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【PRESENT】New Arrival “Vanilla Pink Pepper Body Scrub”

body scrub "Vanilla Pink Pepper" by Laline

Hello everyone! From Beauty Booking “Eturaku”, it is a notification of “Present 2017 No. 20”.

“NY Limited Vanilla Pink Pepper by Laline” in which New York-like illustrations such as Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building were drawn, is Japan’s first landing! ! We will present this body scrub by lottery.

◆ Product Description ◆

Using a 100% salt solution of sea salt and dead sea, it removes the old horny skin, which is hard and hard to remove, and removes it to the skin.
It contains Dead Sea minerals that contain a high concentration of minerals in 30 or more concentrations to maintain health and beauty, as well as chlorinated magne- sium, which is effective for retraction and activation of the skin.
In addition, it contains all three plant-derived emollient ingredients: hydrated, oiled, grape seeded, and all-natural, all-natural skin.

Product Name: NY Limited Body Scrub “Vanilla Pink Pepper”
Country of origin: Israel
Contents: 500g / 240g
Price (by tax): JPY 3,400 / JPY 2,400
Scent: Banirapinkupepa
Release date: September 22, 2017
(Paraben) Not mixed / (SLS) Not mixed / (SLES) Not mixed

Laline JAPAN

゚・*:.。. ☆.。.:*・゚

● Qualifications and Application Method:

・ Eturaku Member’s
・ Those who have been registered at Eturaku and registered at the store.
Those who fall under any of the above.

● How to apply:

Send e-mail to support [at] (replace at with @)

(1) ID of registration (or registered mail address)
(2) Your name
(3) Address
(4) Telephone number

On the note,

【Eturaku Member Present (vol.20)] Hope 」
Please contact us.

◆ Submissions ◆

2017/10/15 PM18: 00.

※ The winning presentation table will be replaced with the delivery of the product.
* The personal information you submitted to us is not available for use other than this.

Japan’s first “Starbucks going by ferry”

Starbucks Coffee Itsukushima Omotesando Store

In November 2017, “Starbucks Coffee Itsukushima Omotesando Store” (Hatsukaishi City Miyajima Town) is opened in the Omotesando shopping area of Hiroshima and Miyajima.

From the audience seats Otorii of Itsukushima Shrine also

It is Japan’s first “Starbucks going by ferry”. Store on the 1st and 2nd floor floor in the restaurant brewery “Miyajima Brewery”.

The building is glassed and the store area is 190.08 ㎡. 1st Floor = Order Counter, 2nd Floor = Auditorium, the seat has a total of 40 seats including table, balcony, sofa.
You can enjoy the Otorii in the Inland Sea and Itsukushima Shrine from the balcony seats, finishing in a space with a feeling of openness making full use of the landscape of the Inland Sea spreading in front of the store.

Business hours are from 9:00 to 20:00. It is scheduled to open simultaneously with the restaurant’s beer brewery “Miyajima Brewery”.

Smart snacks, Gluten-free, low-calorie delicious Sweets ‘Confection’


In Japan, the lingering summer is becoming severe Friday ・, How are you ?

Organic and tasty sweets are very various, and it is delicious.
Once you know it you miss it if it does not exist, and such a sweet has increased.

Today ‘s gift for next month’ Confection ‘recommended item, Baked confectionery based on domestic Okara and organic cacao “Kararythm stick”.
Apart from delivering gifts for a month after, we got it in the editorial department.

● Confection Five features ●

“Gluten Free” which is drawing attention is basic
Because we want to eat every day, “low calorie”
Considering the mechanism of the body, we value “low sugar”.
“Domestic production” “organic” carefully select “new material”
Additives such as “coloring agent”, “antioxidant” and “thickener” are not used
※ One kind of protein contained in wheat etc.

◆ Kararhythum Stick ◆

With the power of Okara(made by soy beans), arrange the rhythm of the body, beautiful ・ ・ ・
Slim cake to enjoy the taste of sweets. Based on domestic Okara and organic cacao, it realizes low calorie and gluten free.
It is rich but light baked cake. Seven unique flavors that use fresh ginger, orange, chili peppers and so on and do not get tired every day

* 7 flavors
“Cacao ”
“Cinnamon ”
“Chili pepper & black pepper”
“Ginger ”
“Almond ”
“Orange o”

* Natural rare sugar used (0 calories)









☆ Eturaku Editorial Review ☆

“There is also the fact that it is fresh and it is pretty moist. The fragrance of cacao and the ingredients in it are really deep !!
While feeling mild, there is lightness that seems to be cake, even with this slim one I am satisfied. ”

“Delicious !! The sweets definitely feel guilty but … it is a perfect defeat for this tasty!”

“As much as you think that low calorie is true, it is a rich taste.”

“It might be good for gifts such as important friends, gift-giving dates, handicrafts, etc. It is very delicious and it can be safely given to those who adhere to health and beauty, the sense of the package is also good!”

“I firmly stick to the point that you can deliver what you have after you can do it.”

The gift of next month will deliver the things I made before shipping, so please look forward to it!

Online shop and real shop “Confection Nishi Azabu Store” (LifeRox Cube building 1-5-16 Nishi-Azabu 1-5-16 Minato-ku,Tokyo JAPAN) was just opened on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.
Confection Nishi Azabu Store



“LIGHT UP NIPPON HOKKAIDO” began in 2013 as part of the activity “LIGHT UP NIPPON” that simultaneously raises fireworks including prayers for prayers and reconstruction at more than ten locations along the Pacific coast of the afflicted area of the Great East Japan Earthquake It is a fireworks display.
With the slogan “Tohoku Nippon Hokkaido cheerful with fireworks”, with the wish of the earthquake disaster relief and reconstruction towards the coastal venue of the three prefectures affected, fireworks fused with music spread in the wilderness of Hokkaido Approximately 2,500 shots will be launched.
In the venue ‘s state – owned Takino Suzuran Hill Park, about 5,000 candle art with a message for reconstruction put in place a fantastic space.
In addition, at the venue, music stages and food booths where musicians and DJs who are active mainly in Hokkaido appear, and many visitors come all day.



Harajuku Omotesando GENKI festival ‘Super Yosakoi 2017’


About Yosakoi festival

Since 2001, Super Yosakoi was sponsored by the local shopping area “shopping district promotion association Harajuku Omotesando Association”, keeping the tradition of Kochi’s Yosakoi Festival, as the Meiji Jingu dedication festival every year in August last Saturday in August in Harajuku Omotesando and Yoyogi area It is a festival being held.

◆ Last fiscal year results ◆
Team participating
96 teams (● Number of dancers: 5,331 people ● Average age: 28.9 years / ● Male / female ratio: Male 27% ・ Women 73%)
Implementation content
Show Yosakoi Naruko Odori at Stage 3 venue / Street 2 venue
Festival introduction
Approximately 100 teams from around the country gather in Omotesando every year, and we will show off a distinctly hot and warm “Yosakoi Naruko Dance”.
“Super Yosakoi” which was born in 2001 has reached the 14th time this year, and now has established itself as the largest Yosakoi festival in the metropolitan area.

Meaning that “Please come at night” by Tosa dialect.
When “Yosakoi” is made into Kanji, it will be “Night Come”, “Night Outbreak”, “Evening Together”.


The Yosakoi Festival was born in 1940 when the Kochi Prefectural Chamber of Commerce and Industry was the center of economic recovery in the postwar recession with the aim of promoting economic revival and regional development in the southern country Tosa Kochi.
The Yosakoi festival held in the first round, 21 teams and 750 participants grew into a big festival where more than 10,000 dancers participate in the 30 th round, It is also chosen as one of the ten best festivals in Japan.
And after about 50 years now, people spread by all the people fascinated by Yosakoi festival’s unique performance, and festivals of “Yosakoi style” are born one after another in the whole country, and it is said that the number is now nearly 220 It is.

“BROOK ‘SME-BYO cafe” which provides gluten free and vegan menu, offering a collaborative menu that can taste the ingredients of Kochi prefecture which is the birthplace of Yosakoi at a well-established Chinese restaurant “Nankoku Sake Company” ♪

On Sunday, August 27, “BROOK’SME-BYO Cafe × Kochi family” collaboration cafe
We are preparing various events that you can feel the charm of Kochi prefecture such as special photo spot of “Kochi family”, Kochi prefecture property exhibition, contact area with dancer, large lottery winning gorgeous BROOK’S product! !
Please try out special menu for a limited time by all means.

☆ BROOK ‘SME-BYO cafe (Shibuya-ku Jingumae 6-4-1 Harajuku octagonal building B1F ・ 1F) August 25 ~ 27

・ Tataki Burger of bonito from Kochi Prefecture (640 yen)
・ Tosa’s complete solar salt and Koshika smoothie from Kochi Prefecture (630 yen)
・ Yuzu produced in Kochi Prefecture and Udon Matcha soda (450 yen)

… Visiting benefits
“Super Yosakoi Odoriko Mr. Limited” Size up service of your favorite drink to customers who use cafe after going out costume.
When using the cafe, give one who has presented the cafe posting page in the “Super Yosakoi 2017” brochure with one drip coffee or tea bag! ! !

☆ Nankoku Sake Company (within 6-35-3 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Corp Olympia) ~ 8/27

・ Delicious items Kochi
“Lunch special course” (3,000 yen) ※ Prices are all tax and service charge

Super Yosakoi 2017

Super Yosakoi 2017

Yosakoi MAP

This year, the cultural hall stage will be gone, the Jingu Kaikan stage will be newly established.
The performance start time of Omotesando Avenue will be 30 minutes ahead of schedule and traffic will be regulated from 11: 30 minutes.

At the “Yoyogi no Mori Botouri venue” by Yoyogi Nearby Town Association
Between 12: 30 ~ 16: 30, this year’s super friendly performance time
(Bon dancing will be held from 17: 30-21: 00 on both the 8th and 26th and 27th.)

Harajuku mouth stage, Shinjuku Kaikan stage, Yoyogi park stage, NHK front street, Omotesando Avenue (27th only), Yoyogi no Morinobotori interlocking venue (26th only) in total 6 venues.
Please come and have fun!

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