minutes
※ Direct bus service duration: July 15(sat), 2017 to August 15 (tue)
4. Business Period : from June 24(sat), 2017 to Sep 3 (sun)
※ No holidays during the period ※ Lavender best time: Mid July ~ Mid August
5. Admission fee Adult (junior high school student or above) 800 ~ 1,200 JPY Elementary school student 300 ~ 500 JPY
※ Preschool children free ※ Entry fee varies according to flowering conditions.
6. Garden content Lavender garden area: 200,000 ㎡ / Lavender planting area 50,000 ㎡ Number of planting stock 50,000 shares
Approximately 15 types of primarily around Koumurasaki No. 3 (early bloom), Okamura Saki No. 4 (middle bloom) Nanana leisawa (middle bloom), Grosso (late bloom)
○ Herbs and others About 30 kinds of chamomile, mint, sage etc.
○ About 10 types of garden cultivars such as salvia, marigold, annabel and sunflower
○ Yamano Grass About 15 types of grasses such as Yanagiran, Nikkowoshige, Clinch, Water Basho etc.
○ Others About 100 kinds of plants are drawn with roots including the flowers above

More flowering situation and event information
official site URL



The “Seaside Chapel Front Square” leading to a glass-enclosed chapel, centered on the blue sky and green lawn, overlooking the light ocean, “Seaside Garden Riviera”, “Blue Vista Wood Terrace”. The venue is about 10 minutes by bus from Kamakura Station and Zushi Station.
The yoga instructors are Professors Kazuka Nozawa, Ms. Angela · Mr. Vernon, Tamao, Juri Ko Edwards, who are now teachers.



◆ A program that you can enjoy a day ◆

After morning classes, special branch in the banquet room where the sea is visible.
Special evening after evening class. It is a special menu using local ingredients, filling with detoxified body with yoga.

Beauty workshop

“Enzyme syrup making workshop” which can experience the topical enzyme syrup making it good for beautiful skin and immunity enhancement, “Early jewelry therapy” which stimulates earplugs with jewelry and awakens the power to become beautiful.
Also, a farmers’ market where local vegetables and fresh fish, side dishes and freshly baked sweets line up is done.
Why not join in between yoga and have fun all day.

◆◇ Event Detail ◇◆
Date and time: July 23 (Sunday) 8: 00 – 9: 15, 17: 00 – 18: 15 Rain Determination
Venue: Riviera Zushi Marina (Seaside Riviera)
Lecturer: Nozawa Kazuka, Angela · Miki · Vernon, TAMAO, Juri Ko Edwards
Organized by: Beach Yoga Executive Committee
Cooperation: Riviera Zushi Marina
Sponsored by: Kanagawa ken
Sponsorship: Hydro Flask, SABON, POCARI SWEAT

‘Kyoto Granbell Hotel’ experience report – New Hybrid Japonesque style Designers Hotel

Hi.This time, we report the exhibition of ‘Kyoto GranBell Hotel’ in front of the grand opening on 14th July 2017 at Gion where we feel the most Kyoto culture in Kyoto.
It is a new designer hotel that fuses contemporary art and Japanese, to make “Fun to STAY” the current Gion.

・ A designers’ hotel that combines the sum of modern art and the traditions of Gion.
・ Japanese-style room The Japanese-style tatami room and the bed are arranged, and the airy space.
・ In Kyoto, there is also a large public bath, and you can relax while watching the small garden.
– It is a 2 minute walk from Gion Shijo Station, 7 minutes walk from Kawaramachi Station with one of the best shopping streets in Kyoto, and 7 minutes walk to Yasaka Shrine.
・ In the underground rooms, there are also some underground rooms where the quietness of the sound is far away from the noise of the Gion.
・ The half – ground space is a space where the front, the lane, the bar, and the restraint are connected

● 3 design theme
1 “Traditinal” awareness
2 “Craftmanship” uses material made up
3 “Glamorous” airy feeling is expressed by the shine of Kyoto Gion.
With these three themes as the axis, you will be able to enjoy new Japanese interpretation, Japanese space, and Japanese world view.
It incorporates and reorganizes the world ‘s aquarium, and combines it with Japanese culture and Japanese DNA to create a unique Japanese original design,
This is a place where you can experience the new Japanese space while exploiting Japan’s tradition and Japanese traditional culture, materials and concepts.

Read More Article Report vol.1
Report vol.2

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